Weather Sucks

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Weather Sucks

Here’s the problem with weather. I want it when I want it. I don’t want it when nature throws it at me. Hot, sunny weather is nice. It really is. But if I’m in the mood for mild weather, I don’t want to be blasted with heat whenever I walk out my front door.

-By Caleb Jones

Rain can by cozy. I have no problem with rain at all. But when I want to take a nice walk outside, or go to the grocery store where I’ll be carrying bags of stuff, I don’t want any rain, period.
The snow is beautiful. It’s one of the most majestic things nature has come up with. But when I have things to do and places to go with my car, I don’t want any fucking snow. That will just fucks up my schedule.
In other words, I want sunlight, rain, snow, thunderstorms, heat, when I want it. I don’t want it to suddenly appear whenever nature decides to throw it at me when I have other plans.
Like with snow. I love snow, but I want to go visit the snow when I feel like it. I feel the same way about 95 degree (35 Celsius) blazing sun. I like that, but I’d rather go visit it when I want to experience that rather than having weeks or months of that on end.
Many people where I live in the Pacific NW talk about how they wished they lived somewhere like in Denver, “where they actually have real seasons.” What?!? No! Fuck seasons! Blazing hot summers with a foot and a half of snow on everything in the winter? I’d probably kill myself.
No, no, no. Instead, give me a place like San Diego, where it’s sunny but only about 75 degrees (24 Celsius) pretty much year-round with no major fluctuations. Hell yeah. Then if I want to roast in the sun, I’ll go visit Hawaii or Phoenix or Singapore. If I want snow, I’ll drive to the mountains or fly to Alaska and have snow. Then leave the snow when I’ve had enough. I want the weather the way I want it, when I want it.
I’m not saying I love the Pacific NW either. It rains way too much up here. Rain is fine, but not when it’s July. (Yes, it was actually raining here for the first two weeks in July.)
One of the many reasons I’m going to soon do my annual circuit of New Zealand Sept-Feb, Hong Kong Feb-May, and the USA June-Aug is, in addition to five flags and tax savings, to experience the weather I want to experience instead of Mother Nature shoving it at me whenever the hell she feels like it.
I’m patiently waiting for the day where humans can place satellites in orbit that can control the weather. But until then, I’m going to have to be creative with my location independent travel schedule.
(This also brings up the topic of global climate change and how weather patterns have changed, but that’s an entirely different topic; I’ll be posting a long article on that soon.

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This article was originally published on July 29, 2018


  • sam 2018-07-29 05:06:48

    Usa which cities ? Also u thought of any city in canada during summer ?

  • David 2018-07-29 07:56:30

    Been in San Diego 10 years now.  Can confirm.  Best weather in the US.  My vacations are in hot muggy latin countries, or snowy east coast.  Every time I step out of the airport back home, i'm relieved to be back.  Its sunny and dry 359 days per year.  I only ever experienced similar weather in Medellin.   Looking forward to the global warming shit show in the comments.

  • Johnny Ringo 2018-07-29 08:57:17

    Owned a door to door flyer service for businesses at one time. Let's just sucks.    lol

