If you’re not new to this blog, or not new to my other writings, you know well my opinion, based on statistical dating and lay tracking, regarding women over the age of 30.  Specifically, women over the age of 33.  In my experience, women over the age of 33, in general (yes, there are always odd exceptions) are harder to lay, take longer to lay, have more ASD, are more demanding, and are more work in dating or relationships.  Most men in the seduction community (as well as normal AFCs outside of the community) have also found this to be true (even if they are reluctant to admit it).

Yes, there are a few men who have made a career out of quickly and easily fucking women over 30.  But these are always guys are very good at positioning themselves to older women as good-looking, fun, younger guys with no money and zero provider potential.  It works for them, and that’s great.  But that will never work for me and most other guys out there.  (Most guys have a stable income and don’t wish to hide it, most guys are not good-looking, and a hell of a lot of guys are not young.)  Moreover, even these guys run into the demanding work older women require once they actually get into a relationship with one of these cougars.

In my own experience, based on my game, my system, and who I am, generally speaking, the younger the woman, the harder it is to get her out on a first date, but the easier it is to lay her once that first date occurs.

In other words, I can fill my entire calendar, every day for the next three months, with women age 35 to 45 easily and instantly without breaking a sweat.  I but I would simply kill myself will all of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, (and beyond!) dates I would have to have (and pay for) to actually lay these high-maintenance, ASD-ridden gals.  On the other hand, it’s hard to get 18 and 19 year-olds to gather enough courage and overcome their laziness and disorganization to actually meet me in real life, but when I do, my fast lay ratios with these gals are insane.

Honestly, even at my age (38) I think there’s only been a grand total of two 18 or 19 year-olds I met via online dating who I didn’t have sex with.  Once I get them in front of me, which can be difficult, a lay is in the bag.  Exactly the opposite of the over 30 women.

So because of all this, you know that in terms of sarging and seduction,  I avoid women over age 33 like the plague, unless I already know them in my social circle.   (In which case they’re as easy to lay as anyone else.  The fact they already know you short-circuits most of their ASD and “dating rules”.)

Due to some events last year, and some recent events with my latest online dating surge, some of which I have posted about on this blog, I am now dropping my maximum age of 33 down to 29.  As of approximately two weeks ago, I will no longer open women over the age of 29.  I’m sticking with women age 18 to 29, and that’s it.  (Again, unless a 30+ I already know comes to me with sexual desire, which does occasionally happen.  Then I’ll be happy to be of service.)

What this means in terms of my ratios is that it will now be (a little) harder to get first dates, but my first dates-to-lays ratios will increase, yet again.  In terms of online dating, this means I will have to send out more openers, but will have to go on less first dates to get the same number of lays.  Which is exactly what I want.  Sending out email openers is easy and fast (and now that I use macros, very fast).  But first dates that don’t result in a lay are truly a waste of time, energy, money, and gas.

I probably should have done this a while ago.  And who knows?  In the future, I may even drop that 29 down to 27 or 26, further raising my need for openers but reducing my first date requirements.  So far though, 26-29 year-olds don’t give me near the hassle that 30+ women do, though women 25 and under are easier.

It’s a sad reality that for every year a woman ages, society adds a little more ASD to her brain.

…not that I’m complaining about all the younger women in my life.

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11 Comments on “The Problem With Women Over 30

  1. I believe you said this before or is this an old post off ASF that you thought was good enough for the blog. I

    Its a good point. I’ve found that I have more in common with people my own age and the women who are my age are mostly tired of playing games and are straight up with me.

    I hate to draw conclusions based on large populations without data or facts but the younger ones are less likely to respond to older guys and hard to get out of the house. Congrats on doing that.


  2. I have talked about this before, but it’s not an old post. Every blog post I make is brand new. In the past I said my max age was 33. Now it’s 29. Enough 30 to 33 year-olds were problematic for me. Whereas, surprise surprise, I almost never have any problems with the 29-and-unders.

    I forgot to mention this, but the 29-and-unders will not only close faster, but they will blow you out faster too, which is good. They don’t waste your time, but the 30+ crowd love to waste your time. I don’t like it, but it’s usually true.

  3. Go for what you want not what people tell you that you should want.
    It all depends on what you are seeking, empty sex with young dumb startfish or wild passionate sex with older experienced women. Those of you who are enjoying women you’re own age, there’s a reason for that, they are worth all those dates and you know why.

