Bogdan – Age 22

My name is Bogdan, and I am a 22 year old guy who lives in Arad, Romania and I am a
med student . Until one year ago, I used to be the typical shy guy who has had a girlfriend for 6
years already (yes, my first and only woman). My life used to orbit around going to college,
studying as much as possible, which was a good thing, and pleasing my girlfriend and of course
obeying her, making sure I miss all the occasions to talk to other girls, since I had my one and
only sweetheart. I got together with her when I was around 14 years old, a child full of hormones
and with no idea what a woman is and how she behaves. We’ve been together in high-school,
until last year when we broke up (she cheated on me of course). During our relationship we’ve
broken up 3 times, and in all three times the reason for breaking up was her cheating on me (yes,
I know, what an idiot).
During our relationship I used to buy her presents, in the beginning, they were small
presents, tokens of my “love” for her. As time passed I started make more expensive gifts, such
as golden rings, earrings, necklaces, perfumes and stuff like that. We used to spend a lot of time
together, and In the last 2 years of our relationship, we had a long-distance relationship (I guess
she must have cheated on me more than 3 times), and every night we used to talk on Skype.
During the holidays she would stay at my place, eat at my table, use my resources, and of course,
in exchange she would let me get some pussy from time to time; in fact she wanted to have sex
many times but I was so bored with her that I had to think of other girls while having sex, just to
keep my erection. I was too scared to break up with her, because I would not find another girl
like her. I was not allowed to talk with other girls, because she immediately presumed I fuck
those girls. I wasn’t allowed to go out with my friends, but I was obliged to go out with her and
her friends. I had some moments of rebellion in me, but she would usually put my to my knees.
Not to mention I had to go visit her daddy with her like almost every day, and as the fool I was, I
did it.
So as a summary, I spent a lot of cash on her, gave up my freedom, my beliefs, my
friends, just for the sake of having a special girlfriend. I forgot to add that I lost my dignity,
accepting her back after cheating on me so many times… And as a result, a year ago, she cheated
on me again, and we broke up. I was so devastated, until a friend of mine has shown me this site
(at the beginning I thought everything that I read here is garbage, because you can’t treat a
woman like this, you have to be good to her, have on girl for the rest of your life, make a family,
grow old together). I started applying what I’ve read here; first times, I failed big time, I could
barely open my mouth and say something to a girl, because I was never in the game, having my
“sweet girl”. I thought I should give up, because I am not made for this, and I can’t get a girl,
whatever I may do. I started reading some PUA things, and started approaching on the street;
first approach, a fiasco. The second one went better, got her Facebook ID, but she deleted me 2
days later. Although she deleted me, I had a boost of confidence, seeing that I can talk with girls
I have never met before. I started doing this on a regular basis, and to my surprise I managed to
get some Facebook ids and some numbers, although nothing went further. I started asking out
girls from my college, many rejecting me, but some did really like me. Although they liked me, I
still lacked the good technique. I’ve applied everything I read here: being 5 minutes late, kino,
looking into her eyes, sex talk, relax posture, everything; nothing happened.
During the summer holiday I used to go out roller-skating every day and do approaches
in the park. I began to be more confident with each approach I made, but still, I didn’t get laid.
Even so, I continued to do it. I managed to kiss some of them, on the second date, but I could not
make them “seal the deal”. I think my neediness was showing, and that is what brought me my
October was here, so I started college. One day a colleague of mine, whom I’ve asked out
in the spring but refused me called me to her place to drink some wine. I wasn’t expecting
anything, because she rejected me a few months ago and she also had a boyfriend, but I went to
her place. We drank a few glasses of wine, and we started talking about sex when she proposed
out of nowhere, for us to be friends with benefits. When I heard this, my mind went crazy, but I
managed to keep it cool (very hard) and in that night we had sex twice. After that we had sex a
few more times, but a few days ago she told me she wants to stop because she started falling in
love with me (I was taken aback by her woman logic, but I was alright with it, because I felt
good only if she felt good doing that). Did I mention she had a boyfriend while fucking me?
Alas, we stopped fucking, but she gave me the keys to her apartment to take care of some flower.
2 weeks ago I met a cute girl, a nurse to be, and I’ve asked for her contacts and she gave
me her FB id. We went out, felt really good, applied the techniques and she was very responsive.
We’ve met a 2nd time one week later then I managed to take her to the other chick’s apartment
(she was out of town) and there we made out, got a taste of her nice titties but nothing more. Two
days later I’ve asked her to go watch a movie at the apartment (yep, a cliché, but she accepted).
There we started getting busy, but she was reluctant on having sex because it was not the time,
she didn’t want to do it (yea sure, her body was giving signals clearer than spring water). I
started applying my anatomical knowledge on sensitive zones on the body ( thank you anatomy!)
and in the end she gave in, and we had a hell of a time. It was a personal record for me from zero
to sex in only 2 weeks. Of course, my technique is far from being perfect and I still need to work
on many aspects, but I’ve come a long way in only one year: from that shy guy who was under
his GF’s boot, to getting laid to hot girls (even though they were only two). I plan on hooking her
up, and get one more besides her, because it is time consuming and I also play the bass guitar, do
tai chi and exercise. I really love my life now.