The Master List of 2016 Movies I Will See

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The Master List of 2016 Movies I Will See

Every January I whip through the new year's release schedule and come up with a list of movies I want to see. I'll see more movies than the ones on this list, but these are the ones I plan on seeing. You can pretty well guarantee I'll be reviewing them here too.

-By Caleb Jones

Here's the list of movies sorted by American release dates. I've also broken them down into four categories of how excited I am.

Movies I'm Very Excited About

Deadpool                                 Feb-12 (cautiously optimistic.)

10 Cloverfield Lane                 Mar-11 (VERY pumped to see this!)

Batman Superman                   Mar-25 (Can't wait for this!)

Jungle Book                             Apr-15

Captain America Civil War      May-06

Snowden                                  May-13

The Nice Guys                         May-20 (Awesome Alpha movie, written by one of the best in the business.)

X-Men Apocalypse                  May-27

The Purge 3                           Jul-01 (Frank Grillo's in it again! Yay!)

Tarzan                                     Jul-01

Suicide Squad                          Aug-05 (VERY excited.)

Doctor Strange                         Nov-04

Star Wars Rogue One            Dec-16 (I will like this way better than Force Awakens.)

Assassin's Creed                      Dec-21

Movies I'm Mildly Excited About

13 Hours                                  Jan-13

Gods of Egypt                         Feb-26

Hail Caesar                              Feb-05

Warcraft                                   Jun-10 (I want it to be good, but eh...not sure.)

Star Trek Beyond                  Jul-22

Bourne 5                                    Jul-29

Jack Reacher 2                       Oct-21 (Tom Cruise is on an incredible roll; I've never seen anything like it.)

Movies I'm Curious About

Zoolander 2                              Feb-12 (Looks stupid but I'll probably enjoy it.)

The Huntsman                        Apr-22

Alice Through The Looking Glass     May-27

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2       Jun-03 (I grew up with those damn things, so...)

Now You See Me 2                Jun-10

Finding Dory                            Jun-17 (Fuck you, I liked Finding Nemo, okay? And I want to see more sharks with Australian accents.)

Independence Day 2             Jun-24 (I'm hoping this will be good, but it's 50/50.)

Gambit                                        Oct-07

Movies I May Not Like But Will See Anyway Because I'm A Big Dork

London Has Fallen                 Mar-04 (Hated the first one.)

The BFG                                      Jul-01

Ghostbusters                            Jul-15 (It's now a chick flick. Sigh. But I have to admit that Melissa McCarthy is funny and Kate Mckinnon is, by far, the most talented female comedian in the business right now, so I'll give it a shot.)

Mechanic Resurrection       Aug-26 (First one was lame, but Jason Statham's in it so I'm required by Action Movie God to go see it.)

The Infiltrator                          Aug-31

The Magnificent Seven         Sep-23

Underworld 5                            Oct-14 (She's gettin' pretty old now but mmmmmm I don't care.)

Inferno                                         Oct-28

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This article was originally published on January 25, 2016


  • David 2016-01-25 05:46:37

    Quite a solid list there Caleb. Definitely plan to see many of those myself. - 10 Cloverfield Lane - J.J. was sneaky with this one. Doing all that fancy work on Star Wars, while pulling the strings to get this one off the ground. Interested to see where that story goes. - BvS: Dawn of Justice - ONLY 2 MONTHS! - The Nice Guys - very intrigued by this as well. Did you see "Kiss, Kiss; Bang, Bang"? Loved RDJ and Val Kilmer in that one. - The Purge 3 - Didn't know they were doing a third one. But glad to see Frank coming back. He owned the second one. - Doctor Strange - After seeing Cumberbatch in the Sorcerer Supreme's garb, I'm sold 100%. - TMNT 2 - I'm with ya. I grew up watching that show every Saturday morning, so it's for the nostalgia. Hoping Stephen Amell can bring some added cool factor to it with his portrayal of Casey Jones. - Underworld 5 - I'll see anything with Kate Beckinsale in black leather. Rrrrgh! Look forward to all your reviews.