    I’m the exception, I’m young and wild and passionate. I blame it on my crazy libido and the mentoring from older women who I have befriended.

    I still get grossed out by creepy men above 28 asking me out unless he has the hottest steroided body with the brain of Einstein, the Philosophy of Socrates, the Emotions of a female and the money of Steve Jobs. Otherwise most of us want someone our own age.

  4. I don’t believe that.

    I believe that people need to be free from this crap society and crap society believes.

    and only then they will enjoy life as they should sex all the time and no guilt or blame or bullshit.

    love, sex, freedom.



  5. Listen Black Dragon, first of all let me thank you for all the material and advice. I’ve been trying to game a 37 year old gal, and frankly she works with me… It has been years and years and years…. And never a lay in the bag. You know what summarizes most of what goes on in their head (and the nerve they have to tell straight up they are seeing other men and that you won’t lay them) is this: “(Again, unless a 30+ I already know comes to me with sexual desire, which does occasionally happen.  Then I’ll be happy to be of service.)” and that’s it. How sad it is that we have to go through a lot of the stuff she put’s men through, it’s not even worth it ! I had my share of other FBs and I never could even touch that “lady”. She has fun on seeing me cringe. I’m going with this approach from now on. I even spent a whole month’s salary on a stupid promise ring because I thought that would be enough of a clue in my interest for her and guess what I get: “We’re just friends” and “I already have a BF”. Also she spoke to him in front of me, and that blew it. I’m gonna use the Soft or Hard Next because man, I had my deal with bitter hags. Enough is enough, and if you, a guy with a ton more experience than me (See my name actually represents the day I was born and my age, now @ 26), plus the fact that you have been married already you know what I’m gonna do ? I’m gonna stick doing gym, fucking a lot, sticking to a smaller age group, and never, ever buying another pointless “ring” or any other shit without getting the goods first. Amen brother.

  6. After 30, women reach what I call the “danger zone.”  Why is it called the “danger zone”?  because It’s around that age they to start to age rapidly, they start to run out of eggs, then they start getting the “baby rabies”.  Basically they start developing early signs of menopause, & their own bodies start to change.

    Not worth it.

    Women between the ages of 18-25 for me thanks.

  7. Men age like wine, women age like spoiled milk

    Beauty & female privilege has an expiration date.

    The Wall is real folks

  8. Only in the US, do men go for women past their prime.  In other countries, the limit of a woman’s youth is 25.  After 25, they become ‘leftovers’.  I don’t want leftover women.

  9. Sooooo agree with you man. (Btw your blog saved my ass a couple of times)

    Dated a few women recently (30yrs) and it has cemented the belief, that they are a waste of time (Sure there is a rare one here or there… but like you said.. all women are generally the same)

    They basically left because I “didn’t fit into their checklist for the long run”… but I agree to some extent as I’m still learning to be more like you.

    Sex – Slightly above average skills… 1st blowjob on me was with teeth!!! Had to school them and they made up by swallowing.. BUT THEN one or two would cry after our 4 to 5 times sex sessions and said they felt used… they would hint at cumming inside and a child would be a “gift” from God…

    During the relationship I was their sex God and always made them cum… magically after the rship.. my cock was nothing special..

    Tattoos – The stereotypical “I’m a strong woman so I need to display it with “Carpe Diem” and others to show the world my insecurity stories”.. some had different, huge ones on thier backs, and I’m not saying what it was… but basically one of them described it as a statement to the world that she was “God’s Gift” to the world…..

    Attitude – one would say she is chill, but got angry over nothing.. next day would apologise and would be intolerant to any of my issues at work etc… “You shouldn’t complain” and alot of new age positive police bullshit… yet, when she called it off and I couldn’t do something for her due to clashing schedules… I was called all sorts of names…. So much for positive…

    And you can’t have opposing views… you’re automatically deemed argumentative… even when talking calmly and adding jokes here and there… and oh yah.. they think they are geniuses and the best… then pretend to eat humble pie but show true arrogance towards certain issues etc..

    Long story short.. whatever they say is all BS… can school them, can only screw and run sadly..

    Gonna go find a young girl I can mould. (Last one was 6 years rship, at least I had good young pussy before becoming a stupid beta)

    Thanks for listening man… You really solidify my reasons to enjoy myself and not chase women but respect them.

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