D. D Says…

Caleb, I just wanted to get in touch again briefly to share another success story that resulted directly from my application of what you teach.

There is this incredible girl in my life. Several months ago we had to separate for environmental, not personal reasons. It was incredibly tough on me at the time and the temptation to get back in touch with her was extremely high. But I remembered your advice and I followed it, as difficult as it was about not getting in touch with her for the next five or six months, and refocusing myself on my mission and my business. Both of which I did. Many times I almost crumbled, but I remembered your advice and over time it got easier and easier to let go of the past. About eight months passed, and two weeks ago she got back in touch casually and we’ve been bantering and sending some meme’s back-and-forth. Two days ago out of the blue, she texts me to tell me that I should invite her over or book a hotel room and she wants to have a casual sexual relationship with me. This was unexpected, and this has never happened to me before so I took a few hours to gather myself up and think about what you would do in this situation, and played it cool and sorted logistics and didn’t get sappy or needy.

This girl is incredible, man. I seriously see myself building a future with her and our relationship has always been joyful, happy, and openly nonmonogamous. She and I have talked about kids and where we would like to live in the future, and we’re both on the same page. I have no doubt at all that one day this girl will be an OLTR. What you teach in both technique and attitude has been essential to my success at every step of this process. Doing it felt counter-intuitive at first, but these are the results of implementing your work. In the meantime, I have been working hard on my business, built a successful rotation of three other FWB’s and have been loving life in a way that would have seemed impossible to me just a few months ago.

What you do and what you teach is saving lives and there should be a statue of you in every town in America.

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