Alpha Male 2.0 works for any man aged 18 to 79. Here are some results other men have seen in their lives by adopting these lifestyle models...

K.U. Says…

“Before investing in Caleb’s coaching, I was unemployed, in-debt, and broke. Six months later, with no previous sales experience, I am one of the top 10 in sales for my company after generating $45,000 in profit. I am now on my way to being debt-free as my earnings increase as a result of implementing Caleb’s

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Y.G. Says…

“Guys! If you want to improve your financial and women’s life, don’t look further. SMIC is one of the best programs to join. With the help of Caleb and the members, I managed to get out of a long term relationship which was going nowhere and starting an amazing relationship with my 2 years old

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Chris Says…

“I’ve found the SMIC program, and especially the podcasts and 1:1 monthly coaching with Caleb to be extremely useful. You get out of it what you put into it, and for me my initial focus was on getting better with women, having just got out of a long term relationship with lots of drama. I

Chris Says

James W. Says…

“I’ve been reading Caleb’s articles and forum posts since 2011. His relationship lifestyle (dating multiple women simultaneously) is one that I’ve been looking to emulate, with mixed results, since I bought his online dating eBook way back then. I love to read, and since 2011 I got a bit overwhelmed with all the information out

James W. Says…

A.M. Says…

“Caleb’s material has resonated with me since I first read his Caleb articles. Caleb offers a practical and pragmatic goal-oriented approach to life. The SMIC program is a vault of knowledge and resources. Between the podcasts and past teleconferences, Caleb offers valuable insights into a vast array of business and seduction subjects with real performance

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D. D Says…

Caleb, I just wanted to get in touch again briefly to share another success story that resulted directly from my application of what you teach. There is this incredible girl in my life. Several months ago we had to separate for environmental, not personal reasons. It was incredibly tough on me at the time and

D. D Says

C.G. Says…

When I first discovered Caleb’s/Black dragon blog it really caught my attention I had a bit of skepticism at first but went ahead and implemented his strategies towards women and dating and his techniques totally worked. After reading his Unchained Man book I realised his practical no B.S. approach to success in all areas of

C.G. Says

P.S. Says…

I’m 49 years old and had already read all Caleb’s books and blogs, but the coaching experience offered an entirely new level.  I’ve had life coaching before, but no other life coach provided anywhere near the practical and actionable advice I got here.  Caleb answered my personal, detailed, specific questions via email and weekly Skype

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JB – Age 22

This story begins with a young man, 22 years old northern-European boy that had been fat his whole life. Although very socially skilled, I had close to none experience with women, despite a relationship back when I was only 16 where I, completely betaized, had fallen in love with a girl who knew she had

JB - Age 22

Eric from Montreal – Married Business Owner

I admit, over the last decade or so, I was fully beta male even if I had my own company. Of course, I didn’t know it then: I was living the way I was raised to be and my wife was slowly drifting away from me. We even got separated on quite a few occasions

Eric from Montreal - Married Business Owner

Oliver – College Student

It all started around 2012, I was at a family reunion and in typical beta fashion, complaining about my lack of dating success, aka: not manning up. My brother, a typical Alpha 1.0 male takes a sip of his beer, looks at me and says, “Well, have you tried not being a little bitch about

Oliver - College Student

POB – Early 30s

I’m almost 18 and soon I’ll be off to college. Damn, it’s so hard to be tall and skinny. Sure working out is making me feel and look better, but I wish I had at least 30 more pounds of muscle. Maybe that could help me score some chicks because being shy and introvert is

POB - Early 30s

David – Age 18

It was 9 months of our relationship full of drama, love, passion, arguments, fights. While coming up with all kinds of excuses why I shouldn’t do it and how I could fix unfixable, this time I was sure and I decided to end it. I broke up with her. After hearing it she wasn’t really

David - Age 18

PolyOz – Early 30s Divorcee

I first found out about Blackdragon from my then wife. Her date at the time had mentioned the site to her, and given all the things that she knew that I was dealing with she passed on the details knowing that it was exactly what I was looking for… Flashback 2 years earlier: I was

PolyOz - Early 30s Divorcee

Alex – Age 20

I’m writing this to show guys what’s possible when you actually try and just how achievable your goals regarding women are. I’ve come a long way, especially when I compare myself to what I was like back then. The possibilities are endless, and some of the situations I find myself in are incredible. Here is

Alex - Age 20

BestofManosphere – Business Owner

I’m a 36 year old self-employed data consultant living in Europe. My story begins in university, penniless and pretty clueless like just about everyone else. However I thankfully had the sense/luck to pick a field that (1) I had an aptitude for and (2) had strong career prospects (Computer Science & Economics). As such, I

BestofManosphere - Business Owner

Bogdan – Age 22

My name is Bogdan, and I am a 22 year old guy who lives in Arad, Romania and I am a med student . Until one year ago, I used to be the typical shy guy who has had a girlfriend for 6 years already (yes, my first and only woman). My life used to

Bogdan - Age 22

Mario – Late 30s

A few years ago I was a typical American suburbanite. A college-educated, white-collar, upper middle-class bro. Working as a “Trust Investment Manager’ for a major American bank. Sounds fancy, right? It paid generously, yes. Good benefits, too. But the reality? I was miserable. The job was super-easy, cushy, no real challenge. And I hated the

Mario - Late 30s

BH – Age 40 Divorcee

I was the stereotypical 40yr old. Beta male trapped in a loveless sexless marriage for 12 years. Staying together “for the kids”. It wasn’t always this way. Before marriage I dated a lot and had crazy times. But the Societal Programming was strong and I knew I had to “grow up” and “settle down”. I

BH - Age 40 Divorcee

Victor – Married Guy

About 4 years ago, on a business trip in Geneva, I was doing what I normally do on a business trip: jerking off in my hotel room. This time was different, as a thought interrupted me: “What… the… fuck? Here I am, in one of the best countries in the world, and I’m wasting it

Victor - Married Guy

Cowboy – Age 46 Divorcee

How BD got me laid over and over again… I was a great husband and an involved father. I had married the 5th woman I had sex with and had little experience dating and had never had sex outside of a relationship. I was a beta pussy. My hot wife got sick of fucking me

Cowboy - Age 46 Divorcee

BadRain – Age 22

I’m BadRain and I’d like to share my ”Alpha 2.0 Success Story”. How does one even start a story like this? There is no script for such things, as we all know how “socially unacceptable” the following lines will be. Ok, let’s do it like this: I am a pretty young dude, 22, to be

BadRain - Age 22

“B” – Age 60 Divorcee

I did the usual thing years ago, had a sales job, got married, raised a family, was a good hubby and father. During that time I made some money, bought a farm and eventually transitioned to becoming a full time farmer. The marriage was odd, I didn’t know any different but figured it out later.

“B” - Age 60 Divorcee