The Only Three Ways to Increase Sales

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-By Caleb Jones

Most people think there are many ways to increase sales in a business. There are actually only three ways.

  1. Increase the number of customers.
  2. Increase the average size of a sale.
  3. Increase the number of repeat sales from existing customers.

That’s it. Every possible marketing or sales method you can think of in order to increase your income in your business will fall into one of these three categories. There is no other way to do it. 

(Granted, there is one additional way to increase profit in your business, and that would be to reduce your expenses, which is very important. However, today we’re talking about sales, not profit.) 

Most business owners barely market at all. The few that do only focus on the first method, which is getting more customers.

If you want to maximize your business income, you need to focus on all three. You don’t need to do all three all at the same time (I rarely do) but you do need to have all three in your marketing plan and make sure you attack all three on a regular basis. This is one of the main reasons for my business success and income growth over the last 25 years as an entrepreneur. Not only do I focus on marketing (which is the most important function in your business, as I talk about in The Unchained Man), but I focus on all three methods, not just “OMG I need to get more customers.”

As a matter of fact, with some businesses, methods #2 and #3 are often more profitable and much easier than method #1. In my online Blackdragon business for example, I took three years and focused purely on methods #2 and #3 (during the Optimization Phase of that business). During that time, I increased the income from that business by more than seven times even though the average traffic to many of my websites went down (as part of an overall downward trend for most PUA / Red Pill sites over that time). Granted, this is just one example and many businesses wouldn’t work that way, but it shows how important methods #2 and #3 are. 

Here are some examples of these three methods. 

Increase the number of customers 

- Increase your cold marketing (online or offline or both) 

- Increase your cold sales efforts (using your own efforts or salespeople) 

- Increase your exposure (publicity, social media, etc.) 

- Increase your word of mouth referrals 

Increase the average size of a sale 

- Include upsell and/or downsell offers 

- Introduce more bundle offers 

- Raise your prices 

Increase the number of repeat sales from existing customers 

- Revamp and/or improve the quality of your products/services so existing customers are more likely to buy other products/services from you 

- Offer special discounts to existing customers 

- Create more products and services for your existing customers to purchase based on what they ask for

- Sell ongoing continuity programs, products, or services instead of one-off products or services 

These are all just examples. There are many more of these subcategories under each method. Your marketing plan should include multiple techniques under each of the three methods to increase sales. There’s no reason not to (unless you already make all the money you’ll ever want to make). 

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