The 19 Ways Trump Screwed His Supporters… In Just His First Year

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Time for another huge I-told-you-so. Ready? So many of you are going to be so angry. But as always, you have only yourselves to blame. On November 9th, 2016, the day Trump was elected, I very clearly said the following to his rabid, excited, orgasmic supporters: Remember I said this to you, right-wingers: Trump will fuck you. He will fuck you just like George W. Bush fucked you. He’ll fuck you just like Obama fucked the progressives. The odds are overwhelming that Trump is going to do some things in the next four years that is going to confuse and enrage you.

-By Caleb Jones

Just watch, and remember I said it, because I’m going to be right. And I was right, and Trump has only had one year in office to prove me right. Throughout 2017, I kept careful track of all the things Trump did that were the opposite of what he promised his supporters. Today, I’m going to list them all with links to sources where appropriate (and I will use both left-wing and right-wing sources). I’m not even going to cover all the stupid things he’s said, all the lies he’s told, all the people he hired and then fired, or all the scandals he’s involved in. This is because if you’re a Trump supporter, I know you don’t care about any of that.

That’s why I’m only going to focus on those things where he clearly fucked you, as I clearly warned you he would they day he got elected when you all said he was going to Make America Great Again™ (yeah right). And before you get butt-hurt about me pointing out all of Trump's backstabbing, I urge you to go through the archive of this blog and look at the numerous times I mercilessly and repeatedly bashed Obama when he was president. Unlike most anyone else on the internet, I call out shitty presidents regardless of left or right, Republican or Democrat. They're all liars, and they're all destroying your country even though you keep voting for them.

At the end of this list, perhaps some of you will wake up to the concept that no one is going to save you, no one is going to save the USA, and that forever hoping for external solutions is a waste of your time, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll stop focusing on this stupid political crap and shift your focus onto where it belongs: YOU, and your life.

Here we go! They are listed in chronological order...

1. Trump filled his cabinet and inner circle with numerous banker elites, most of whom were from Goldman Sachs, the exact people he excoriated when he ran for office.

2. Trump bombed Syria, and for literally no reason.

3. Trump escalated the war in Afghanistan, a war he spent literally years denouncing when Obama was doing it.

4. Trump fired Steve Bannon, confusing his supporters. He later said Bannon “lost his mind.”

5. Trump increased Obama's drone strikes by... get ready for this... 432%[*]

6. Trump worked with Democrats against Republicans to raise, and later eliminate, the debt ceiling, kicking the debt to over $20 trillion.

7. Trump’s Attorney General continues to crack down on legal marijuana[*].

8. Trump sided with Democrats to keep Dreamers (illegal aliens brought over when they were children) in the country, enraging many of his public supporters, specifically people like Ann Coulter.

9. Trump sold $110 billion in arms to the corrupt Islamic state of Saudi Arabia (how is that nationalist?) though apparently Trump lied (big shock) and the deal was “only” $25 billion [*]

10. Trump backtracked on building the wall in September, saying that the “wall” will actually be renovations to existing fences.[*] (Haha! Told you! He was never going to build a wall, you idiots.)
11. Trump asked for an increase in military spending by $54 billion more per year (the corporatist, warmongering Republican congress gave him $80 billion instead). [*]

12. Trump used funds donated to him by his backers for his campaign to pay his legal bills in the Russia scandal.[*] (Is that what those funds were for, Trump? I thought you were a billionaire.)

13. Trump gave more leeway for drone strikes and commando raids outside of conventional battlefields, beyond what Obama did, which resulted in literally hundreds of civilians dead. [*]

14. Trump supported the establishment candidate (who lost) for Jeff Session’s abandoned Alabama Senate seat. (Steve Bannon supported the outsider candidate.)

15. Trump told his highest ranking security leaders that he wanted to increase the amount of nukes in our arsenal by ten times.[*] (Side note: this was the event that caused his own Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson) to call Trump a “moron.” Tantrum Trump challenged Tillerson to an IQ test to prove he had the higher IQ, but cowardly backed down when Mensa offered to moderate and verify the two tests. Second side note: Trump’s reaction to all of this was to threaten to shut down NBC and Twitter. Because, as I’ve said, he’s an authoritarian.)

16. Amazingly, Trump added an 8th war to Obama’s current seven wars (sigh), bombing Niger.[*] America is now waging a massive shadow war all over Africa.[*] (How is this “America First?" How is this “Rebuilding at home?”)

17. Trump promised to issue longer-term government bonds to take advantage of low interest rates after viciously attacking Obama for not doing this. Then, he did literally the opposite by having the Treasury Department shorten the maturity of government debt, and encouraging more people to buy six-month and one-year bonds[*].

18. Trump increased military spending by an astounding $700 billion (National Defense Authorization Act).

19. Trump screwed divorced men all over the USA by removing the tax deduction for alimony payments. Before Trump, alimony was fully tax deductible for the man, and the woman had to pay income tax on it. Trump flipped it, so now men have to pay taxes on their alimony payments and women don’t pay any tax at all. Thanks Trump! That’s just in his first year, folks. The guy’s got three more to go (unless he gets removed from office or steps down before the end of his term, something I’ve said has a 25% chance of occurring).

Most Trump supporters are going to respond to all of these facts and data by ignoring all of it and doing one of two things: 1. Attacking me personally or 2. Justifying all of it by saying that Hillary would have been worse. As I've said before and will keep repeating, if your only defense of your guy is that the other guy (or gal) would have been worse, then you're admitting your guy sucks. See, if your guy didn't suck, when I say something bad about him, you would respond, "No Caleb, he doesn't suck. He's a great president, and here's why..." But if you don't do that, and instead angrily grumble something about Hillary, then you've just proved that I'm right, and Trump sucks. (And again, I said the exact same thing to Obama supporters when they said "McCain/Romney would have been worse.")

Those will be most Trump supporters, but I’m hoping a few of you are smart enough to realize that your time is better spent increasing your income, increasing your dating and relationship management skills, and working on your Mission rather than voting for lying assholes who are just using you to acquire and maintain power. The choice is yours, as always.

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