BadRain – Age 22

I’m BadRain and I’d like to share my ”Alpha 2.0 Success Story”. How does one even
start a story like this? There is no script for such things, as we all know how “socially
unacceptable” the following lines will be. Ok, let’s do it like this: I am a pretty young dude, 22,
to be precise and I live in Denmark. I already skipped a big part of my story, so let’s see how I
“ended up” where I am right now.
I was born in Eastern Europe (let the Stereotypes Game begin), Romania, which is a
beautiful but very dumb country that never really felt like “home” for me. I was a pretty
charismatic, extroverted teenager with loads (and I mean, loaaads) of SP (societal programming)
and Disney in my system. At one point I get a typical girlfriend, who felt like The One TM and
after the NRE (new relationship energy) fades, oh boy, the drama starts.
Being practically raised by a single mother and also possessing loads of Disney, you can
do the math and realize I ended up being a pussy beta. The thing goes on and on until I realize
I’m doing something totally wrong, both in my love/social and financial life. If I would want to
isolate a specific skill that helped me a lot already, that would be the ability to somehow step
back and analyze a situation I’m in and make a rational decision that would make me happy. The
interesting thing is that it doesn’t happen right after it is too late, when you can only apply Zero-
Based Thinking, but rather while it’s still “warm”.
The way my weird ability helped me this time was that I started planning and putting
money aside for about 1 year, for my departure to Denmark. Oh, did I forget to mention I turned
into a Needy Alpha? I started hanging out with cool, interesting and mostly international people
while slowly regaining my freedom and all that was suppressed by the beta-male state. No one
really believed I can pull this off, coming from a rather poor family (N.B, in fucking Eastern
Europe) and considering no one from my family ever managed to “turn their life around”. I knew
very well that the first months after my arrival would probably be the hardest ones I’ve ever had
or even have from now on. I was already enrolled in a university and even more than that, I got
past the hardest part of it and there’s another reason why I was being “stupid” and “irrational”
for even thinking about “leaving everything behind” and moving to Denmark.
I didn’t care, even for a second; it was everything I was thinking about, literally. I was
dreaming about it, spending hours on Google Maps, trying to picture what it would be like when
I’d be walking down those streets. Maybe due to the fact I was so crazy about it, I managed to
pull it off, I had the money, I had the paperwork done for my new Danish University, got
accepted and bought the bus ticket. A few weeks later, I’m about to board the bus and my family
still couldn’t believe I was actually going. I get here and I work the worst possible Danish jobs,
while learning the Danish language. Being a needy Alpha, I still had my girlfriend, whom I
“managed” to bring with me. We lived in a single room apartment, although deep inside I knew
that was a stupid idea. The drama starts again, once again proving Blackdragon’s observations
about relationships, although I was now “wearing the pants” in my relationship. Now, fast
forward a couple of months and then my favorite skill strikes again, making me start reading
about relationships and even questioning my basic beliefs.
One day, I stumble upon Blackdragon’s blog and that was the moment when my life
changed radically once again. The seed was planted, it just needed a bit of time to grow, as the
soil, nutrients and water were already in place. Once again, I start thinking about Blackdragon’s
concepts all the time and one day, and I mean it, one day, something just clicked in my head. I
was going to do this thing, no matter what it would take, my long term happiness comes first
(thanks to Blackdragon). I decide to break up with my girlfriend and move the hell out of that
place, although that implied some serious stuff.
First of all, I needed loads of cash that wouldn’t come from my family nor from my own
salary as I wasn’t earning enough. Knowing there’s no way around this, I took a night job (which
was hard to find) for a while and couldn’t attend university during the day, but hey, that was the
price I had to pay for my freedom. After a while, I finally have all the money I need to move out
and I do it! I move in a little room, but who cares, it was all mine. For the first time in my life I
had my own sanctuary where I could do whatever I want to do, although it felt weird at first, like
for a bird that can’t even fly anymore after so much time spent in a cage. I also finally had the
opportunity to live my Alpha 2.0 life, so, here I am, starting to implement the things Blackdragon
was doing and not only fantasize about it. I start going out as night-game seemed natural for me,
considering I never had problems getting girls to “like” me. The only thing I had to do was to
make them like me the way they’d like an Alpha 2.0.
It didn’t take long before I got some typical PUA (pick-up artist) action but I knew that
wasn’t enough for me and I have to step it up. I somehow end up in another town once, for the
first time in my life, having a first-date with a super hot, blond and taller than me danish girl. I
played it perfectly and I still have no idea how, it must have been make-believe as my frame was
on point, but it wasn’t backed up by any achievement, YET! Long story short, we have sex that
night and she was amazed; little did she know I was the same!
She becomes my MLTR (multiple long-term relationship) and I get some FB (fuck
buddy) shortly after. Blackdragon’s “predictions” amazed me once again when she LSNFTEd
me (Long Soft Next For Temporary Exclusivity) while moving to another city to study. I started
getting more and more first dates until it became second nature and got more girls.
So here I am now, practically living my dream while writing these words. I hope this is
constructive and can inspire tons of guys, because I know it already helped me; it made me see
I’m in my comfort zone, again, this time speaking fluent Danish and being totally independent
and free. I have to push myself again towards my Mission and long term goals…ups, my
“ability” is manifesting again.