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With Skyfall coming out a few weeks back, I decided to go back and re-watch the original 1960’s Sean Connery James Bond films. I’ve seen every James Bond film and loved them all, but my memory really only went back as far as the mid 1980’s. I completely remember Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, and most of Roger Moore’s movies. However the old Sean Connery movies I barely remembered, or didn’t remember at all.

I wanted to go back and watch these with new adult eyes, mostly to restore my memory, and to satisfy my own curiosity about how the 1960’s portrayed an Alpha Male as opposed to today. (The only 1960’s Alpha stuff I remembered were some of the later John Wayne movies, which I liked in a fond sort of way, but that’s not exactly the type of Alpha I’m all about.) I was very curious to see how an Alpha navigated the silver screen in a Mad Men era.

Holy shit! Talk about a difference! Wow.

The 1960’s James Bond nailed pussy like no other leading man now, or in the 90’s, or even in my beloved masculine 80’s. Seriously. It’s not even close. I mean, occasionally (though not often) you’ll see a movie these days where a male lead fucks more than one woman during the movie, but it’s nothing, and I mean nothing, like what 1960’s James Bond was doing, and this includes the other later-era James Bonds! Let me be very specific…

In Dr. No (1962), James Bond not only fucks multiple women (three to be exact) but he fucks them all multiple times. He’ll fuck a chick, then relax, get bored, then get horny and fuck her again. He does exactly this with two different women within the hour-and-a-half movie.

Even more, one of them he already knows is a bad guy who’s complicit in trying to kill him, and who he already knows he’s going to turn over to the cops as soon as he fucks her. He nails her once, then relaxes, then gets horny and nails her again, then gets her dressed, walks her out of the house, throws her in a cop car (to her shock), the cops drive her away to prison, then he just smiles and goes back into the house for a smoke.

Oh, it gets better. In the very next movie From Russia With Love (1963), James Bond fucks four different women within the first 50 minutes of the movie. These are not tiny 30 second or five minute snippets like you usually see today with player-guys in movies. These are all focused, drawn-out events with real characters. He doesn’t just fuck them in the normal modern-day Hollywood way either. Two of the women are hot gypsy belly dancers who want to kill each other because they’re in love with the same man, but James Bond ends up having an all-night threesome with both of them. (Nothing heals hatred like good cock.) A third woman he fucks within two minutes of meeting her. I don’t mean two minutes of screen time, I mean two minutes of real time. I mean, I’ve fucked a lot of women very fast in my day, but I’ve never had a two minute meet-to-lay.

I could go on with examples but you get the gist. That’s just the first two movies. This shit goes on for another four or five movies after that.

Now here’s my point. Let me ask you a question: Has there been any mainstream Hollywood movies in the last 30 years where the male lead has done anything like this? Even if you can think of one or two (which I doubt), you’ve proven my point, because you can only think of one or two out of the hundreds of movies Hollywood cranks out a year, and has been for the last 30 years. But that’s not the only thing; can you think of a male lead in the last 30 years who did this, and the behavior was promoted as good instead of bad (or selfish or immature or wrong or whatever)? I don’t think you can think of one movie that fits that bill. Yet in the 60’s James Bond was doing this constantly…for years and years.

Moreover, James Bond in these 1960’s movies is not an outlier character doing these things. M, his boss, actively encourages Bond to seduce and fuck lots of chicks. Compare this to the Pierce Brosnan bond in Goldeneye (1995) where not only is M now a woman, but she’s angry and resentful at how misogynistic Bond is. (Remember her famous “misogynistic dinosaur” line?)

The closest you can possibly come to a modern-day equivalent, and it’s really not close at all, is that there’s occasionally a movie like Wedding Crashers, where the male lead fucks a few women for just a few minutes at the very beginning of the movie, but:

  • It’s only for the first 5-15 minutes of the film.
  • The behavior is always portrayed as immature, dumb, selfish, dysfunctional, dishonest, or even lonely.
  • The male lead is quickly “set straight” by Falling In Love™ with that One Special Girl™ who’s Worth Changing For™ and then usually lives Living Happily Ever After™ in newfound beta bliss.

This includes the modern-day James Bond. Notice how Daniel Craig starts out all cool but then falls in love, and then gets moody and depressed when his Perfect Girl™ gets killed?

Seeing my point yet?

Here’s some more questions: What if there actually was a mainstream Hollywood movie today where the male lead was doing the exact same stuff 60’s Bond was doing (same numbers of women fucked, same sexual focus), and it was promoted as a good thing, i.e. at the end of the movie he was still doing it and having a great time?

