The Origin of the Universe

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-By Caleb Jones

I’ve always had a set of spiritual beliefs. In the last few years though, I’ve slowly started to assume a new theory for both the origin and the existence of the universe. Am I right? I don't know, but I'm leaning in that direction.

This new theory (which is not new, but new to me) came to me via several completely different sources, including astronomy, quantum physics, history, biology, and others. I kept reading about things in these varied areas that didn’t make any sense, and that confused researchers. When you look at each item in isolation, they are indeed confusing. When you look at all the items in all the different fields, a pattern seems to form. At least to me.

I don’t have time here to go through all the data I’ve uncovered in the last few years regarding this, so I will instead give you just two examples; one from astronomy and one from physics. Let’s deal with astronomy first.

Data point 1: It took the human race about 7,000 years of civilization to develop radio waves. When you consider that the age of the universe is almost 15 billion years, this 7,000 year timeframe is shockingly fast. I mean, shockingly fast. 7,000 years is a fraction of a nanosecond in terms of the age of the universe.

Data point 2: Most radio waves we generate on Earth blast out into space and pretty much last forever. Since the days of Marconi, our radio waves have traveled out to 200 light years around us. This is small as compared to the entire galaxy, but still massive enough to include an assload of habitable planets.

Data point 3: While there is no consensus on this, Astronomers estimate that anywhere between 10 million and 100 million habitable planets exist per galaxy. That’s a lot.

Data point 4: We have the technology right now to scan (or receive from) space for radio waves and other similar waves from very far away, and to do so 24/7.

Yet we hear nothing. Not a peep.

Putting it all together: Based on the four data points above, when we look into space to search for radio signals from other worlds, the entire night sky should be blazing with signals, all over the place. Millions of habitable worlds, that only need about 7,000 years to develop radio waves when the universe is billions of years old? Within our visual range, we should be seeing all kinds of activity crazy communication activity from all kinds of inhabited words.

Yet we see nothing. It looks like we are completely alone.

Does this make any sense whatsoever? No.

Even science and astronomy’s greatest minds can’t explain it. Hmm.

Let’s shift into physics now.

I’m no expert at quantum physics, but pretty much every quantum physicist will tell you that if you zoom into something at the microscopic level, then zoom again, then zoom again, getting down into the electrons, and keep zooming, the physical laws of reality actually stop working. Reality actually starts to violate all the unbreakable physical laws of the universe.

How is this possible? How can reality violate its own laws?

No one knows. Many have theories, but no one can explain why when you get down to the quantum level, all the laws of the universe go out the window.


There are many other examples of this kind of thing I could give you from various forms of study, but you get the idea.

Simulation Theory

There’s been a theory bouncing around science for several decades that says this universe we are a part of is actually a highly sophisticated computer simulation or program, created long ago by...someone or something (or group of people/things) either for entertainment, legacy, or to solve some kind of problem.

I have always thought this theory was bullshit. Now I’m not so sure. Simulated reality theory would actually explain just about everything about science we don’t understand.

If we were completely alone in this vast universe, or even just this galaxy, that would make absolutely no sense. But if we were within some kind of construct or program, it would make perfect sense. It’s just like in a video game where you see distant lands but can’t actually go there because nothing is actually there. It’s there as a background to make everything look and feel real.

I’m not saying all the stars and galaxies around us are fake. I’m sure they’re real. I’m saying that if the human race was a program, the programmers would not have needed to populate the rest of the universe with aliens. It makes sense. It’s the only answer, that I see at least, that explains this bizarre scenario of us being seemingly alone in the galaxy.

This quantum physics thing is also explained if this is a vast program. When playing a video game, you can use a cheat code to turn off the barriers to the edge of the map. You can then “walk off” the edge of the map into areas the programmers never designed for you to see. If you’ve ever done this (and I certainly have) really weird shit starts to happen.

That could explain why odd things start to happen when you zoom down to the subatomic level, and suddenly the laws of the universe stop working, confusing our most gifted scientists. In some ways, we’ve increased our technology to the point where we can (somewhat) use our own cheat codes to perhaps see the “walls” of our construct, both those of smallness (quantum physics) and those of bigness (astronomy).

Do I Actually Believe This?

I don’t completely believe this theory, but I’m at least 70-80% there. I don’t buy it completely since there are lots of holes in the theory. However, when something like this suddenly explains so much, I have to lend some credence to it.

Do I think it’s relevant to our day-to-day lives? Nope. As I clearly explained in one of my most controversial blog posts right here, even if this entire universe around us is “fake,” it’s still 100% real and solid to you and me. So if you’re truly in a glorified video game, then you should not only play it, but play to win. Sitting around like a depressed determinist or nihilist saying it’s all meaningless is just stupid. Simulation or not, I’m real. You’re real. Your life is real and has meaning. So does mine.

As I finished typing this, I paused and looked upwards. If we really are in a simulation, is the creator(s) actually watching us, like when a human plays The Sims? Or are we running automatically on some gigantic server somewhere without his/their involvement? Or are they long gone, extinct billions or even trillions of years ago?


Could be true. Could be complete bullshit. Interesting nonetheless.

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