They’re Watching You. No, Like, For Real.

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-By Caleb Jones

About a year ago I placed a small piece of thick cardboard over the webcam in my laptop. I felt very funny doing it. A strong part of me was saying "Oh, come on, there's no way anyone could/would actually use this to spy on me. You're being a paranoid, self-absorbed nerd."

I did it anyway. I know technology well enough to know that what seems impossible today is very easy tomorrow. I also know how intrusive hackers and the government can be.

Well, sadly, I was right. People are now hacking into other's computers, turning on their webcam and disabling the little light that comes on that shows the webcam is active. This guy even secretly recorded several women, including Miss Teen USA, by doing this. The FBI has even admitted they have done this to people.

Great. Just great.

We are entering an era where what would have been the ravings of a paranoid madman just five years ago has become real-life, normal fare. And it will get worse.

If you use a laptop with a built-in camera, physically cover that thing. You're not being paranoid.

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