Mario – Late 30s

A few years ago I was a typical American suburbanite. A college-educated, white-collar,
upper middle-class bro. Working as a “Trust Investment Manager’ for a major American bank.
Sounds fancy, right? It paid generously, yes. Good benefits, too. But the reality? I was miserable.
The job was super-easy, cushy, no real challenge. And I hated the cubicle, I hated being a wage-
slave, hated paying my mortgage. All the normalcy was stifling, you know? I felt the pressure
building. Dissatisfaction growing. I wasn’t just tired of my suburban life… I was also
specifically bored with the girl I was dating. Not only did I think I could do better, but she was
also a co-worker. I knew the situation was a disaster waiting to happen. I needed a solution, fast.
So one afternoon, bored at work again, I Googled this question: ‘How can I get laid
online?’ And the rest, as they say, is history. That search led me straight to the old Sedfast
Forums. And it was like going down the rabbit hole. The forum itself was chock full of eye-
opening info, of course. But that was only the start.
Through SedFast, I was introduced to the Manosphere, the Red Pill, the Alt- Right. The
Misandry Bubble, Chateau Heartiste, RooshV, and all the others. I learned a lot from those guys,
sure. But there was one voice that stood out. Blackdragon.
His work resonated with me for several reasons. We’re both around the same age, we
both grew up on the West Coast, and we’re both INTJs. His introverted dating style was
attractive, it made sense to me. Still though, Blackdragon was preaching some pretty crazy stuff!
Dating very young women as an older guy? Dating multiple girls at once WITH their consent?
What the hell? I didn’t know men could do such things! And so at first, honestly, I didn’t quite
believe him. I figured his more radical stuff was exaggerated. But I kept reading BD’s content.
And he eventually won me over.
So I changed my mind, splurged, and bought his complete book series. Pricey, yes. But
the information was gold. The books blew my mind, they literally changed my life. With BD’s
guidance, I filled in key missing parts of my Game. Here are the vital areas where BD helped the
most: Online Dating After consuming BD’s books, I went on an online dating rampage. As of
this writing, I’ve been on over 100 first dates, mostly using the BD online dating system
guidelines. I had great success online, and banged dozens of girls.
All that time in the trenches was invaluable, and it ultimately led to me creating my blog!
But I wasn’t just going on a lot of dates, I was going on dates with…

Very Young Women

This is probably the most significant level-up to my game. Before reading BD’s stuff? I
mostly dated girls my age. But then BD taught me how to date women MUCH younger than me.
Now, I consistently date women aged 18-23. And that has vastly improved the quality of my life.

Ethical Harem Management

BD also showed me how to date multiple women. And he taught me how to do it the
right way, ethically, without lies. An honest, properly managed harem IS attainable, if you know
what you’re doing. And I know from experience…having multiple girls on rotation simply
makes life more fun!

Relationship Game

Today, I’ve calmed down a bit, I’m actually in a relationship. But I’m still using BD
tactics. How? Well, my current girlfriend is 17 years younger than me. But true to BD’s
teachings, I never promised her monogamy. So now, I’ve got the best of both worlds. A strong
relationship with a much younger girlfriend who ‘allows’ me to sleep with other girls, when I
feel like it.


Oh, and of course all that ‘radical’ thinking about women bled into other life areas, too! I
built my ‘fuck-you’ fund. Ditched that soul-sucking corporate bank job. Started making money
online. Sold my house and truck. Got rid of all my stuff. And moved to Medellin, Colombia.
Would I have made these changes without BD’s influence? Likely. But there’s no denying his
advice helped accelerate my evolution. So thanks for sharing your wisdom, BD. You’re doing
great work. Keep it up.