  • Lenox 2018-07-29 09:22:04

    Climate science names these Csa (hot, dry-summer) and Csb (cool, dry-summer) or  in laymans: Mediterranean climates. For health reasons I plan on hopping to these nations when I start practicing flag theory full-time. That's the beauty of making an HQ for weather reasons. Then traveling comortably to places with activities and/or seasonal shifts you prefer to tastes rather than tolerate longterm. It's easier than ever before. Although, it's the one sub-topic that I don't see or hear people tlaking about much. I maybe in the minority that prioritizes this topic though. Just means nothing to me to save money on taxes, without meeting fly women to date and fuck, but hate the weather conditions each season. No one thing would make that tolerable for me. According to Wikipedia, examples of these places are: Beirut, Lebanon (Csa) Latakia, Syria (Csa) Halabja, Iraq (Csa) Jerusalem, Israel (Csa) Tel Aviv, Israel (Csa) Ramallah, Palestine (Csa) Tangier, Morocco (Csa) Casablanca, Morocco (Csa) Algiers, Algeria (Csa) Valletta, Malta (Csa) Rome, Italy (Csa) Naples, Italy (Csa) Seville, Spain (Csa) Málaga, Spain (Csa) Palma de Mallorca, Spain (Csa) Lisbon, Portugal (Csa) Faro, Portugal (Csa) Monaco (Csa) Marseille, France (Csa) Nice, France (Csa) Athens, Greece (Csa bordering on BSh) Tunis, Tunisia (Csa) Antalya, Turkey (Csa) Izmir, Turkey (Csa) Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Csa) Dushanbe, Tajikistan (Csa) Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran (Csa) Los Angeles, California, United States (Csa/Csb bordering on BSh/BSk) Sacramento, California, United States (Csa) Medford, Oregon, United States (Csa) Perth, Australia (Csa) Adelaide, Australia (Csa)

  • Caleb Jones 2018-07-29 10:42:07

    Usa which cities ?
    Which cities what?
    Also u thought of any city in canada during summer ?
    No. I want to visit my homeland reguarly once I leave it, and summer is the best time. I LOVE Canada though.
    Been in San Diego 10 years now.  Can confirm.  Best weather in the US.
    Best weather of any city in the world as far as I can tell. I've been all over the planet and I have never encountered any city with as good year-round weather as San Diego.
    I only ever experienced similar weather in Medellin.
    Headed to Colombia (and many other S. American countries) in November. Probably Bogata though.
    Climate science names these Csa (hot, dry-summer) and Csb (cool, dry-summer) or  in laymans: Mediterranean climates.
    Medford, Oregon, United States (Csa)
    It's about 4 hours south of my house. Been there a few times. Way too fucking hot (over 100 degrees during the summer months). Pink Firefly is from Medford.

  • Antekirtt 2018-07-29 11:49:39

    Well, when we have space habitats with centrifugal gravity, we can just pick whatever weather we want inside 🙂 and

  • Antekirtt 2018-07-29 11:56:28

    That aside, there was a guy arguing that Warm Summer Mediterraenan climate was the best ("go live anywhere vines are commonly cultivated"), but I'm not sure I agree. My country of origin has a bit of that + Hot Summer Mediterranean, and though they're nice for swimming and for the mild winters, I still hate the heat. I'd prefer a magical year-round 20-23°C with moderate precipitations and low humidity, and I'd just travel to a warmer place when I miss the beach or to a colder place when I'm nostalgic about snow or whatever. Some high altitude equatorial places kinda offer that, but there are drawbacks.

  • Investor 2018-07-30 00:03:24

    Here’s the problem with weather. I want it when I want it. I don’t want it when nature throws it at me.
    Where is your outcome independence?

  • Caleb Jones 2018-07-30 09:13:53

    Where is your outcome independence?
    Pretty strong. But I'm allowed to dislike things. And notice the crappy weather doesn't "ruin my day" or make me unhappy.

  • CrabRangoon 2018-07-30 11:58:57

    After living in Chicago for 40 years, I can honestly say I'd be fine never seeing snow again.  It's pretty when it's falling but quickly just turns into a huge obstacle in getting around town.  In fact, I'd be fine skipping winter entirely.  Seems like everything slows down to a crawl as well since people just hibernate. I like the idea of living in a place like San Diego and traveling when you get the itch for any other climate.

  • Matt Savage 2018-07-30 17:04:33

    Funny, I've been considering this a lot too in my relocation planning; currently in Boston and as you might know our weather here can get quite temperamental and bitchy. Someone brought up Medellin, Colombia which I've been doing a lot of research on because it supposedly has very consistent weather in the 70s year round, in fact it's nicknamed "The City of Eternal Spring"... well shit that's some good marketing right there! Not only that but it appears to be a pretty awesome city with great night life and low cost of living. I could rent a sweet penthouse with Jacuzzi in a downtown area of the city for the same cost that I get for a piece of shit 1 bedroom in the Boston burbs... And Colombia seems to have some fairly decent ways of getting a second passport by either investing in a business/real estate or simply starting a business with a small amount of capital - looks promising, worth checking out.

