The Dam Begins to Break

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For the second straight day, the New York Federal Reserve injected a huge sum of money into the financial system in a bid to calm stress in the overnight lending market. The Fed on Wednesday poured another $75 billion into the market following a $53 billion rescue by the NY Fed on Tuesday. The Federal Reserve did what they always do, conjured $128 billion of your money out of nowhere and cheerfully handed it over to massive, corrupt, incompetent banks to keep them in business forever (that’s corporatism) instead of letting them go out of business (which would be capitalism, which we don’t have).

-By Caleb Jones

Here’s the thing: this article was published almost three weeks ago. Did you hear anything about this? I didn’t and I tend to keep my eye on this kind of thing. I just heard about this yesterday. This is a really big deal, folks. The article says it itself: Until this week, the Fed hadn't launched an operation like this since 2008. Remember 2008? That’s when the big, corrupt banks went begging to big government to give them hundreds of billions of dollars in free bail-out money, which big government gave to them. (Again, this is how corporatism works.) And today, we have even more debt than we did in 2008. That’s right; the financial system is in even worse shape than right before the crash of 2008.Again, I go back to why you or I didn’t hear about this $128 billion given to the banks, the largest sum since 2008. Why is it that these New York banks who just received the $128 billion of your money for free didn’t have to ask the government for it like they did last time? Why did they just magically get it?

Answer: The Dodd-Frank Act big government passed back in 2010. This bill was created by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, two of the most left-wing senators in all of American history. This bill contained numerous regulations of the big banks. Now wait… in a corporatist government, big business (and big banking) and big government are on the same team, so why would big banks allow all these regulations? It’s because buried in this 2,300 page bill (it’s as big as three Game of Thrones novels, seriously) is a special clause where banks can simply suck money out of big government whenever the fuck they want without having to go ask for it. I’m oversimplifying all of this of course, but the gist of what I’m saying is accurate.

This means that thanks to left-wing politicians and right-wing Wall Street corporatists there here is now a permanent pipeline between big government and the big banks that permanently and near-constantly suck money from the Federal Reserve into the banking system. That's why this happened with so little fanfare. It was pretty much instant and automatic. The fact these banks suddenly needed $128 billion to keep overnight lending rates south of 10% is not good. It’s a sign of very bad things to come. As I’ve said before, these very bad things may come in two or three years or they may come in 25 years, but they’re going to come,and you’ll be alive when they happen. As always, this creates the refrain from left-wingers, Keynesians, MMT guys and even some neocons when they say that “It doesn’t matter, we can print all the money we want, because we owe it to ourselves!”

This is factually incorrect and you can read why right here. My simple response is to ask these guys why our government doesn’t just print up enough money every January 1st to give every adult American a check for $100,000 tax-free and do that every year. That would be awesome! That would solve every economic problem in this country immediately, right? Why not do this? It doesn’t matter, right?  Because we owe it to ourselves, right? Wrong. Of course it matters in that it would destroy our nation and our currency in short order. Sure, it might not matter right now. It might not even matter in ten years (Japan has been doing this crap for 25 years sustaining their depressing, zombie-like economy). But it will eventually matter. And you (and your children) will pay the price.Alpha Male 2.0 financial structures, folks. Get your 2-4 small, international, location-independent Alpha 2.0 businesses going, pay off all of your debt, get some money in savings, hedge it with gold and get some solid non-Western investments going. You’re going to really kick yourself in a few years if you don’t get started on these things now. And you won’t have the excuse that you didn’t know or weren’t warned.

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