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Today, another entertaining romp with Fun With Theory! My last Fun With Theory post about Dance Class Game was a big hit (which frankly surprised me).

That means it’s time for the Fun With Theory disclaimer:

Unlike my other blog posts here, I have never actually done what I’m about to talk about. It’s only a fun hypothetical theory to discuss. However I have seen other men do this or similar and achieve results with it. It also matches everything I know about how women operate, so I see no reason why it would not work.

Because of the nature of this particular post and the thin-skinned, overly-sensitive, politically correct nature of society, we require yet another disclaimer:

No where in this post am I advising anyone to do anything illegal, deceptive, or coercive. Moreover I am not “recommending” anyone actually do the following. That’s why it’s called Fun With Theory. It’s just an interesting thought experiment; it’s all hypothetical. Take it with a grain of salt and relax.

(Now watch as I get comments or emails from people who completely ignore the above two disclaimers. People are funny!)

Alright. This is an idea many guys have talked about, as well as a few guys in real life who have done this or similar. I’ll flesh it out here. (Pun intended.)

How would you like to have a super hot blonde Russian woman, a 9 or a 10, live with you for 90 days, be your FB, and clean your house and do other chores for you, for less money than it costs for a hooker or maid or a traditional live-in girlfriend or wife? What if you could do this without lying, deceiving anyone, or breaking the law?

This (purely hypothetical) method will work for any guy with at least a middle-class income. It’s intended for guys who live in the United States or Canada, but likely will work for any prosperous western country with similar immigration laws.

It will cost you about $1200 to $1600 plus some groceries. That will get you a super-hottie for 90 days, at least.

Here’s what you do:

1. Hit up Google and sign up to a bunch of these dating sites for Russian women looking for boyfriends or husbands or whatever. There are bazillions of these sites.

2. Notice how smoking hot these women are. And they’re dying to come over to the United States.

3. Find a few candidates to be your 90 day companion. The only requirement is she must able to speak at least basic English. Other than that, narrow down some hot ones who seem nice and sincere. Ideally you should run some kind of background check on them but I don’t think this is easily possible. Do your best.

4. Make your candidates the following offer. She flies to where you live. You pay her plane ticket. No, you will NOT send her money. You will pay for the plane ticket directly. She can live with you as long as it’s legal in your country for her to do so without getting married, which in most countries (including the US) means she can stay for 90 days before she needs to go back home (unless she marries someone…and that’s not going to be you).

She can live with you completely rent-free. You will support her in terms of paying for her food and other necessities during her stay. You will also assist her in anything she would like to get done during the 90 days, including applying for an extended stay visa, finding a boyfriend or husband, finding friends, linking up with her family, finding work contacts, etc. She’ll have three whole months in a wealthy western country to establish whatever roots she would like, FREE. It’s a hell of a deal for her.

What does she have to do in return? Simple: have sex with you and keep your house clean. That’s it.

5. This means she’s going to have to be at least somewhat attracted to you to make this work. If she’s completely disgusted by your appearance you’re going to have problems when she arrives and you try to get busy with her and get a bunch of excuses.

6. You must be completely up-front about all of this. It must be her decision to do this or not do this. As always, DO NOT LIE.

7. Just to repeat, you do NOT send anyone any money. NO! You arrange things so that you don’t have to and you can pay for things like a plane ticket online directly. Use a real credit card so you can deny charges if you run into any funny business. Online Russian women can and do scam men, so make sure your bullshit detectors are always on full-blast.

8. If you get resistance from her because she actually wants you to marry her, say something like this: “Hey, I’ll pay your plane ticket, you have free access to the United States. You can live with me rent-free. While you’re here, you’ll have three entire months to establish any relationships here you want. You can make friends, get a job, find a boyfriend, even find a husband! All fine with me. I’ll even help you (to a degree). All you need to do is clean my house, which you’re probably already doing there, and have lots of orgasms, which I provide very well.”

