The National Debt Is Now $21 Trillion??? Already?

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Get this. Ready? Last September I made a post here talking about how we, the USA, just hit $20 trillion in debt, and how bad that was for the future of our society. Now, just six months later, six months later, the debt has already risen a trillion dollars, making our new total $21 trillion. No, this is not an April fools joke. This shit is real. It’s important you understand this accelerating, almost exponential growth of how fast America is destroying itself. Here’s what I said last time:

-By Caleb Jones

Think about this for a minute: it took us 231 years to get to $10 trillion in debt. It took just 11 years to get to $20 trillion. As of this moment, we’re already 16% of the way beyond that to $30 trillion (we’re $20.16 trillion already). We should be at $30 trillion in no time (particularly with single-payer health care looming over us in the next decade or so). In the first 231 years of this country, on average, our debt grew by $1 trillion every 23 years. In the last ten years, on average, our debt grew by $1 trillion every 14 months.

Think about that for a minute. Seriously, stop and think about that for a minute. Now, today, our debt is growing by $1 trillion every 6 months. Do see where this is going? Do the right-wingers think this is a problem?

Nope. Tantrum Trump, who is basically governing like George W. Bush (cutting taxes while skyrocketing government spending and wars), just passed a $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill. $1.3 trillion, when we're already increasing the debt by $1 trillion every six months. The bill was 2,232 pages long... 2,232 pages of spending... just as many pages as Obamacare, which the Republicans said they hated.

Trump thinks the economy will grow in the next few years in order to take up the slack on the debt. Few things an American president have said in my life have been this wrong (or he’s just lying again; not that it matters). The USA is headed for a massive recession in the next few years, one that could hit us at literally any time, not economic growth.

What about the left-wingers? Do they think this is a problem?

Nope. The two biggest topics they’re talking about is “free” health care for everyone and “free” college for everyone, all paid for by the government of course, since the government has so much extra money laying around, you know, since it has negative $21 trillion and all. Debt growing at an exponential rate, and both irrational factions who are in control of this country are not only not doing anything about it, but doing things that will further accelerate it.

If you’re an American, please, get your financial house in order. Get my book and develop an Alpha 2.0 financial structure so the coming chaos won’t affect you as much as it will everyone else. If you want to leave the country, great, make plans to do so. If you want to stay in the USA, that’s okay as long as you pay off your debts, get some serious money in savings (hedged by some gold), get some small, niched, location independent, international businesses going, and you detach from the system.

Don’t wait. Don't make excuses. Don't fart around. Do it now. You don’t have time anymore.

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