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America’s next recession is coming shortly. It may already be here. How do you make money in your investments, or at least protect your investments, if America is in recession and most everything there goes to shit?As always, I am not an investments expert and I don’t give financial advice. I’m just telling you how I see things based on the massive amounts of data I have in front of me.If the United States completely collapses tomorrow, that would not be a good thing for the economies of the rest of the world. This is obvious since, better or for worse, the US is the economic engine that powers most of the planet.

-By Caleb Jones

Granted, that is rapidly changing as China moves into the forefront, and the US’s dominance over the world will diminish as time goes on, but at the moment, that hasn’t happened yet.Today I’m not talking about the USA actually collapsing. That will happen eventually, but it won’t happen today, or tomorrow, or even this year or next. That’s down the road. What will happen very soon is America’s recession. In an American recession, the rest of the world (with a few exceptions) may possibly be harmed, but many may actually do very well. Here’s what I mean.

The value of the US Dollar is artificial right now. Its high value is completely false, based on factors such as the Federal Reserve screwing around with our currency and interest rates, all the way to the petrodollar.Many countries, especially emerging markets, particularly SE Asia which is the only true long-term growth area in the world, are harmed by the fact that the value of the US Dollar has been pumped up artificially. A strong Dollar means their own currencies are weaker. There are some advantages to this for larger nations (like with China), but for the emerging markets, it pretty much sucks.

The interesting part is that a crash in the value of the US Dollar is probable, and probable soon, especially if the next US recession is on the horizon, which it is. In the next big recession, the insane US government will have no other option than to jack up the money printing. This will likely harm the US Dollar (in addition to many other things that will put downward pressure on our currency).This is one of the many reasons I own investments such as gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. These will likely do very well if the Dollar drops (especially gold). They’re not guaranteed to do well, since there are no guarantees in life or in investing, but they probably will.
Many international countries, especially the emerging markets, will also do well if the US Dollar drops. Their currencies will suddenly become very strong, boosting their economies.This is why I have investments in so many other countries outside of the US. If the US goes into recession, US assets will definitely be harmed, but many foreign assets will either sit around and do nothing, or skyrocket, at least eventually.As I’ve talked about before, while the future of the USA and of the Western World is dark and will continue to get darker, the future for the world is actually very bright. While people in the West will be angrily complaining about how horrible everything is getting, most people in other countries outside of the West will be experiencing huge and dramatic increases in technology, lifestyle, standard of living, and income. 2019 may very well be the first year where you really see this dynamic on a large scale.

I’m not betting on the West, but I am betting on the world outside the West, and in a very strong way. This is not only with my investments, but with my businesses as well. One of my business goals is to get 65% of my grand total income from all of my companies to be generated from outside of the USA, Canada, and Europe. This is the first year I really target Asia, South America, and Oceania as income sources (while still maintaining my income from the West).It’s a no-lose strategy in my view, since if I’m completely wrong and the West does great, I’ll still make a lot of money. But if the West goes down, my income will still be more or less okay.Always remember that financially, you live in the WORLD, not just inside your country.

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