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A year and a half ago, I made a post right here about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity and subsequent divorce from Maria Shriver.  A few days ago he went on 60 Minutes and gave a long interview about it, and has published an autobiography where he discusses that as well as the rest of his life. Regardless of his shortcomings, I consider the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest rags-to-riches success story in American history, which means I will be reading that book cover to cover while taking notes, regardless of any bad reviews I see about it, of which I’m sure there will be many.

In that blog post I made the following contentions:

1. Arnold had tons of affairs throughout his marriage, not just with his maid. (Because that’s what Alphas do. They fuck lots of women. Whether or not they’re married has nothing to do with it.)

2. His wife Maria was knew damn well he was out having affairs because she’s not stupid. She tolerated it and remained married to him anyway to reap the benefits of being married to an ultra-wealthy, powerful, famous, good looking Alpha male.

3. She can’t actually admit that she knew he was out playing around because that would make her look weak in the eyes of other women, so she had to put up a false front of being stupid and having “no idea” he was having all these affairs. (Apparently when women look up to other women they’d rather see stupidity over weakness. Interesting.)

4. The reason she divorced him was not because he had an affair. He had those all along she was just fine with them. Instead she divorced him because:

  • Having a baby with the maid was too overt to cover up and a too blatant a violation of discretion.
  • He was no longer governor of California.
  • Her kids were mostly grown up and out of the house by then (their youngest child being 14 at the time of the separation).

In the 60 Minutes interview he gave a little bit ago, he pretty much confirmed every contention I made above. He fucked tons of chicks during the marriage, and she knew. And of course, her friends (not her!) are piling on the bandwagon to help her save face by saying that she was really stupid and didn’t know. Exactly as I explained in the first post.

These kinds of situations are very common. Bill and Hillary Clinton is another obvious example. Cheating husband, wife who knows he’s cheating but who has to play dumb and pretend she doesn’t know, because she’d rather look like a stupid victim than a weakling.

Of course, it is my view that a woman allowing her Alpha husband to go fuck other women is not weak at all. That’s actually being strong, not to mention intelligent and realistic. It is weak women who instantly leave the guy if/when he cheats. It takes strength to stay under those conditions. In my view, which is shared by almost no one in society, women like Maria and Hillary are awesome because they know and they stay anyway.

(That doesn’t necessarily mean Maria and Hillary are awesome all around. Hillary in particular looks like an angry, high maintenance bitch to me. I’m just saying they’re awesome in that they accept an open marriage to some degree.)

Certainly, they’d be even more awesome if they actually had the inner strength to say publicly, “Yeah, my husband occasionally cheats. I’m a strong woman and I can deal with it. Hell, I fuck the pool boy myself now and again, so no worries. Now please fuck off.” But no, because of societal programming, these women have to play the “stupid card” so they can later play the “victim card”.

How sad.

(Fun Note: Several times since their separation, Arnold and Maria have been spotted together, alone, in  non-business circumstances. Hmmmm. I predict a high probably that even though they’ll get a legal divorce, they will remain together, or at a minimum she will regularly go back to him for a very long time. As I always say, women crave betas temporarily, but they crave Alphas forever.)

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6 Comments on “Arnold Schwarzenegger – Traits Of An Alpha Male Marriage

  1. Hmmm… I agree there is a huge amount of shame attached to “allowing” your spouse to fuck around, especially if you aren’t doing it yourself. It’s even more humiliating if your husband gets CAUGHT by the media and publicly embarrasses you, especially when he’s fucking the MAID, for god sakes, and not only that but he got her pregnant, which was the ultimate insult. So I don’t blame Maria at all for her reaction. Its to be expected and old Arnold is an idiot for letting it get there when he obviously had it made beforehand. No way are you gonna be able to convince women in today’s society that it is “strong” to sit by and do nothing while her husband dabbles in other women’s pussies. Now, if it was promoted that she could equally participate in affairs of her own that would be less shaming and maybe a step in the right direction.

  2. Now, if it was promoted that she could equally participate in affairs of her own that would be less shaming and maybe a step in the right direction.

    As you well know, that is exactly what I endorse.

  3. I agree with what you wrote Blackdragon almost wholeheartedly. Obviously the female comment from above was not going to endorse such, although even she concedes that if Maria were to do the same it wouldn’t be so bad. That’s because the blog post already covered the looking stupid or weak limitation of choices. Notice just like in the media the lack of contempt for the maid, whom clearly knew she was fooling around with a married man.

    Saying that a male “has it made” due to forever limiting (legally) his choices of with whom and even when he can have sex, is entirely false. In the interview he was told his wife gave up her career for him etc. That is the rhetoric of society. They fail to note that Shriver went for Arnold for the same reason he had countless women throwing themselves at him his whole life as Blackdragon has described and any uber successful man could tell you. No one has been forced into these scenarios. It comes with the territory. It would be like getting a Lamborghini then complaining because it draws attention or people want to ride in it. Isn’t that why you got it? It caught your attention and you wanted to be a part of that ride. But that ride comes with a price.

  4. I was reading the free preview of Arnold’s autobiography on Amazon just a couple of days ago, and then BD made a blog post about it! How serendipitous!

    Arnold rocks! It was so cool reading how he got into bodybuilding and picking up women at about the same time. The Terminator was such a player! Do you think after sex, he says “Hasta la vista.”?

  5. Just wondering why Arnold never got the snip after he had his kids Cant pump out any more kids ,when your shooting blank’s !!!

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