Recent Examples of Political Correctness in Movies

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-By Caleb Jones

As always, left wing political correctness infests most movies that come out of Hollywood, and recently I’ve seen several examples of where this is very subtle, perhaps going unnoticed by the majority of the people watching these movies. Here’s a few recent examples, just off the top of my head.

1. The horror movie It stars a group of kids, all of them boys with one girl. The girl is the strongest, bravest one in the group. In one scene, they’re about to enter a haunted house, and they’re all scared (except the girl, of course). The leader of the group asks for a show of hands for who wants to stay outside the house and stand guard instead of going inside. All of the boys raise their hands. The girl is the only one who keeps her hand down. There are various other examples of this throughout the movie.

Imagine if the roles were reversed; a movie starring a group of little girls who are all terrified, but there’s one boy in the group who is brave. Would you ever see a movie like that from Hollywood today?

2. The comedy movie Rough Night stars a group of women going on a bachelorette weekend. It shows the women flying to Miami, having fun, doing drugs, dancing, having a stripper come to their fancy house, and having a wild and great time. It then shows the men having the bachelor party, and all of them are extreme beta males, sitting around a quiet table doing an extremely boring wine tasting, and saying “Oooo” and “Ahhh” whenever the wine expert says anything about the wine.

When one of these men gets a phone call from his fiancé at the bachelorette party, he’s gets nervous that she might break up with him. His other beta male friends encourage him to leave the party immediately, get in a car, and literally drive all the way to Miami to make sure she doesn’t leave him. They even recommend he buy some adult diapers and wear them during the trip, so he can just pee in his pants instead of stopping for a bathroom break. A scene where he buys the diapers at a grocery store is played for laughs.

Again, flip this. Can you imagine actually seeing a movie where a woman wears adult diapers and pisses her pants as she drives 20 hours to make sure her boyfriend doesn’t break up with her?

3. The sci-fi movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has two man heroes, a man and a woman. Both the man and the woman are equally able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with giant adversaries even though the woman probably weighs about 90 pounds, but that’s nothing new and I’ve talked about that many times. Stacked on top of that is the fact that throughout the entire movie, the man has massive oneitis for the woman and keeps pestering her to have sex with him or marry him. She rebuffs him throughout the entire movie of course. Imagine a movie in the 80’s, or even early 90’s, where a man/woman hero team had this same dynamic.

I haven’t even talked about recent movies that were overtly politically correct, like Detroit and Atomic Blonde. Those would be too easy.

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