I Warned You About Trump. You Didn’t Listen.

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-By Caleb Jones

On Election Day last November, I said, and I quote:

Remember I said this to you, right-wingers: Trump will fuck you. He will fuck you just like George W. Bush fucked you. He’ll fuck you just like Obama fucked the progressives. The odds are overwhelming that Trump is going to do some things in the next four years that is going to confuse and enrage you. Just watch, and remember I said it, because I’m going to be right.

I told you. I warned you. I said it over and over again, both before the election and afterwards.

In response, I have received anger, excuses, and personal attacks. Trump was going to be different. Trump was going to Make America Great Again™. Trump was going to turn it all around. I was just being negative. I was a “leftist” and a “cuck.”

Just one problem. I was right all along.

If you didn’t already know, a few days ago, Donald Trump, a dishonest authoritarian with zero emotional control who supports government health care, hates freedom of speech, and is terrified you might find out what’s in his tax returns, launched 59 tomahawk missiles at Syria, a country that has never attacked the US. Why? Because maybe Syria’s government gassed some of its own citizens (even though Syria has killed literally hundreds of thousands of its own citizens already).

Trump did this after repeatedly saying that attacking Syria was a crazy idea, that it would start World War III, and that America should focus on America instead.

But as I’ve said all along, Trump is a liar, so he didn’t mean any of that America First stuff. Nah, he just peddled that line of bullshit to dupe angry, delusional alt-righters into voting for him, the same way Obama duped angry, delusional left-wingers to vote for him, the same way George W. Bush duped angry, delusional conservatives to vote for him, and on, and on.

Apparently, Trump is simply another warmongering neocon, another supporter of Bush-Obamism, and another supporter of Dick Cheney’s Neocon Empire. I guess Obama’s six different wars weren’t enough for him... he wants it to be seven now. Perhaps more.

It’s also very likely that Assad didn’t gas his own citizens. If that’s the case, this makes this attack even worse. It means Trump attacked a sovereign nation that never attacked us because of either a mistake, misunderstanding, or a hoax. Isn’t that nice?

Even if the chemical attack was real and was indeed ordered by Assad, that means that as a US taxpayer, you just spent about $50 million dollars to attack yet another country. Great. As if we weren’t bombing enough countries already.

Is this why you guys elected Trump?

Watching the reactions of Trump supporters over the last few days has been interesting as it’s been depressing. As soon as Trump launched these missiles, Trump supporters fell into two camps:

The first camp are the Trump supporters who were shocked, shocked! How could he have done this?!? I believed in him!

Are you guys completely retarded? Haven’t I been saying he’s been full of shit for at least a year now? What did you guys tell me last year when I warned you about Trump? I hope you feel really stupid right now. You deserve it. And you have blood on your hands.

Check out the comments on this article here. You’ll see the “shocked and confused” Trump supporters suddenly discovering something I saw very clearly at least 18 months ago. Here are a few samples:

Fuck Trump. I worked my ass off down here in Florida to help the son of bitch liar get elected. I went to over 4 of his rallies and believed in his America first lies. I've never felt so betrayed in my entire life. I put so much energy and time into this man. I even threw printed out emails all over the place at Hillary's campaign hq office down here in Tampa FL. All for what? Nothing. So pissed.

it illustrates Trump responds too emotionally to things. He needs to embrace logic, reason, calm. He needs to listen to better and smarter advisers... So yeah.. this shit is DAMN hard to watch right now. I have been trying to stay busy with my business and personal life when I feel like this nonsense cannot be influenced or stopped by me and others like me.

I do feel betrayed and confused

crap! We got Hillary and a damn war anyway!

If Bannon leaves, the Trump Presidency will be Obama 2.0. The chances of this happening are very high now. Trump crossed the line getting into Syria's business. Despite this he will never appease the factions of America that oppose him, what he will do is alienate his supporters.

He is going to make a bunch of bad decisions that will ruin his Presidency. I really thought whoever won in 2016 would be a 4 year President, whether it was Trump or Clinton. Its mainly going to be a good number of Trump supporters that will realize they have been had and will not bother again. Trump attracted these people because they believed he would be different. So far he has become a standard politician. Draining the Swamp? Yeah right.

