Cowboy – Age 46 Divorcee

How BD got me laid over and over again…
I was a great husband and an involved father. I had married the 5th woman I had sex with
and had little experience dating and had never had sex outside of a relationship. I was a beta
pussy. My hot wife got sick of fucking me and cheated repeatedly. She treated me like shit. I
grew a pair and divorced her.
Around that time my marriage went to shit, I read the Game and started reading dating forums
online. I discovered BD and his online dating advice. I’m generally shy and introverted, so
online dating is perfect for me. I started with POF and OKC and now have hooks in many places
(OKC, Bumble, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, J Swipe, Happn). BD also helped me realize
the possibility of dating much younger women.
I’m of average looks. But I’m fairly tall (6’2”) and I keep myself in good shape. I started
Crossfit right before the break up of my marriage and with it dropped body fat and increased
muscle mass. It’s great to hook up with a college student and have her tell you that you have a
better body than the college boys she dates. I have an awesome main profile picture I use on all
the sites. I try to dress well, and keep a nicely trimmed beard and keep my hair tidy. I do a cheap
first date: meet for drinks, a walk in a park or on the beach, or coffee. Occasionally I have done
lunch and in rare cases dinner. If they don’t come home with me on the first date, something I’ve
started always asking, I invite them over, usually for dinner that I cook, and then seal the deal on
the second date. Some hold out and depending how hot the chick is, I may go to a third or fourth
date, but many won’t get a third date if they don’t have sex with me on date two. I make an effort
to talk about sex and to start touching and accelerate it. If I have a date nowhere near my house, I
try to have some sort of logistical plan of where to go to have sex. It seems that many girls who
aren’t comfortable bringing you home for sex, will go to a hotel room or even your back seat for
I’m now 46, and have been single for 4 years. I’ve had many hook ups, FB’s, and a few
MLTR’s in this time. I put in the numbers and have approached dating as another job. Things
started slowly. My rebound girl was a woman from work…a mistake I won’t make again. I’ve
since hooked up with some I met at work, but only if they are about to move away or we no
longer work together.
Overall, I’ve had sex with 76 women since we split up. Seven the first year, 14 the next,
19 the next, and 36 in 2015. Overall, 12 (15%) I met organically: 3 from work, a hook up with an
old friend from college, a girl who set next to me on a flight that was delayed so we both missed
our connections, 3 through the charity event I founded and run (great to have a meaningful
mission!), one was a set up from a girl I had previously dated (the only set up that has led to sex
for me), and one was a girl who was serving my kids and I ice cream. I’ve gone on roughly 230
first dates meaning that I fuck one out of every three girls I go out with. The average age has
been 28, roughly 20 years younger than me, and the girls have ranged in age from 18-45.
Online dating in 2015 was a huge success. As I mentioned above, I had sex with 36
women last year. Some of these women were merely hook ups because they were passing
through my town or me through theirs. Some were ONS by me, and many by them. Some
became ongoing FB’s and one became a LTOR. The average girl I hooked up with in 2015 was
29 and on average we had sex after 1.7 dates. There were two 18 year olds. One of the 36 girls
was the set-up but the rest were from online dating. Some were regrettable. Others, top notch.
Last year I went out with three of slight fame. One was a former model (now 33) who had been
on the cover of Vogue and the Victoria’s secret catalog. Another is on a reality TV show and had
people stop her in the street for photos and autographs. Yet another had been in the pages of
FHM. I had sex with one of those three, and made out with the other two — the same ratio as all
the girls. All three I met through on-line dating. I had sex with girls I met online while traveling.
Two in my small, college town, home town, two in New York City two in Lima, Peru, and one in
Rome. Again, I met all of them through on-line dating.
In summary, by following BD’s advice I have been crushing it with on-line dating, both
at home, and when on the road, even though response rates have dropped.