A Gold Rush…In Space

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This thing is an asteroid; a big 20 mile long rock floating around in space. It's called Eros and it hangs out near Mars. Not much to look at. Pretty boring right.

-By Caleb Jones

What if I told you there's $30 trillion of gold in that thing? That's more gold than has ever been mined in human history. That's twice the size of the U.S. economy.

It's true, and it gets even better. This little hunk of space rock is loaded with thousands of tons of other valuable metals such as platinum, zinc, silver, iron, aluminum, and all kinds of other stuff.

And that's just one asteroid. There are millions of these things floating around our solar system. They're not all as jam-packed full of goodness as Eros, but so what? Many of them are.

Can you imagine the first company, or the first billionaire, who actually builds a spacecraft, flys to one of these asteroids, and mines it? An expensive and risky thing, sure. But can you imagine these guys coming back to Earth packing trillions of dollars worth of gold?

Makes one think, doesn't it?

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