I actually got off my butt and voted for the first time in my life, hoping that Trump would be just 10% more independent than previous presidents. His campaign rhetoric even hinted that he was a 9/11 Truther, saw through the lies of ISIS and even came right out and said that "Obama and Hillary created ISIS." He correctly called out the false-flag Syrian "gas attack" in 2013 and tweeted at that time that to attack Syria would be a huge mistake and might even lead to WWIII! He called out the entire MSM and globalist establishment and promised an independent policy from that evil power structure....Words cannot express how disappointed I am with Trump today’

Same here. First time I voted in decades, and Trump has let (((them))) get to him.

If that’s not delusional, I don't know what is. But hell, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. The second camp of Trump supporters are those true Kool-Aid drinkers who still think that Trump is awesome and is doing everything right. They are bending over backwards, using the most insane, irrational arguments to show that attacking Syria was a really great idea.

These are lead by, I’m sorry to say, Scott Adams. He posted an article here that basically says launching millions of dollars of missiles at yet another country was a good move because it was good persuasion (what?!?) because it helps Israel (who gives a fuck about Israel?), and because it makes Putin mad (what?!?).

(Side note: I used to think Scott Adams was a more or less rational, objective actor, as much as is possible anyway. Since that article, no longer. He’s now clearly trying to come up with reasons why literally 100% of everything Trump does is “good persuasion,” even when it’s launching military attacks against countries who never attacked us. It’s a real shame; I’ve been reading Scott Adam’s blog for a very long time, long before this Trump stuff. It’s sad to see that Trump has claimed yet another victim.)

Trump supporters who are defending him now sound exactly like Obama supporters over the last eight years. Whenever Obama did something against what his supporters wanted, they claimed that oh no, it was okay, since Obama was a genius and was playing three dimensional chess. The sad reality was that Obama was just another warmongering corporatist.

Now, Trump defenders are saying the exact same thing. Indeed, Trump is such a super-genius, he’s not playing three dimensional chess, he’s playing FOUR dimensional chess!!!

Haha! You can’t make this shit up. It’s like we’re stuck in an endless time loop of dickhead presidents who do the same evil shit, while their delusional supporters make the same hopeful yet false arguments. The comments in Scott Adam’s article are flooded with Trump ass-kissers who are saying the most insane things to defend this neocon. Here are some examples:

He made his move quickly and decisively, not just in responding to Syria, but in taking control of public perception and turning the situation to his advantage.

All you nervous Nancys need to calm down. No one is at war. It was a surgical strike specifically designed to avoid casualties, and a necessary step toward educating our enemies that Trump is the "non-Obama". Now that they realize he WILL pull the trigger when they get out of line, his leverage as a global negotiator just increased exponentially. This is a good thing

so much freak-out and pearl clutching out there about how trump betrayed us and has become a globalist tool. C'mon. It is possible that out here in the interweb world we don't have the full picture. To rhink that Trump suddenly got weak and caved is ridiculous

Trump betrayed no one. He did not run on instantaneous withdrawal from every conflict. Obama got the U.S. involved in Syria, it is Trump's inherited problem now and he dealt it a measured, surgical, blow, whilst simultaneously showing strength to the rest of the world. He did not occupy any countries. Not to mention, a full withdrawal of aggression before a situation has been brought under control is precisely what caused ISIS in the first place. The last thing good conservatives should want is a repeat of Obama's premature withdrawal from Iraq.

President Trump showed how carefully measured he was to combine the use of real time foreign intelligence and good military advice. Oliver North has been saying this measured air base strike was a good message to Assad. The democrat crybabies couldn't care less about the dead children much less the Syrian adults gassed to death. For liberals it's a global numbers game of increasing socialist government control and subsequently relinquishing of control by individuals. Personally I hate aggression but it is sometimes needed. The US has been the leader in protecting the innocent globally for decades.

In other words, launching missile attacks against another country for no reason is just great, because A) Trump is showing the world how strong he is, and B) he didn’t occupy any countries yet.

As I’ve said before, the left lost their minds a long time ago, and the right lost their minds around 2004 when they re-elected George W. Bush. My country is being run by two groups of madmen in an insane asylum.

Here’s the bottom line to all of this, as I’ve said over and over again:

Any time you get actually EXCITED about ANY individual running for high office, immediately slap yourself in the face and go dunk your head into the nearest toilet. You are not thinking rationally. A) The guy is lying to you and B) the problems of the Western world are far beyond the power of any individual to fix. NO ONE can fix this society, and ONLY YOU can fix your life. Stop looking for politicians to fix your problems. Focus on your own life and your own loved ones instead.

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