Technology Might Save Us

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-By Caleb Jones

I have explained many times on all of my blogs why Western civilization is on the tail end of its lifespan and is headed for collapse. And I'm right. This will happen at some point in our lifetimes. I just don't know exactly when, nor do I know exactly what will happen, though I have narrowed down the five most likely scenarios.

I have also explained why the usual avenues of societal change no longer work and will not save us, regardless of how badly our emotions want them to.

1. Voting no longer works. The system in the US and Europe is far too entrenched and corrupt to allow something as silly as democracy to affect the elites. (DNC corruption against Bernie Sanders, the finding of the Lizard Queen not guilty, etc. It will be very interesting to see if the EU actually allows the UK to leave in two years even after the yes on Brexit vote. I'd say there's a 60% chance it won't.)

2. Writing your congressman no longer works. That hasn't worked in a very, very long time. The last time that actually worked, I was wasn't even born.

3. Surveys and bitching on blogs won't change anything. I still remember when all the surveys showed that 80-90% of Americans were against the huge bank bailouts back in 2008, yet both Democrat and Republican candidates for president were for it (Obama and McCain). They gave us all the finger and handed over our money to the millionaire bankers anyway. (Gotta love that two party system!)

4. Protests and movements no longer work. Ask the Tea Party if government is smaller now. Ask the Occupy Wall Street movement if the banks are smaller now. I rest my case. All these MRA and manosphere guys trying to create a movement to take back masculinity (or whatever) are simply an emotional exercise. Society at large won't change. It will continue to move to the left like it has in the last 100 years.

Does that mean we're completely screwed?

Actually, no.

There is one thing, and one thing only that can save us. I hinted at it when I talked about my position on the environment. That's technology.

I have talked before about how radically technology will likely change all of our lives over the next several decades, and for the better. While there is no way to predict this kind of thing accurately, it's very likely that by the 2030s, we will have eliminated just about all health problems, including obesity and cancer, via genome therapy. By the 2040s or 50s, we may very likely have nanotech components to our bodies, enabling us to look and act and feel as young as we want, theoretically forever, or at least for hundreds of years.

This isn't science fiction. This stuff is quite possible in our lifetimes. (Don't even get me started about 100% realistic sex robots.) YES, this stuff might not happen. But the odds are decent it will.

It's entirely possible that an Elon Musk type will invent some new tech over the next few decades that makes all energy free, or creates unlimited food or drinking water for free, or something equally amazing. And that will be what saves Western civilization...if it happens, that is.

Not politicians. Not voting. Not political movements. Not political parties. Not government. Not new laws. Not some governmental savior like Obama or Sanders or Trump.


But Won't Technology Destroy Us?

Some say that this technological advance is very dangerous, and that like in Terminator or The Matrix, the machines will start to out-think us very quickly, decide we're in the way, and get rid of us. Or that someone will make a mistake and the world will be consumed by a nanotech wave that will eat everything. Or that god damn Hadron Collider will create a black hole in the center of the Earth and suck us all up. There are all kinds of nightmare scenarios.

Yep, this stuff is possible. But guess what? What control do you or I have over any of these things? None. So worrying about it seems like a waste of time to me. As a guy with an IT background, I know that every tech always has a counter-tech, so I'm not super worried. And if it does happen, it happens, but it's completely out of our control. (And remember, voting, politicians, and government will not stop it if it's going to happen. How has government been at preventing people from manufacturing meth?)

But Won't Technology Make Us All Unemployed?

Another opinion is that robotic automation will cause mass unemployment for a huge swath of society, like 20-40% or even more. Many leftists use this as an argument that we MUST embrace socialism or communism because of this. Otherwise, how will all these less skilled blue collar laborers be able to live???

There are two problems with this thinking.

First, just because we have robots does not mean socialism or communism suddenly start working. Robots and computers do not change the fundamental laws of economics. If you attempt communism or hardcore socialism, it will end up like it always ends failed nations and bankrupt economies.

The second and most important problem is that you likely won't need to involve socialist or communistic practices at all. The problem with this "we'll be all unemployed!" thinking is that the mass unemployment, if it happens, won't be the only thing that radically changes. If technology gets so advanced that 30% of the population can't find a job because computers and robots do it so much better, everything will change. Some of these changes will be bad, but a hell of a lot will be good.

As just a few examples, food and water will likely be free or close to it. Via 3D printing and robots, you could build an entire house out in the desert for literally $1000 or less. Advances in solar and/or battery technology could make electricity free or close to it.

In other words, things will be so radically different that the entire concept having to get a "job" to make thousands of dollars a month just to support yourself and your family won't even apply any more.

I agree things will be messy during the transitional years, just like things are messy now with our current transition dealing with long-term monogamy and lifetime marriage no longer working, but human beings eventually adjust and figure these things out. They always do. Eventually.

And of course, it's possible I'm completely wrong here and technology will continue to advance very slowly, and it won't save Western civilization from collapse at all. That's entirely possible too. Not that I care. I will be far, far away when that happens. You should be too.

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