Mens Most Common Complaints About Women

A little while back I made a post about women’s most common complaints about men.  To be fair, I’ll now tackle the opposite.  (The original article quoted is here.)

Men’s Top Complaints About Women

My response to the first four is exactly the same, since all four are part of the same phenomenon:

1. Women complain, criticize and nag too much.

2. They try to control and suppress men.

3. They are seldom happy.

4. They tend to withhold sex as a punishment or blackmail.

These four things are 100% correct and I agree wholeheartedly…


These four things only occur when a man chops offs his balls by promising a woman monogamy, or moving in with her, or marrying her, or any other large commitment.  In all of my relationships with women over the last several years, none of those four things have happened to me.  None.

Why?  Because I only have non-monogamous relationships that I know how to manage correctly.  (And if you want to know exactly how I do that, click here.)  When you don’t chop off your balls and place them in her purse by promising her your future behaviors, the woman in your life will stay happy, loving, and sexual, as long as she’s with you, even if that’s years and years.

Only when you activate a woman’s betaization process by committing your future behaviors to her, or start acting like her “boyfriend”, that’s when she slowly starts to get more nagging, controlling, unhappy, and eventually begins to hold back on the sex.

So while I agree 100% that items one through four are accurate, in the final analysis, they are MEN’S FAULT.

5. They do not think logically, but emotionally.

100% truth.  That’s exactly how women think.  This is why you often see very intelligent women do very stupid things.  It has nothing to do with how smart she is, educated she is, or experienced she is.  It’s because she’s using her emotions as her decision-making basis, not rationality, logic, or facts.  So intelligent men need to plan on this in advance whenever dealing with women, so they’re never surprised when it happens.

6. Their emotions are not predictable but change quickly especially due to hormones, during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause.

100% truth again.  Psychotic behavior caused by premature menopause was one of the key factors in my divorce.  BUT AGAIN, this is hormone stuff is 100% predicable, and therefore men need to plan on this.  For example, I track the ovulation/menstruation cycle of all the women I’m having sex with on a spreadsheet.

When it comes around to the time of the month where I know (because of her historical behavior) she’s going to start acting like a bitch, I just (here’s a novel thought) stay away.  (And if I’m horny during that time, I just go fuck someone else).  This is much better than what the typical man does, which is suddenly “get surprised” every month about her bitchy behavior and then scream at her with things like “Jesus!  What’s your fuckin’ problem?”, which is simply nosediving right into her ocean of hormonal drama.


PLAN on your gal being a drama-bitch around her period, or when she’s pregnant, or on hormonal drugs, or entering menopause, or whatever, and plan ahead as to exactly what you will do to deal with it or avoid it.  This kind of thing should never take you by surprise.  Men who are constantly shocked and surprised by their girlfriend’s bitchy time of the month are simply being disorganized.

One of my overall messages is men, in everything I talk about, is this:

Women act like women.  Plan accordingly.

7. They tend to gossip.

Yeah, women do tend to gossip.  I don’t care.  When a woman isn’t around me she can more or less say whatever she wants.  It’s irrelevant to my life.  I have bigger things to concern myself with.

8. They, too, create extramarital relationships.

They certainly do.  Women cheat just as much as men do, and according to some studies, in longer-term relationships or longer-term marriages, they cheat more.

This is because, as I said in the other post, human beings are not long-term monogamous creatures.  Short-term monogamous, yes.  Long-term monogamous, no.  Love is irrelevant.  Connection is irrelevant.  Gender is irrelevant.  If she’s human, she’ll probably eventually cheat if the relationship lasts long enough (and likely so will you).

9. They are not home enough (which for some men means – continuously)

This is stupid.  This isn’t a problem with women, it’s a problem with needy men.  You’re moaning about how your wife or GF isn’t home enough?  Good lord man.  Get a life.  Pussy.

10. They are not taking enough care of the home.

This complaint needs to be a little more specific for me to comment on it.  As I said in the other post, the issue of housework depends on several factors.  Does your wife/GF work full time?  Do you?  Have you ever sat down together and laid out a specific set of responsibilities for the housework based on these factors?

I’ll say it again: Generally speaking, if both people work FULL-TIME, as in 40 hours a week or more, and are both bringing in full-time incomes, then housework should be more or less a 50/50 responsibly between the two of them.  But if one person is working full time and the other is not, then the stay-at-home person is responsible for the bulk of the housework, period, end of story…regardless if that person is a man or woman!

Again, gender does not matter.  If that person doesn’t like it, that person should shut the hell up and enjoy the fact they’re getting their bills paid for free.

When it comes to housework, both men and women tend to make gender the defining factor.  Gender has nothing to do with it.  It has to do with who is paying most of the bills and who is not.

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4 Comments on “Top Ten Complaints Men Have About Women

  1. Regarding #10. Women absolutely do more of the housework than men. It is to be expected and encouraged. studies have shown that 50/50 split of housework is correlated w/ higher divorce. It does not matter whether she works outside the house or not the study showed.

    If your woman is bitching about how much or how little housework you are doing, you have some serious problems w/ your relationship and you are headed for trouble. A woman in love will love doing housework for her man.

  2. I think the 50/50 housework split having higher divorce rates is more a result than a cause. The reason, I think, more people like that divorce is because you’ve got a demanding, feministy woman married to a pussy guy. Those women are more likely to divorce.

  3. I don’t agree with 5 and 6,I never had any emotional problems when I have my period. Guess I am lucky

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