JB – Age 22

This story begins with a young man, 22 years old northern-European boy that had been
fat his whole life. Although very socially skilled, I had close to none experience with women,
despite a relationship back when I was only 16 where I, completely betaized, had fallen in love
with a girl who knew she had me in a short leash (since I couldn’t get anything else). At 22 years
old, with only beginning insight into the manosphere, I decided that enough was enough. I had
unfortunately fallen in love with another girl, which for any beta is always a factor to make some
changes. I started with one of those high-protein powder diets, knowing that it was just to rid me
of all habits – for any low-willpowered man, beginning with a strict set of rules is the best way
not to fall off the wagon. After this, I started eating only extremely healthy foods and exercising
vigorously. This way, I lost 60 kilos / 132 pounds in just 6 months. During this journey, I
realized that I didn’t lose the weight to get the girl – I did it for ME. And lo and behold, after the
first 30 kilos she wanted to be my girlfriend. At first, things were of course satisfying, like any
NRE feels in every relationship. But as things progressed, the Not Like The RestTM turned out to
be Just Like The Rest But a Little BetterTM. The occasional no-sense drama started, and as the
newly confident boyfriend I was still somewhere between Beta and Alpha 1.0, not knowing
whether to apologize or tell her to shut it.

What pushed me out after a few years (at 24 years old) was of course that my new insight
into the manosphere, and me building myself a traditional Alpha male 1.0 image, made me shine
with confidence and thus let other girls to start actively wanting my company (Good old
Outcome Independence). There was one girl who had found me especially interesting and
therefore at first didn’t mind being my thing on the side. As any other Alpha 1.0, I of course
couldn’t resist, and was standing in limbo between feeling mighty for having two girls, but
feeling unhappy because I had promised monogamy and broke that promise.
Like with any good NRE, it drove me towards the new girl, and one day I ended up
having to break up with my girlfriend and going through all the hardships of a breakup with
someone who you live with and share your things with.

With my newfound superpower of being able to get girls, I did what you would expect –
engage in serial monogamy with the occasional cheating. As a young man, my game scene was
(and is) the night game. I went in and out of relationships – but my ways seemed to attract
women anyway. However, as is for all serial monogamists and cheating Alpha 1.0s, the
satisfaction of having tons of women did not outweigh the downfalls of feeling guilty for
cheating as well as the breakup talks that always followed when I’d upgraded to the latest model.
One day, having these 3-4 girls in the grinder, about to promise whatever would hold
them to me, I came across the Blackdragon name in the manosphere (I have no idea what took so
long). I bought the book, and after reading, I realized how well I’d been standing on both the
Beta and Alpha 1.0 side of the coin.
Had I known life could be so simple, I had lost the weight and started doing this years
I started setting some short, long and lifelong goals. Made myself clear what my life
Mission was, and how I would achieve it. I made my life have a very important purpose, and laid
clear the path ahead. Ican’t count how many times afterwards I’ve heard the “I have never ever met a guy like you who
knows exactly what he knows in life, and not only knows how to get there but is actively
working on it every day” speech from girls.
I followed the words by the book – Perfectly calibrating Outcome Independence, frame
and player / caretaker vibe, while keeping procrastinating any relationship “talk”. Even one of
my ex girlfriends came back – and after telling her my lifestyle had changed, she still did not
mind me seeing other girls.
For a long time (Within the first two weeks!) I started up MLTR relationships with three
girls, all knowing from my vibe that I saw other girls. I ate up all the tips and ideas I could so as
to maintain a poly frame – and only one girl gave me drama. My former newfound self would go
Alpha 1.0 grunt on her, telling her how to behave and inviting all sorts of drama into the
relationship. However, even on the first try using the Alpha 2.0 technique, I first calmly told her
that I did not care for drama, and that if she had some real concerns she was welcome to air them
but that I would not entertain any unreasonable comments on my persona. Had I known the
effects of this technique, I would have used it extensively throughout my life. She apologized,
saying that she was just feeling bad because she did not feel like I cared enough about her
(Meaning I was doing things right!). One of the other girls told me: “I would sometimes like to
complain about you, but I know you would just leave if I did”. The same girl later told me “I am
feeling like I should tell you that you can’t see other girls, but that’s not how I really fell. I love
you either way”. This confirmed everything I had learned – girls understand better than anything
that it’s about what you don’t tell them rather than what you do, that girls are clearly open to
MLTR relationships and most importantly – they do feel the SP but can choose to ignore it if
your frame is strong enough.
Beside these three girls, who I could see whenever I wanted (and who, for the most part,
were not with other guys), I was of course free to enjoy whatever else I wanted. So it came with
lots of kissing girls before I’d said a word to them, the occasional ONS, inviting some FBs into
my life as well and in general just seeing how things could progress.
I’m going to go out on a limb and say this: I don’t think I have ever felt that girls cared so
much for me as when I converted to the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle. I, while spending my time
completely the way I felt like it, had girls messaging me all day long, had sex more than one time
a day, sometimes with more than one girl a day. All the girls were of course fighting for my
attention – without the drama. Lots of girls in relationships told me how much they’d call me the
second they broke up.
I’m living my life exactly how I want, doing what I want, and the girls all want to be
there for the ride.