Overview of Where I Think the Entire World is Going

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-By Caleb Jones

Today I will list every region in the entire world and my opinion on its medium and long-term future. I’m not a futurist nor expert in macroeconomics or geopolitics; I’m just a guy who’s been all over the world, seen a lot, researched a lot, and has a pretty good track record in both business and investing, including international aspects. What I’m about to say could end up being totally wrong, but I think the odds are good I’m at least mostly right.

This can assist you in deciding where to invest, where to start a business, and even where to move someday if that’s your goal.

North America is going down. The USA, as I’ve demonstrated many times, is in a slow state of economic and cultural decline that can’t be stopped at this point, and that’s even if the voters didn’t keep voting for people who continue to make everything worse long-term (example: the last four US presidents). Canada is inexorably linked to the fate of the USA economically, not to mention its recent move to the insane political left. Mexico will also suffer when the USA collapses/diminishes, though since it’s a second-world nation already, the shift won’t be as radical. Mexico also has a decent amount of oil which will help.

Central America and the Caribbean I think will eventually get better, but it will be a very, very slow improvement. These nations seem to embrace more sane economic policies every once in a while. They’ve got a long way to go though, so it will be decades before you see any noticeable economic growth there, and even then, only in certain countries.

South America is the world’s ADD-ridden little brother. It will continue to be a land of up-and-down chaos. Sometimes some nations will do great, and then they’ll fuck it up and crash. Then they’ll do great again, and then do horribly. Up and down, up and down. South America is a fantastic place for speculators, buying when things are down and selling when things are up. I don’t see the up-and-down pattern of South America ending any time soon, if ever.

Europe is the fastest declining place in the world, collapsing even faster than the USA, which is saying something. As I’ve shown many times, both the elites and the voters of Europe are completely suicidal, working overtime to destroy their own cultures both economically and culturally. I've heard more than one savvy investor say that they have no idea why anyone with any assets would possibly live in Europe, and I agree. Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia are all completely fucked in the long or medium term, though it’s true that Eastern Europe will probably go last… but it will go, for the same reason Canada will go when the US goes; Eastern Europe is too reliant economically on Western Europe.

The Middle East and Northeastern Africa will continue to be a land of death, poverty, oppression, religious insanity, interference by more powerful nations, and war (with the exception of little pockets of oil-based ultra-prosperity like Bahrain and UAE). Barring some world-wide tech revolution that radically transforms the human condition, I don’t see any of this coming to an end, ever. The people who live there clearly have no interest in embracing peace, rationality, and economic prosperity. I honestly don’t think they ever will, which is a real shame.

Africa, like Central America, will experience a slow rise. As technology becomes smaller and cheaper, and as more shithole nations slowly, ever so slowly embrace slightly more sane economic policies, as well as shepherding from nations like China, Africa will slowly get better. It’s going to take a long time though; Africa is in a very deep hole, so it will take a long time to climb out.

Russia is a wildcard. It my opinion, it could go either way, 50/50, a total coin toss. There’s a 50% chance that it will eventually clean up its act (once Putin is gone), actually start punishing corruption, and embracing rule of law and capitalism. If it does this, it will do fantastic, and could become an economic powerhouse and eventually, a prosperous nation. However, there’s another 50% chance that it will descend into chaos, revolution, authoritarianism, and crime. Flip a coin… it could be either one.

China will continue to experience moderate but steady economic growth for the long term, and will become the world’s next de facto ruler, replacing the USA some time in the next few decades at the latest. China has a lot of very serious problems to overcome, but so did the USA on its rise to world leader. China will not boom as fast as it did over the last 15 years, but it will keep rising, steadily, every year, while the entire West is collapsing. Might want to look into learning Mandarin.

India is the world’s greatest tragedy. India is a land filled with intelligent, fun, hard-working people who are also the most ridiculously stubborn people in the world, making even the British look flexible. The Indians have embraced some of the most insane economic and cultural policies imaginable, and they’re going to stick with them regardless of the fact it’s preventing them from blossoming. Millions of poor people can’t eat even though they have vast farmlands. Millions of people defecate in public, damaging their water supply. They have the most insane anti-sex Societal Programming in the world, even worse than the Middle East, destroying the emotional peace of hundreds of millions of men and women. They have the most insanely inefficient and bureaucratic government on the planet. And they don’t want to change any of this stuff. India could be greater than China. Seriously, India could rule the entire world. But they never will. Tragic.

Southeast Asia is the fastest growing region in the entire world. Benefiting from being China’s satellites, but without much of the overhead, SE Asia is moving from third world to first world status fast, at least as compared to the rest of the world. This is the place to invest and start businesses, perhaps even live in. SE Asia will do very, very well in the mid to long-term.

Japan will slowly vanish off the face of the Earth. They're an intelligent and hardworking culture, but they aren’t having enough sex or babies over there to maintain their population. In several decades there will be no Japan nor full-blooded Japanese people, just mixed Japanese, those few who procreated with other Asian races. I’m not sure what will happen to Japan as a nation; I imagine vast farmlands in Japan with no people. On top of this, Japan is highly corporatist like the USA, which spells long-term doom for their economy. It’s sad. I like Japan.

Australia and New Zealand will just sit there like bumps on a log. Like Canada, they’ve embraced hardcore SJW, big government socialistic policies, and will continue to do so, which means they won’t grow economically long-term. But, their proximity to the Rising East, their lack of the third world immigration problem Europe has, and their (comparatively) low levels of debt means they are unlikely to collapse with the rest of the Western world. (Indeed, in 100 years or more, Australia and New Zealand may the last vestiges of the West anywhere on Earth.) So they’ll just sit there mostly as-is, not growing or dying. A stable place to live (that’s why I’m moving there) but not an exciting place to make money, get laid, or make a killing in investments.

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