How To Turn Your Life Around – Guest Post From A Guy Who Did It

Special treat today. This is yet another example of a guy who completely turned his life around using Alpha Male 2.0. ELT was a fat, poor, sexless, Mexican beta male. Today he’s fit, strong, 85 pounds lighter, getting all the sex he wants, and has his own Alpha 2.0 location-independent business making ten times what he used to make.He is one of many success stories about how you can go from lower-beta to full-fledged Alpha 2.0 (and ELT is modest) if you just put in a little time up-front. But I’ll let him tell you in his words. Take it away, ELT…

The Story of Jason

In the coastal Kingdom of Delasp, several leagues north of Darehold, Lord Voris made his home. It was a small keep, granted to him by King Goldenhelm himself, a prize for his valor during the Nabagest wars.

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