POB – Early 30s

I’m almost 18 and soon I’ll be off to college. Damn, it’s so hard to be tall and skinny.
Sure working out is making me feel and look better, but I wish I had at least 30 more pounds of
muscle. Maybe that could help me score some chicks because being shy and introvert is tough! It
also sucks to be the only virgin at my group. I’m kind of tired of lying to everyone about crazy
stuff I didn’t do. Sucks even more to be best friends with this particular girl. Why do I have to be
so polite and nice when the only thing I want is to become her boyfriend to be able to kiss and
fuck her? And why did she have to hook up with my best friend and not me? I suck!
I’m 20 and finally have my first real and complete experience with the opposite sex! Of
course we are drunk as shit and she has her period. I don’t care! I’m a real man now!!! Don’t
know her name but as nervous as I was still gave it to her with my uncanny half limped dick for
ten full minutes! Good job!

Now I’m 22 and got my first real girlfriend! She’s a little chubby but has a pretty nice
face. These days I’m really horny and it’s nice to have a constant source of sex. What else could
I want? Maybe to fuck that hot brunette from my Friday drawing class, but I know I’m better
than that! I will never ever cheat on such a nice and caring girlfriend! In time this crazy sex drive
will fade, I’m sure of it! Just hope she does not leave me! If she does I don’t want to go through
another dry spell. Not even thinking about going back to masturbation. But I know she won’t!
That nice fancy candle dinner I gave her should be enough!
I’m 24 and depressed. I’ve lost 35 pounds of bodyweight because of stress and lack of
free time to train. Sucks to be skinny again! Also why nobody told me it would be this hard to
graduate and decide what to do with the rest of my life? Just now when I have everything
figured: I’ll declare my love to this cute classmate, we’ll get married and start a family! Well,
technically she does not know this yet but who cares? When I kiss her on graduation night she’ll
discover her true love for me and we’ll be happy together until we die! Wait, what did you say?
You’re already dating one of our teachers? Fuck, he’s double your age! What? You’re saying
you liked me but I didn’t make a move so you thought I just wanted to be friends? Shiiit.
I’m 28. She’s ten years older than me and I love her deeply. Never felt this way about any
other woman! Sure she’s reaching the edge of her biological gap, but I’m too young to have kids.
Geez, don’t worry too much dude. You already told her and she’s fine with it so everything is
ok! Yep, we’ve been together for two whole years now and there was no cheating from my part
(even if I crave variety and sex with other women). God, she stayed with me even after I told her
I still have feelings for my old platonic classmate. She’s the OneTM, I know! We should get
married and move in together but there’s still so much I want to do on my own…
I’m 30. Been six months since we broke up and it still hurts as hell. Well, this is
life…everybody has to go through that right? Anyway, I just recently dated this beautiful perfect
blonde who gave me the best first kiss ever! This is what I’m talking about man, passion and
fire! This time I won’t mess up! I’ll wait a whole month before dressing up and preparing my
place for our fancy first night, then ask her to be my girlfriend and bang, everything will be fine!
I’m over 30 now and it’s time to settle down. The blonde is gone. I’ve had my six months
of single man fun (although not as much fun as I wanted) and I gotta start to be serious about
important stuff. I don’t care if this hot brunette I’m dating is a drama queen and we’ve been
together for only three months: I like her, we’re living under the same roof and now is the time!

On top of that finally I’m physically where I want to be after all those years of hard work in the
gym. Life is great!
Six months later we broke up (for the second time and for good).
After going through a lot and having experienced relationships with all kinds of women
I’ve reached an obvious yet hard conclusion: monogamy does not work!
As soon as I realized that I knew my dating and relationship lives both sucked! Although
I was young, tall, buffed and fairly good looking I was simply not having as much sex as I
wanted, with the women I wanted, or enjoying my relationship life at its fullest. I was just tired
of jumping from one girl to the other, going from one bad break-up to the other, staying with
someone hoping my sex urges would magically vanish, dry spells, doing what was “expected” of
me and crazy guy fuck-ups without really knowing what I was wrong. I just wanted to get better
and be happy!
I didn’t know what I needed to do, but I had to find some guys who knew these things
and learn from them. That’s when I discovered Blackdragon, PUA, red pill, game, forums and so
Enter the Alpha 2.0 lifestyle!
After two or three months learning the basics I had my first hot sex with a cute 19 year
old I met on POF. She was a borderline HB8 but who cares? She was young, horny and sex was
good. It was so nice to date her and another attractive girl at the same time. Maybe this stuff was
not impossible to pull…but I still had a lot to learn.
After a little more than a year my relationship life became amazing! I had constantly 3-5
girls on rotation and sex was not an issue anymore! Sure it took me a long time and some really
hard work but it finally paid off!
One time I slept with four different HB8s on four straight nights!!! Holly shit, how did I
do it? Also had one horny 23 old mixed Asian who was awesome! We went to a swing club and I
loved the way she rode my cock while everyone else was looking at us! The best part is I was
doing it and dating someone else I cared about at the same time!
Last year. It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m at a beach club with a bunch of my mates and we
decide to make a bet: whoever scores most hot girls by the end of the week should be declared
the winner. Third night and I’m banging a HB8.5 just a couple of hours after we’ve met. Sixth
day and I hook up with another one: a HB9. Next day we’re doing crazy afternoon sex on a nice
motel. The trophy was mine!
My only regret in life? Not finding these Alpha 2.0 concepts sooner. It would have saved
me a lot of time and trouble. This lifestyle is amazing!”