Think about that for a minute. How would the press react? How would women react? How would movie critics react?

Would such a movie even find wide theater distribution in the first place?

Interesting, isn’t it?

These days we just love to pat ourselves on the back about how sexually free we all are compared to how sexually repressive we used to be decades ago. Well, I’ve got news for you. Today, thanks to things like feminism, political correctness, marketing to female consumers, and the continuing pussification of men (with men’s compliance I might add, thanks betas!), WE are the sexually repressed ones in many ways. 40 years ago JFK was banging six supermodels at a time on his yacht, and no one said boo. Today, Bill Clinton gets a blowjob from some fat chick and the entire government is paralyzed for almost a year.

You could argue that people back then didn’t know about what JFK was doing, and I would argue that if they had found out, I don’t think the government would have been paralyzed for a year. It would have been a very brief scandal and then life would have resumed. In the Mad Men era, people expected men to act like the pigs we are. Today, at least in most of the western world, men are not allowed to be men. (Yes, I realize there are exceptions to the rule like France.) We’re supposed to shut up, calm down, and serve our female masters wives.

Watching these old films was as interesting as it was depressing. It was great that 60’s James Bond did his thing on the big screen back then. It’s terrible that men are no longer “allowed” to be like that any more.

I guess we’re going to have to show them wrong…

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16 Comments on “James Bond Sex – So Different In The 60s

  1. Very true. One of my favorite shows used to be How I Met Your Mother. There was an Alpha character on the show that slept with a new chick every episode. Because of this, just like you said:
    “The behavior is always portrayed as immature, dumb, selfish, dysfunctional, dishonest, or even lonely.”

    And unsurprisingly, about halfway through the series, the exact thing you described happened to him:

    “The male lead is quickly “set straight” by Falling In Love™ with that One Special Girl™ who’s Worth Changing For™ and then usually lives Living Happily Ever After™ in newfound beta bliss.”

    I lost my faith in modern TV sitcoms about halfway through the series 😛

  2. Agree …

    All movies nowadays promote male pussyfication heavily. I too, used to love How I Met Your Mother because of Barney. I watched solely because of his awesomeness in the show. But, like you said, his behavior was portrayed as immature, even going as far as to caracterize his life as “a cry for help” in one episode if I remember correctly. “A cry for help” because he didn’t find that one girl to fall head-over-heels in love with, do everything she says, because she’s “worth it”. And that’s exactly what happened later. Same with other shows (Two and a Half Men? … etc).

    What’s happening to our young people who are getting brainwashed by the Hollywood idea of romance, and a good relationship(drama filled insanity) is sad. Sometimes, I think young people in early stages or development and belief forming shouldn’t even be allowed to watch that crap. Ughh.

  3. I didn’t mention television shows in the post, but you’re right. They follow the same pattern.

    Two And A Half Men
    How I Met Your Mother
    Human Target

    …I could go on and on and on. They all follow the same Alpha-to-beta model, when what we should be doing is promoting the opposite.

    And yes, it hurts men.

  4. @Blackdragon: If anything, this only proves that the media industry is controlled by women. And if you control the media…

  5. @Austin

    Not necessarily. It seems to me that even the majority of male population will go to great lengths to promote pussyfication, even though it makes them unhappy. They simply don’t know better because of their fucked up belief system. Also, I think humans generally have self-destructive nature.

    Also, they are also the ones that seem to react angrily when you try to give them something better. What they usually say is “Women would never put up with that” or look at you like you came from another galaxy when you suggest a simple thing like polygamy. Field tested.

  6. I knew there was a reason Connery was, is and will always be the best Bond of them all. Great, great, great, article!

  7. I think these films are not the problem. At least half of the movie is kick-ass. In “My Best Friend’s Girl” the guy is awesomely funny, especially the wedding part, where his Outcome Indepedence peaked all time high(‘Come on, it’s not gonna suck itself!’ 😀 ). Or Wedding Crasher. Or The Ugly Truth. Or How I Met’s Barney minus the lying part.

    The worst movies are those, where the main character is a WBAFC guy. He is unlucky, but an angel comes from heaven, and he is recognized by this perfect 10, how good he was all the time. I mean, it’s just pure 100% false hope. I see a lot of guys like this, and you can’t talk good sense into them. Societal programming bombarding them 24/7 from tv, from hot girls, who ‘want a good guy like him’, but have sex only with ‘jerks’. And they are hoping, and never realizing: their future will be married to a fat dictator, who will give them sex in exchange for a fur coat.

