31% of people admit to lying to their spouses about money and an additional third have been deceived by their spouses regarding finances.

Based on other marriage statistics I’m aware of, I would bet that the lying is about 50/50 man/woman.

“Women” are not the problem, “men” are not the problem, marriage is the problem.

You can also notice this woman’s opinion of the matter. If she ever gets married she wants separate accounts, which is good (but lets see if that actually happens with her). But like most women in the modern era, she starts waxing on about how everything should be “equal” and “50/50”.  And of course, her her mind, “50/50” means a joint account where the person who makes more (which is almost always the man) pays MORE into the account than the other spouse (the, ahem, woman).  Very predictable, very normal.

If you’re under the age of 60, please don’t get married.  If you simply can’t control yourself and must get married, A) have a prenup, B) have the marriage open, or at least open to some degree, C) never, for any reason, co-own any assets or debts (including checking accounts) with your spouse, period, end of story.  If you want to “split the bills”, then fine.  One spouse pays the other spouse, and that spouse pays the bills.  This isn’t complicated.

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One Comments on “Two-Thirds of Marriages Involve Financial Lies

  1. The title is somewhat inaccurate. First of all, 31% + one third does not quite equal “two-thirds” although it is very close. But more importantly, those who have lied and those who have been lied to could be overlapping groups. So if you lie and your spouse also lies, that marriage is not double counted. A more accurate statement would be “between one- and two-thirds of marriages involve financial deception.” Assuming half of those who lie also have been lied to, it would end up averaging to around 50% of marriages.

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