“B” – Age 60 Divorcee

I did the usual thing years ago, had a sales job, got married, raised a family, was a good
hubby and father. During that time I made some money, bought a farm and eventually
transitioned to becoming a full time farmer.
The marriage was odd, I didn’t know any different but figured it out later. The pivotal
event that made sense of it all was when my seemingly PMS, bipolar ish wife confided she had
been abused by her father as a kid. This was 17 years into what turned out to be a 20 year
marriage, despite my suggestions, she did not seek any counseling. This type of thing
MANDATES professional help, I can fix all sorts of things, not this.
So bottom line, I was doomed no matter what I did.
My impression of women and the various relationships I observed around me led me to
believe I was going to live out my life as a Monk, after the divorce I had my freedom but it
looked bleak as far as female companionship was concerned .
Luckily the farm economy took off, in a year or two my income and balance sheet did not
give a clue of what the divorce cost me, growing corn was like printing money!
At the suggestion of my twenty something daughter I tried out online dating, there aren’t
many single women in the countryside, but I’m close enough to some college towns with good
economies and Chicago that it turned out there were large quantities of women, quality yet to be

I was wrong, women were NOT all crazy, overweight bitches. Just like so many other
things that the 80/20 rule applies to, 20% of the women I saw on line were in my strike zone
which isn’t a bad strike zone to have.
Me – I’m lucky in that I’ve never had a weight problem, am tall and lanky, have a couple
of college degrees. I have a good occupation with plenty of off time, I am a intellectual farmer
with some Renaissance tendencies. Even at 60 years old now I still am in really good shape, have
been playing the field for ten years post separation and divorce.
My activities include still playing a mean game of full court basket ball with the late teen
and twenties guys, being 6’3″ and still dunking doesn’t hurt.
Years ago I got into competitive sailing on the Great Lakes with my Tartan Ten, these
days I Solo race, actually own the solo race record from Chicago to Port Huron and back, 1,200
miles of some very scary weather and waves in between beginning and end, not to mention the
ore carrying Lakers that I crossed paths with too often in the fog and dark.
The women haven’t all been online. As my confidence and social skills proved I’ve
extended the pool, mostly from just being around, great women are everywhere.
My type is almost always educated, pretty, nice figures, athletic, good professional jobs,
active, vivacious. My competition doesn’t seem to exist, most single guys just don’t seem to have
a whole lot going for them which puts the odds heavily in my favor.
No matter your age my suggestions are to be in good shape , have interesting activities,
have income enough that you can live independently and freely, living with your parents is NOT
an option.
It’s not that hard, you have to have a plan and make it happen.
Gentlemen don’t tell is the saying but I’m a bit of a bad boy, I’ll give a glimpse into my
love life.
I had a home town honey, great gal but not into making live beyond a couple of times a
week. On the other hand I am blessed. So I worked the field, came up with a Chicago cutie for
when I was in town for sailing or working on the boat.
This pretty as hell gal was also 6′ 3″, nice bod, nice perky C breasts, great ass, of course
long legs with a nice tight ass, did I mention she was a wonderful fuck too?
I remember the morning she joined me in her shower in her. She looked me in the eyes
and inquired if SHE was the only one. There she was with her sexy wet wavy hair plastered
down the sides of her face framing her blue eyes. Water was streaming down her chest, we were
nose to nose.
What could I do? I told her that of course she was the only one, she smiled and lifter her
knee and pressed her body into mine at which time I entered her nice tight no kids pussy, she was
Oh life is great, I could go on with lots of stories, there’s the gyno, architect, NPR show
producer, sailor girl one, sailor girl two, the nurse practitioner , a few divorcees who don’t work
but have big bucks from their settlements. There is the tall farm gal out in Iowa, teachers a few…
Get the drift?
Of course there have been some ups and downs. The downs are very small, I just go on
and find more, I can’t elaborate how much fun it is.
Get some game on guys, give guys like me some competition, there’s room for you!