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Today, January 2nd, is my favorite day of the entire year. It marks the first day of Go Time, the most important and exciting part of the year.

-By Caleb Jones

I haven’t discussed the concept of Go Time in quite a while, which is a failing on my part since it’s such a core technique in my time management systems. It’s something I practice every year without fail. This technique has been the catalyst for much of my success in life, in all areas.

If you didn’t already know, Go Time is the time of the year between January 2nd and May 31st. It applies mostly to countries located in the Northern Hemisphere but also indirectly applies to countries all over the world, particularly if you do business with (or date women in) the Northern Hemisphere even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first five months of the year, January through May, are the best times to focus on both your business goals and your woman goals. Here are a number of reasons why:

1. There are very few holidays during this time. With the possible exception of Spring Break in the USA, there are no major times where people take time off work once New Year is done on January 2nd. This condition remains all the way to the end of May. This means that people are focused on their work during this time, which means you have access to all the prospects, customers, clients, vendors and potential staff you need. 2. The weather is pretty crappy in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere during these months. This means that people are in town and working. During the summer months when the weather is nice, everyone takes big vacations. It's similar during the Christmas season during December and late November. That makes both work and dating difficult. Yet during the Jan-May timeframe, you won’t have that problem. 3. Women are the most single and available during this timeframe. As I’ve talked about in great detail at my other blog, women tend to pair up with guys around November so they won’t be single during the holidays and then dump them shortly after the New Year or Valentines Day. Some women follow a similar pattern during the summer months. However, January is the best month in the entire year for dating women and February and March are also fantastic. April and May are pretty good. I actually map out the entire annual dating calendar here if you want more detail, but the bottom line is that Go Time is the best time of the year for this stuff.

Go Time is a solid and consistent five-month period where you can get maximum results from both your business life and your woman life. If you hit it hard during these five key months you can accomplish so much that even if the remaining seven months are just mediocre you’ve accomplished so much during Go Time that you can still have a really amazing year. I’ve had years where over 70% of my income and 70% of my woman success for the entire year was within Go Time, or laid the foundation for these things during that time, or even less than that where it was pretty much in place by the end of April. If you hit Go Time hard it means you can actually kick back and relax a little (or even a lot) starting around June and take it easy for the rest of the year and still have an amazing year overall.

Here’s an example of what you can do (and what a few Alpha Male 2.0s do every year). You can be fully productive and hit it hard in your business life and your woman life from January to the end of May. You’ll see massive results from this. Then when people start to go on vacation and get lazy around early June you can ratchet back the intensity a little bit and enjoy the summer because you’ve already accomplished so much for the year. When September rolls around you dial up the intensity again and keep going until mid-November or so where you start to kick back a little and settle in for the holidays. By mid-December you can take the rest of the year off and enjoy Christmas and New Years guilt-free. Then when January 2nd comes around again you launch back into Go Time and repeat the process. It’s a great way to manage the year.

To be honest, I personally don’t do this. I’m an extremely motivated and excited guy with big goals so these days I treat every month of the year as if it’s Go Time and hit it hard year-round (though I do focus more on certain activities during January – May because I know people are more available during these months). However, I realize that many Alpha Male 2.0s are not as hard-working as I am, so utilizing Go Time to really kick your year off is a good system if you’re in that category. I know one guy in particular who works hard during Go Time and more or less takes the entire rest of the year off(!) because of all the money he made and the new income streams he developed during Go Time. It works.

Another reason Go Time works well from a psychological standpoint is because early January is such a natural time for human beings to set goals. Nothing feels quite as good as getting that new, fresh, untainted new year on January 1st. You can then use your new year motivation to focus hard for the next five months instead of stressing out about the next twelve months. Because of Go Time, you can get a hell of a lot done in those five months. (Most normal people lose their new year momentum by February anyway, which is stupid.)

Go Time really is a perfect storm of psychology, logistics, weather, business and dating behavior. It’s the best damned time of the year and today, January 2nd, is the day it all kicks off.

GO! Hit it hard! Take your goals, repeat them to yourself every day, remember the pain you may feel if you don’t hit them and take action NOW. Put your head down and work on your business or woman life (or both) and don’t look up until May 31st when you can take it easy (if you want; you’re more than welcome to be a maniac like me and keep working hard through the summer if you love working on your goals like I do).

You’ve got exactly five months to get massive results in your life. The clock is ticking.

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