9. Once she comes over, do not treat her like a girlfriend. No fancy dates or any of that stuff. Keep her strictly as a friendly live-in FB.

10. Your odds of pulling this off go up if she already has friends or family in your vicinity, so you could check for that when you’re talking to these women online.

That’s it! There are plenty of holes in the above plan, I know, and it’s far from perfect, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work.

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13 Comments on “Fun With Theory: 90 Day Hot Russian Girl

  1. puff i see this too risky, this type of girls will fill your house with rusian “guests” when you less expect, you fuck her once and want to want to bring all her family to the US, you can get up one morning and have in your sofa a not so friendly guest the 6`5 tall brother of the girl. She can blackmail you saying you rape her o that you have there working illegaly and she will have bills paid by you included the plane ticket to demostrate it.

  2. I see two real life problems. 1. All your stuff, art, furniture, electronics, etc may be cleaned out (stolen) when you come come from work and the women nowhere to be found. 2. If not #1 how do you get her out of your house after 90 days. I’ve had some woman live with me and it was tough getting her out. Also Spike’s comment was right on.

  3. After 90 days her VISA will expire, so she will have to go if she doesn-t want legal problems.

    I don’t know how could you prevent the stealing thing, thats a real concern.

    There is a guy who gets laid in a different way, but its more of less the same thing. He has a cheap apartment he owns and rents it to poor women. Eventually he offers to pay the rent for them in exchange for sex…and so far it has worked with almost all of them.

  4. There is a guy who gets laid in a different way, but its more of less the same thing. He has a cheap apartment he owns and rents it to poor women. Eventually he offers to pay the rent for them in exchange for sex…and so far it has worked with almost all of them.

    Yeah I’ve heard of similar things. A little too hookerish for me, but I guess some guys don’t mind.

  5. And here I thought the best method to getting laid is to learn some stuff from BD’s ebook. No? 🙂

    Although I like the sound of these schemes.


    On a completely unrelated note: thanks BD. I only followed some of the BD material and it helped me get my 1st girl. I changed from a 29 yr old never had a girl, to having girls suggest day 2s on their initiative, to getting a gf.

    I am a pretty disappointing student, though. Since I went the gf route. Freaking oneitis. I was warned and I still did it knowing full well that monogamy isn’t the way to go and isn’t something I wanted. Also didn’t covert those day 2s to lays. Not cool.

    But my point is, thanks to BD, I got results that are more than anything I’ve gotten before, and I had fun doing it.

  6. I lived with a female roommate (from craigslist even) thinking that “I would learn more about women” and “maybe fuck a few of her hot friends”. I thought “what could go wrong?” OOOOOOHHHHH MY GOD. Drama from day 1 about furniture and house rules. Then drama about her paying me back for rent and bills, which she never did on time or in full. We ignored each other for about a year until the lease finally expired. It was miserable.

    I would not try living with a woman unless I know her well already.

  7. Love it!
    But just watch out for any Bulgarian or Russian Mafia or ex Spetsnaz exes in tow! 🙂

  8. @Matt and Dennis – Yeah, actually full-on living with a women is a different topic, and one I should probably do a post about at some point.

    @Wils – Thanks dude.

  9. It’s doable, but yes, there is risk. See the Nicole Kidman film “Birthday Girl”.
    I think a better plan is the 2 week Russian Sex Vacation. Offer a Russian chick a 2 week all-expenses-paid trip to some seaside resort. If she doesn’t put out, stick her back on the plane and send her home.

  10. @Matt I hear you Bro, same drama with my live-in. I would not try living with a gf again. I like just seeing them, f–king them and then dropping them off at their home. Better yet having them drive over my place and then drive away. I like my alone time, my space with no one there to account to.

  11. @Dennis independence is nice!

    I think a Russian woman would like things in the house to be more socialist. Like you both have your own government-provided bed in separate rooms. 😛

    Of course, I’ve never dated one. So wtf do I know?

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