The Alpha Male 2.0

Learn step-by-step how to create a high-income, low-work business and relationships with women based on freedom instead of rules and drama. It’s a 400+ page book and it’s yours right here.

There are three kinds of men out there.

The Beta Male

The first type, the most common type by far, is the beta male. About 70% of men in the modern era are betas. Betas are typical “nice guys”. They’re hardworking, submissive, needy, fearful, and play it safe. The spend their lives being controlled by girlfriends, wives, families, bosses, cultural conditioning, and other external factors.

“Beta male” is an issue of degree. Betas can go from completely hopeless pussies to decently cool guys but who still have lots of regular drama and unfulfilled dreams.

The operating goal of the beta male is to not risk.

• I can’t do that, my wife won’t let me.
• I can’t do that, my girlfriend said she’d break up with me.
• I can’t start my own business, I might not be able to pay my bills.
• I can’t vote for that guy, I might not get my welfare.
• I can’t do that. My family won’t approve.
• I can’t do that. Only selfish people do that.

You get the idea.

The Alpha Male 1.0

The next type of man is the Alpha Male 1.0. This is the “classic” Alpha Male, and what most people think of when they hear the term. I have also called these men “Needy Alphas”. They make up about 25% of the modern male population.

Alpha 1.0s are tough, masculine, confident, dominant, capable, successful men. They take charge and get things done. Unlike betas, Alpha 1.0s rule others rather than being ruled themselves. Alpha 1.0s are great guys.

The problem with Alpha 1.0s is they are highly sensitive to what others in their lives do or say. If an Alpha 1.0’s girlfriend or wife doesn’t play ball, he loses it. He starts yelling, screaming, commanding, and setting rules. The same goes for his family members, friends, children, and co-workers.

When everyone does exactly what they’re told, Alpha 1.0s are great men who live great lives. When anyone doesn’t act in accordance with their specific parameters (which, of course, is all the time) they’re angry, and feel threatened and disrespected. They often live lives of 60%-70% happiness, 30%-40% anger and negative stress.

The operating goal of the Alpha 1.0 is to control and to be heard.

They love to boss other people around and to issue long lectures about proper behavior. They often get pissed off and love to “set people straight”. Having other people listen to them and acknowledge them is of extreme importance to these strong men.

The Alpha Male 2.0

That leaves us with the final type of man, the Alpha Male 2.0, which comprises the remaining 5% of men. The Alpha 2.0 is exactly the same as the Alpha 1.0 with two significant differences.

The operating goal of the Alpha 2.0 is freedom and long term, consistent happiness.

He has structured his life so that every morning he wakes up and can do whatever the hell he wants, the way he wants, any time he wants, without having to check in with anyone. He is free from the agenda of a girlfriend, wife, boss, or society.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a special woman in his life. He certainly can. It means he can do whatever he likes without having to get permission from her, or anyone else.

Very unlike the Alpha 1.0, the Alpha 2.0 doesn’t care what other people in his life think or do. He has structured his life so as to maintain a high level of happiness and well-being no matter what else happens with anyone in his life.

If the woman in his life throws drama at him, he shrugs and has sex with someone else. He doesn’t argue or lecture; that would damage his happiness. He never needs to worry about a boss, because he doesn’t have one. He’s outcome independent. He doesn’t care what others do…he’s on a Mission.

Because everyone in his life knows he does this, people quickly learn to not give him all the drama, anger, rules, and problems betas and Alpha 1.0s regularly have to wrestle with.

The five traits of the Alpha Male 2.0 are:

He is consistently happy. Not happy sometimes and upset others, but consistently happy.

He is confident. He strides boldly thorough life.

He is masculine. Every culture has a different definition of masculinity, but regardless he is a bastion of constancy, rationality, strength, courage, and other positive masculine traits.

He is free. He is not chained down by the rules normally governing relationships, marriages, jobs, businesses, cultures, or politics.

He lives an abundant life. He does not lack sex, money, fulfillment, love, excitement, or freedom.

The Alpha Male 2.0 is truly free.

Please join us. Society needs more Alpha 2.0s.

It’s a very, very good life.

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