Alpha Male 2.0

Freedom-Focused Lifestyle Design For Men

Make your income location independent, so you live, travel, or visit wherever you want, stay there for as long as you want, and your income keeps coming.

Increase your time off. Work half the hours to make the same amount of money, anywhere from $75,000 per year to six-figure income.

Date women on your terms. Date more than one woman at a time with no cheating and no drama, long-term.

Live the freest lifestyle available to the modern-day man.

The Freest way to Live
For The Modern Day Man

How happy are you with your life overall on a scale from 1 to 10?

Most men are happy to the degree they are free.
The Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle is designed around maximum freedom so that you can experience long-term, consistent, masculine happiness.

Once you live a life like this, you will be able to wake up every morning and do whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to check in with anyone. This is true even if you have a girlfriend or are married.

Thousands of men all over the world have already done it. You can do it too. All you need is a blueprint on how to be both financially and sexually free (since just having one of those two things won’t make you happy in the long-term).

My name is Caleb Jones. I’ve spent the past 10 years helping men all over the world build a lifestyle like this. I can help you too.

Featured Courses

The Alpha 2.0 Business Course

Learn how to set up your own $75,000 per year business that is 100% location independent, making money from anywhere in the world, with no employees and no hassle.

The Younger man Lifestyle Toolkit

Only for men age 18 – 34, learn proven, real-world techniques on how to achieve success in your own business and women at the same time as a younger man.

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