  • Netbug 2016-01-25 08:36:18

    A few that I'm surprised aren't on the list in some capacity: "Hail, Caesar!" looks to be very smart and funny. "The Accountant" also looks promising. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" seems to be a fun period zombie flick. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny" should have some beautifully choreographed action pieces. "The Wave" (Norwegian action film) -"Mechanic: Resurrection" brings Statham back to the role and should be a decent action flick. -"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" though I'm not sure if you like the Harry Potter series. "Gods of Egypt" looks dumber than a box of hammers; it's like they took a bunch of grade-B video game cut-scenes and stuck them together, but hopefully I'm wrong. The trailers were laughably bad, but Alex Proyas can be forgiven for a lot of things for giving us "Dark City." I don't think it's fair to call "Ghostbusters" a chick-flick unless you're going to call "Spy" a chick-flick. Paul Feig has a great eye for comedy and the cast they have is great (and Chris Hemsworth in the secretary role should be hilarious). I'm excited and hopeful about this one. As for WarCraft... I'm both incredibly excited and worried. "Moon" and "Source Code" were both great sci-fi films and Blizzard has never released anything that wasn't amazing (even scrapping games that have been worked on for years because they didn't meet the incredibly high-standards they set). They have a LOT of control in the movie, so hopefully it will break the "video-game movie" curse. I'm far more worried about the "Assassin's Creed" adaptation than "WarCraft" (the director, Justin Kurzel, isn't known for much yet and it seems like they're just looking to make it for a quick buck since they're not releasing an AC game in 2016).

  • Caleb Jones 2016-01-25 10:11:33

    Did you see “Kiss, Kiss; Bang, Bang”? Loved RDJ and Val Kilmer in that one.
    Yes. Shane Black is the man and it was great.
    Hoping Stephen Amell can bring some added cool factor to it with his portrayal of Casey Jones.
    I love Stephen Amell in Arrow, but I think he's a bad choice for Casey Jones. Casey Jones is a crazy psychopath...not a good match for Amell. But we'll see.
    A few that I’m surprised aren’t on the list in some capacity: “Hail, Caesar!” looks to be very smart and funny.
    That's on my list. Go back and look.
    “The Accountant” also looks promising.
    Eh, I don't think so but maybe.
    “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” seems to be a fun period zombie flick.
    Stupid as fuck. Chick flick. And I'm so fucking tired of zombies. Dumb.
    “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny” should have some beautifully choreographed action pieces.
    I didn't include any Netflix movies in my list, just theater releases, but yeah, this looks good.
    “The Wave” (Norwegian action film)
    -“Mechanic: Resurrection” brings Statham back to the role and should be a decent action flick.
    The first one was boring and dumb, and sequels are usually worse. I have very low expectations for this.
    -“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” though I’m not sure if you like the Harry Potter series.
    Yuck. I'll pass. Harry Potter is for kids, at least in my opinion. If you hold it to the same standards as Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones it can't stand up. Thus, it's for kids, at least in my mind. ("But Ninja Turles is for kids too Caleb!" Yes, but Ninja Turtles doesn't try to be serious. Harry Potter does. It doesn't work.)
    I don’t think it’s fair to call “Ghostbusters” a chick-flick unless you’re going to call “Spy” a chick-flick.
    Okay. Spy was a chick flick. Once every few years, Hollywood does make a chick flick I can sort of enjoy. Bridesmaids was very funny, for example. A surprising amount of Alpha content in that one. I was hoping they would make more angry, R-rated chick flicks like this but the trend never caught on. Too bad.

  • Lachlan 2016-01-25 19:28:20

    The Nice Guys looks awesome. Saw the trailer and right after that saw this one: Triple 9. Looks great too, with an awesome cast.

  • epi 2016-02-21 10:22:04

    No one I went with liked or understood Hail, Caesar!. The commercial takes scenes from the whole movie. Unless you're a big 1920's movie aficionado, you probably won't like it.