  • Prepped 2018-07-30 21:58:45

    Yes, San Diego is near perfect. I lived in So Cal for years, on the edge of LA, in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. It's was about as ideal as I could have gotten for year-round climate. A bit Mediterranean most of the year, except for the annual June Gloom. And, snow and cooler temps about 30 minutes away up on Mount Baldy (the snow capped peak you see in photos of LA), or a bit further to Mountain High or Big Bear. But, instead of rain, smoke from spring/summer wildfires could make life miserable. Yeah, climate change is real, but human made climate change is the least of the factors of weather patterns that changed over centuries and millennia. Blame God if you're going to blame anyone for setting up the earth in such a complex, varying orbit around the greatest energy source affecting our weather on a daily basis -- the sun. Of course, this idea is lost on the average American with the scientific and mathematical understanding of a 5th grader, but the strong opinions of someone as accomplished a Hawking. It wouldn't bother me so much if they weren't employing fascists tactics to to blame me for driving a car, using plastic straws, and taxing me to stop CO2 and CH4 emissions of everything from Chicoms to cattle to internal combustion engines. But these ignorant fuckers end up running this planet in the same way the your top jock and head cheerleader use student guberment to "lead" the student body in ridiculous campaigns to save the whales, fight for transgender bathrooms, and ban guns to stop school shootings, and the like -- as if they really have a grasp on cause-and-effect. Not!

  • Shura 2018-07-31 04:45:04

    I love how an apparently banal article can sprout interesting conversation on this blog. Mediterranean climate can get close to ideal, but for the hot summers. Cyprus is not included in that list above (sub-tropical?) but obviously the climate in Paphos is as nice as in Tel Aviv. In any case, if you manage to live in the heights of a coastal city it gets better. In South America, check out Bolivia: Compared to Medellín, Santa Cruz is practically the same while Cochabamba is a little colder but has almost no rain.

  • dog 2018-08-01 03:08:05

    Same in Vancouver, where theres's 3 months of sun and 9 month of black skies and rain.

  • Kurt 2018-08-02 07:51:20

    I've been spending increasing amounts of time in Colombia every year for the past four years, and eventually will purchase property there and live there part-time. While I don't think it would be a good fit for Caleb as a country to live and do business in it has so many great things going for it for my specific interests and desires that I can't think of a better place. One aspect I absolutely love is the consistent climate in the tropical Andes; just pick an altitude that has the temperature range you want and boom, you've got that weather consistently year round. If you want it a little drier there are drier spots and if you don't mind lots of rain there are certainly very wet spots. Medellin is certainly a great option if you want the city life it offers, but other places like Manizales are cooler, still urban enough for minor urban stuff, and not yet subject to inflated gringo pricing like Medellin is. Bogota in my opinion is kinda shitty, cold, and ugly but some others really take a shine to it. In more rural areas of the Colombian Andes you can find a nice little 50-acre fincita for about $350/ acre. In the towns and smaller cities not yet hit by gringo inflation you can find rents around $125/mo. for a 3-br, 2 ba apartment. Internet and wireless connections in most towns are generally good unless you have high bandwidth needs, so working online from Colombia is a super cost saver for doing business. I'll definitely be living there very well and very cheap for most of my time within a few years, when my plan to  'location independentize' my income is complete. I'm already there close to 25% time and increasing. Oh yeah and while there certainly are lots of hot women there who view dating men 15+ years their senior as standard practice, it's not some fantasy paradise world of hot chicks as legends make it out to be. The big cities are full of gold-diggers but super wonderful quality women with high sex drives can be readily found in the smaller-town areas. Many women there fantasize about marrying a gringo and moving to the US.

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