A Few Simple Questions

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-By Caleb Jones

In watching the violence, bloodshed, and death between the antfia / SJW left and white nationalist alt-right over the last few days, I have a few questions for you. This is one of those rare times where I'm not going to give you any of my opinions; I'm simply asking for yours.

Really pause and think before you answer these questions. I'm truly curious to know your real, thoughtful answers.

1. Can you name another time in the last, oh, 50 years or more when civilians from the left and right engaged in open warfare with each other in a public city street in America? Let me remind you that video clearly showed left-wing protestors starting fights with the right-wing protestors, as well as punching out several journalists and cameramen, and a right-wing protestor purposely driving his car into a crowd, injuring many and actually killing one person.

2. When communist extremists are engaged in actual, physical combat with neo-Nazi extremists on America's streets, is this a good thing for the country, or a bad thing?

3. Do you actually take a side with either of these two groups? If so, why? Are you one of those people who say, "Well, I'm against violence and they shouldn't have done that, but they have some really good points and I agree with them."?

4. We all agree that the mainstream media are a bunch of biased liars. But, when you see almost all non-mainstream media (alternative media, internet media) only show video of violence done by the other side and no videos of violence done by their side, do you then still trust these media sources as valid sources of information? If so, why?

5. When you see open violence between two political sides on public streets where people actually get killed and the reaction from most people and the media is to side with one side or the other, is this a sign of a society in decline or a society on the rise?

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