Final Warning – 30 Minutes Left To Get The Ultimate Online Dating Manual

This is it, the last warning and your last chance to get The Ultimate Online Dating Manual – updated for the 2020s. In exactly 30 minutes I shut off the shopping cart and it will NOT be available anymore, in any form.

Click here to get it. Last chance.

2 Comments on “Final Warning – 30 Minutes Left To Get The Ultimate Online Dating Manual

  1. I feel like this is an example of how your marketing strategy of limiting the amount of time someone can access your sale failed.  I was too busy to know about your sale until after it took place.  However I assume this book will be available again some day.

  2. For all of you guys who bitch and moan and complain that I notify you too often of these book or course launches, numerous times over a several-week period, please take a note of the above comment. Now you know why I do that.

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