  8. A really great forum post that provides HARD EVIDENCE of the shift our society has made. I have honestly never seen such a poignant example of the shift in values.

    I think the greater problem our society faces is almost represented in this post and your previous post, BD : Poorly delivered education and feminized value system.

    The subtle themes in almost ALL video media, such as ‘being a nice guy eventually pays off’ and ‘women want caring, sensitive guys’ really stick in the minds of most viewers, even if they never experience these themes in their real lives.

    I see these messed up ideals in my brother, a textbook Disney-fied young adult who plugs into videogames, television shows and movies and never gets laid. On the extremely rare occasion he meets a warpig from a dating site, he messes even THAT up and tries to introduce him to our parents on the second date.

    Of course, he sees my views on women as manipulative, ‘bad guy’ and immature (or whatever bullshit his media feeds him). It’s a sad state of affairs for all men these days.

  9. If this beta-is-ideal concept continues, 10 years later where will we be? Will alpha become a bad thing? Right now you can say that alpha is socially offensive but deep down the women still dig it. But if this continues, will it be that society programming causes them to be repulsed by alpha instead of attracted?

  10. Yes, in ten years it will be much worse. This is all going to get much, much worse before it gets better. Three positives I can give you regardless:

    1. As it gets worse, there will be more opportunities for men like us. We will become rarer thus women will be more desirous of us. (This has already happened to a large degree.)
    2. Sexual attitudes over time will continue to liberalize. Open marriages, open relationships, non-married serious relationships (including with children), older men with much younger women, every year that passes all of these things become a little more societally acceptable.
    3. In ten years this beta stuff will be worse, yes, but in 30-40 years it will boomerang back in the other direction, HARD. So keep working out and take your vitamins. You want to be in good shape when this happens.

  11. I disagree on number 2. Older men with much younger women is much LESS socially acceptable in mainstream western society. Age of consents have been trending UP not down, Canada recently went from 14 to 16, for example. In America, men are called “pedos” for dating 20 year olds by certain segments of society.

    I predict within 10 years the age of consent will be 21 (with a “close in age” exception).

    Within the next 30 years I expect “half your age plus 7” or “half your age plus 10” to be codified into law.

  12. Great article, loved it!

    One question I have for you…

    “He nails her once, then relaxes, then gets horny and nails her again, then gets her dressed, walks her out of the house, throws her in a cop car (to her shock), the cops drive her away to prison, then he just smiles and goes back into the house for a smoke.”

    This kind of thing is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I don’t have a ton of experience, but thanks to your stuff and taking action, I now have the opportunity to get a lot of experience and get it quickly.

    What I’m noticing is that I seem to “give myself away” to the girls I’m with. It’s hard for me to just hang out with them and separate myself from the interaction.

    This sucks, because it means if I get rejected, it’s more difficult to get over (I still get over it quickly), and picturing myself as James Bond from the above example, it seems like I wouldn’t be able to do that, because I’d become invested in this girl I was having sex with and then feel guilty.

    Now, obviously James Bond isn’t real life, but I do think a James Bond type man/alpha male/whatever does separate themselves from the interaction. Not that they build up an emotional wall, but they don’t give themselves away to anyone – they hold onto that no matter what.

    I know that with your experience, you could probably easily put yourself into that scene and see yourself doing what James Bond did. Do you have any practical tips or mindsets that would help me get to that point?


  13. (sorry for spamming your blog, I am procrastinating and your brilliant content is proving highly distracting)

    We are the ones who will have to fight back. We are the ones who will have to write fictional books with badass alpha main characters living proper “happy poly” lifestyles. I have an idea brewing with a friend of mine. It will probably never get big mainstream attention, but that’s the spirit. Some guy’s book will. Some day.

  14. You missed one point about Craig’s Bond. It is the “prequel”, the first part when he becomes a double-O, and in that (two part film btw, the two first Daniel Craig films are one straight story) it is revealed why he became so cynical and not trusting towards women, and after that he rarely falls in love but merely uses women for sex, fun or work purposes. He is not beta because it is a modern film, he became an alfa later, when his first beta-relationship backfired big time.

  15. This article made me re-watch some old Bond movies and holy crap, everything about that world is gone now. Bond works for the government (now bad), for old, rich, white men (now bad), and has sex with tons of women without giving them all his money (now bad).

    It’s shocking how much things change in just a few decades. Makes you realize how temporary all the important-seeming bullshit we believe in now is.

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