Will There Be Civil War in the USA???

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One of the recurring questions I keep seeing is whether or not the USA will end up in some kind of civil war between the alt-lite/alt-right/Trump supporters and the left-wing/Antifa/progressive types. Political infighting is worse right now than in any time in my lifetime, and I’m 46 years old. According to many people older than me, even the turbulent 1960’s wasn’t as bad as now. That’s saying a lot. So it’s no wonder that people are concerned that perhaps all this irrational anger from people fighting over an already doomed nation will descend into actual civil war.

-By Caleb Jones

But you don’t need to worry. Because it won’t. There will be no civil war in the US. The entire idea is laughable. Americans of today are not the Americans of the 1860s. Those Americans were tough, hard-working, ruthlessly independent farmers, hunters, frontiersmen, and entrepreneurs. They were diligent and rugged locksmiths, carpenters, shoemakers, blacksmiths, masons, teamsters, mechanics and so on. They lived hard lives that they chose to live. Even the city-dwelling politicians and such were hardcore, gun-toting, no-nonsense Alpha Males.

The American of today is a fat, stupid, stressed out beta male who cowers in front of his girlfriend/wife (if he’s even got one of those and isn’t celibate) of whom he is utterly terrified (namely, that she might leave him) and is addicted to drugs (caffeine, cigarettes, weed, prescription drugs, or something else), has never even seen an actual gun in his real life, would be terrified if he did, works in an air-conditioned cubicle by staring at a screen all day, and can barely be motivated to get off the couch and do anything heroic or even constructive if it meant putting down his beer and putting a temporary end to his binge-watching something stupid on Netflix.

The idea that this guy is actually going to pick up a rifle and start shooting someone because he hates left-wingers or Trump supporters is hilarious in the extreme. Even if he did have the balls and motivation to even attempt something like this, one or two angry screams from his girlfriend/wife will put him right back in his place. Even if this didn’t happen he’d be more liable to shoot himself than actually shoot someone else. (I personally know three different men who have shot themselves in various body parts with guns because they were idiots.)

On top of that, left-wingers hate guns. In an actual warlike conflict between the left and the right, the right would win almost instantly, and I think left-wingers know that (even Noam Chomsky said it!). And again, most of the American right-wing are still those frustrated but timid and pussywhipped betas I just described. They aren’t going to put their lives, jobs, marriages/relationships, children, TV, and money at risk by actually going out and shooting anyone. (Lone psychos are always the rare statistical exception to the rule.)

That all being said, political unrest will increase in the USA as it slowly slides towards collapse. You will indeed see more protests, more internet drama, more, yes, more violence. All of that stuff will increase and that’s one of the many reasons I’ve decided to leave. But a full-on civil war? No. It will never happen here. Wars are fought by men with balls, and the American man lost his balls a long time ago. I’m coming to a town near you in 2019 to do the least expensive Alpha Male 2.0 seminar I’ve ever done. I’ll be in 18 different cities in the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe. If you want to come to a low-cost seminar to learn how to improve your financial and woman life, click HERE and get your tickets! The next cities coming up are Dallas, Houston, and Brisbane! Alpha Male 2.0 World Tour 2019

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