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The Ultimate Online Dating Manual – updated for the 2020s is still available over the weekend until Monday night. Here are a few questions and other items that have come up, with their answers:

1. Some guys, not most, but a few are experiencing a little lag time between when they get their email with the download links. If you order the book (either option) and you get the invoice email but don’t get the link email, wait another 15-20 minutes and the download email will arrive.

2. For those of you getting the Online Dating Group Coaching Session (the second pricing option for the book) we don’t yet have a date for this, but it will definitely be in December before the end of the month. You’ll get an email with the Zoom link for the meeting so be on the watch for that.

Question: Does the book cover Instagram game?

Yes. It covers both types of Instagram game, meaning it covers using it as a mechanism to maintain pre-date contact to bounce a woman from a dating app and as a place to actually meet women online as a front-line app.

At 8 p.m. EST on Monday night we remove the book from the shopping cart and it will no longer be available. Click here to get it before then.

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