Oliver – College Student

It all started around 2012, I was at a family reunion and in typical beta fashion,
complaining about my lack of dating success, aka: not manning up. My brother, a typical Alpha
1.0 male takes a sip of his beer, looks at me and says, “Well, have you tried not being a little
bitch about it?”
That was the last day I was 100% beta, and every day since then I’ve made attempts to
embrace and become Alpha 2.0, or as my friend Jeff and I have dubbed it “BDS” for
“Blackdragon Style.”
That summer I began to go to the gym consistently and when school got back into session, I had
gained 15lb of solid muscle. So I proudly strode onto campus 6’3” 175lbs, and 22 years old, I
began to as I had previous years, talk to as many female classmates as I could.
I had no success, though a few came very close, mainly almost banging a smoking hot 28
year old redhead, which I majorly screwed up by voicing a very particular political opinion in
class, that she completely disagreed with. This to date was the first and last time I ever brought
up politics with a woman.
With no major success I was fairly bummed, and by the end of the school year, I had
secured a new job, and moved to Boston from the hellhole that was Maine. Time passed and I
made two new friends at my new job. However, one of them was a male feminist who quickly
got on my nerves and tried lecturing me on how “feminism will solve everything” and “your
privilege is so great you don’t even know it.” The second one was an Alpha 1.0 who thought
being a genuine douchebag translated to “confidence” and would try to insult people at any
chance he got. Finally, I told him to stop, and he did, for a week, then he resumed it. So I
dropped him as a friend, told the male feminist that he was essentially a human doormat and got
hired at my current job which I love!
Then a few months ago I got back in touch with one of my friends from college, John,
who had moved out to California and was now directing music videos and commercials for a
living. We got to shooting the shit and he started telling me the story of some pretentious trust
fund baby who he took a film class with. I mentioned to him that I majored in Media and
Communications with a concentration in film and suggest “Hey, wanna make a movie?” “Sure, I
run my own production company so we’ve already got the hardest part out of the way.” Eight
weeks later he was over at my apartment and we set out to scout locations, which we finished in
a day, complete with photographs, notes, etc. Over the next few weeks I finished the script and
sent it off to John. I’ll be getting the marked up version of it next week to fully edit and punch
Once that is finished, I will have accomplished one of my biggest goals ever, to write a
professional quality screenplay. If we’re able to secure the $5 million to shoot it (a paltry sum for
a film) then I will have accomplished my biggest goal in life; to produce a movie that is released
to the public. I have still have a ways to go in the women, and gym department but I can say with
a proud face that I am very close to accomplishing the biggest goal of my life.