When There Is No More Privacy

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-By Caleb Jones

As I’ve talked about before, I am in 100% agreement with those who say that soon, in our lifetimes, technology will reach a point where there will be no such thing as privacy, at least not the concept of “privacy” that you and I understand today.

I’m not necessarily talking about government or corporations spying on you (though that will certainly be a component as well). I’m talking about the privacy you will voluntarily give up in order to receive certain benefits.

Today’s example is social media. Every day, people voluntarily give up massive amounts of their privacy via things like Facebook and Instagram in order to receive social validation and/or entertainment. No one made them do this. They chose it themselves.

Extend that out into the future, where you will voluntarily exchange your privacy for things like money, physical health, protection from crime, sex, more extreme entertainment, feelings of closer connections to others, and so on. I’ve also talked about how near-future tech will render monogamy effectively impossible. When you cheat, she’s going to know, regardless of what you do. (And you’ll know when she does too.)

You will have zero privacy. It’s going to happen. We just don’t know when. Your future children or grandchildren will be bewildered at this strange thing called “privacy” that you used to have.

This concept is crazy to modern-day, low-tech humans like us. Imagine if everyone who was interested knew exactly who you were having sex with, exactly how much money you make, what your net worth is, how often you masturbate, what kind of porn you prefer, what kinds of drugs you do and how often, all the immoral or unethical or illegal stuff you’re doing or have done, all the stupid mistakes you’ve made in your past, and so on.

This may send a chill down your spine. But I think in a few decades it won’t. I think this stuff will be normal.

So you go out on a first date with a woman. You will instantly know everything about her. She won’t be able to lie about anything. The reverse is also true; she’ll know everything about you, including that 19 year-old girl you had sex with last week, or the fact you haven’t been laid in over eight months.

Won’t that be interesting?

Years ago, there was a dumb TV show called Sliders where a group of people traveled to different parallel universes. In one episode, they went to a parallel Earth where every human being was fitted with a collar around their necks that would issue a small electric shock every time they said anything that wasn’t true.

It was very interesting, because it demonstrated how often we human beings lie, even in normal day-to-day conversation and even if we’re trying to be nice. A person would say, “You kinda think I’m boring, don’t you?” and the other would say, “Oh, no, of course not.” ZAP! He’d get an audible electric shock and his face would wince.

It transformed everything in society. Everything was based on truth. Few people even tried to lie because they didn’t want to get shocked. I always thought that concept was extremely fascinating.

Well, we’re likely in for a world like that in real life in a few decades. Lying about anything of consequence is going to be effectively impossible. I’ve even heard some very intelligent folks talk about how the very concept of crime will be impossible, in that 100% of criminals who commit any crime will be instantly caught and punished. (Think about the worlds portrayed in Minority Report or Demolition Man.)

Will I like that world? I honestly don’t know yet. I see both the pros and cons.

More importantly, since I live the Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle, which is based around concepts such as outcome independence and redundancy, I don’t really care what people find out about me for the most part. I’ve been talking about intimate details of my very unconventional sex life on my blogs for many years, and doing so under my real name. I don’t care if you know. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem, not mine. My income and my happiness doesn’t revolve around your opinion of me, so I don’t care. I’m outcome independent.

It’s true I don't disclose a few details about my financial life for legal and other reasons, but when the time comes where everyone will know everyone else’s financial details, by then I won’t care.

This new zero-privacy world we’re headed for will only be a threat to normal people who have a lot to hide. People who cheat on their spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends. People who lie about how much money they make. People who cheat on their taxes. People who are into weird porn and don’t want anyone to know.

This is why I’ve said that the more you can adopt an outcome independent lifestyle and attitude now, the less you’ll need to worry about people “finding shit out about you” or losing your privacy. That’s why I’m not really threatened by this future society, while most other people I know are absolutely terrified of it.


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