Gallup conducted an interesting business poll here. You’re free to read it but here’s what really stood out to me:

  • Most men, specifically 51%, when asked if they’d rather have a male or female boss, stated they had no preference.
  • Most women would prefer to have a male boss. 40% of women would choose a male boss over a female one. Only 27%(!) said they’d prefer a female boss.
  • Men and women who already have a female boss are as likely to prefer a female boss over a male one. (Could this just be humans’ natural need to maintain the status quo? I don’t know. You be the judge.)
  • People more likely to prefer a female boss are more likely to end up with a female boss. (Isn’t that interesting?)
  • The more left-wing you are in your political beliefs, the more likely you are to prefer a female boss. (No surprise there.)
  • The younger you are, the more likely you are to prefer a male boss, though not by much. (A reflection of today’s fatherlessness with young men? Again, you be the judge.)

The most interesting fact is the second one, which states that most women would prefer a male boss. As a business consultant with over 20 years of experience, I can confirm this is true. Most women in the workplace would vastly prefer a male boss to a female boss. Remember this inconvenient fact the next time you hear a woman screaming about how women don’t get paid as much as men, or how there aren’t as many female managers or CEOs as men. Men are not the only reason for these things. Women themselves are strong contributors.

It’s the exact same thing when women complain that “men” force an impossible cultural body standard onto women. No. Statistically it is women in Hollywood and the fashion industry who force these things on women, not men. We’re guys. We’ll fuck anything. Most front-line gatekeepers in these industries are women, not men. Women contribute as much, or more, to these stick-skinny body  standards as men.

Women in Hollywood and the fashion industry want to see flat-chested, no-hips, super-skinny women in movies and magazines and on catwalks, and women in the workplace would rather have male bosses, whereas men mostly don’t care what gender their boss is. Never, ever forget this.

Gender In The Workplace

I’ve had a diverse business career as a consultant. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of companies, thousands of people, in scores of industries, all over the world, over decades of time. From my personal experience, I can tell you with 100% accuracy that the following is generally true:

  • Men generally work well with other men.
  • Women generally work well with men.
  • Women generally work poorly with other women.

(For you nitpickers, remember I used the word generally four times. Yes, there are some offices full of women that do work very well. These are the exceptions to the rule.)

Women already know all this. Though they don’t like to say this out loud, women know damn well that if they have to work with other women, there will more drama, conflict, oneupsmanship, snotty attitudes, fragile emotions, resentment, grudges, and bullshit than if they have to work with men. This is why most women prefer to work with men and have male bosses. None of this is men’s fault.

When you’re a woman, guys are (generally) easier to work with. Even if you get into a huge argument at work with a guy, after everything calms down he forgets about it and gets back to work. No big deal. But get into a big argument with a woman at work, and now she “hates” you “forever”, and will actively or passively work to avoid you or in extreme cases, sabotage your work. Women know this. None of this is men’s fault.

Men can and certainly do get emotional at work. No question. But when a woman gets emotional at work, the damage she causes around her tends to last longer and cause more disruption in the workplace. Men’s workplace drama tends to be in shorter bursts and is more manageable. A woman’s is generally not so. For example, the only time in my entire business career when I had a boss scream at me loudly during a meeting and then storm out of the meeting, in the middle of the meeting, leaving all of us confused as to what to do, was the only time I ever had a female boss. Women know about these emotional outbursts from other women in the workplace. None of this is men’s fault.

Bosses in the corporate world will tell you that women tend to be late to work more often than men. Women call in sick twice as much as men. Women know this. They know if they have a female co-worker or boss, it’s more likely they’ll have to pick up the slack than if they were working with a man. None of this is men’s fault.

The Reverse

Fortunately I’m a man, which means I can work with women without dealing with most of these problems, since women tend to work very well with men. I have said before that I personally enjoy working with women and I find that many women are extremely effective in the workplace when they want to be and when they are motivated strongly enough. Some of the classiest, smartest, most successful and effective business people with incomes of $100,000 or more were women.

However! These were women who behaved like men in the workplace, not women. These were not women who were always calling in sick, always on the phone with their kids during business hours, always taking off at 5:00pm on the dot so they wouldn’t be late picking up kids at daycare, or women who took months off work to go have baby.

No, these were women who were in early in the morning, stayed focused all day, worked late in to the evening, never took maternity leave, almost never took vacations, and did that for 20 or 30 years straight. In other words, they were women who acted like men. When women focus on their careers in a very real way, they do extremely well and are very impressive. As a matter of fact, I’m almost tempted to say that when a woman focuses on her job like a man does, she may even be more likely than a man to hit the high income levels. This is because, at least in my experience, the ratio of women who try hard at their careers and really make it is quite high as compared to men, who often give up, get lazy, or get distracted from their career goals at some point (like when they get married!).

The problem is, very few women put in this kind of career effort. And they know it, and they know it of the other women they work with. Thus the lower income levels of women, and thus the desire of women to have a male boss.

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7 Comments on “Women Prefer A Male Boss

  1. “The problem is, very few women put in this kind of career effort. And they know it, and they know it of the other women they work with.”

    When you say “very few,” you’re referring to a certain demographic, the non-college educated (mostly at the lower-tier colleges), correct? There are scores of women from the top universities taking jobs at major corporations.

  2. I’m wasn’t talking about women who get corporate jobs. I’m talking about how women behave once they get those jobs over a 20+ year period.

  3. As for women in the workforce, my observations are that women can be very competent but they can often be very distracting and incompetent; on a scale beyond what you’d find from men. My belief is that in a fully free market with no anti-discrimination laws and no government subsidies of female dominated industries, women would not hold the majority of upper positions that they do today because few women would ever want to compete that hard in the workforce. And without Leftist pressure to hire women in positions they are not suited for, companies would not hire them. Women’s wage rates are vastly inflated to what they would be without the government’s efforts.

    This effects the sexual market because women are making money they wouldn’t in a free market. Thus female hypergamy is given a freer reign than it would be otherwise. Betas are doubly fucked under this system because the one thing they have going for them, their earnings power, is negated. Women don’t need them now, well not until they are older and looking to settle down and have kids. Beta provider game is worthless today largely because of the fucking welfare / leviathan state and its feminist redistribution policies. (There’s a racial dimension to this too but I won’t go there.)

    All this mandates that a man learn game as the government has basically taken a hammer to his SMV with the current “anti-discrimination” paradigm. I learned all this the hard way sadly. On my darker days I almost wish for the whole system to come crashing down so spoiled Western white women can learn firsthand the brutal reality of how nature treats women when civilization breaks down. They would be commodities once again. “Strong independent” womanhood would go out the window real fast.

  4. I’ve said before that for many women, the government has replaced the function of both husband and father to their children. If the trend continues, provider-hunting women will only be looking for men to impregnate them, but not marry or move in with them, since government will pick up the bill the husband normally would.

    This has already happened in the lower classes.

    But I digress. 🙂

  5. Women in the position of authority over other women can sometimes become.really nasty and underhanded. That competitive urge can take over, especially if they have some other reason to be jealous of the woman working under them.Think “mean girls”. Ive had to deal with some pretty awful and unfair female bosses, whereas generally the men were nicer or at the very least equally a dick to everyone, lol.

    When you work in an office with almost all females, like i did my last year and a half of college, things can get ridiculous as far as pettiness, bitchiness, cliquishness and drama. There can also be so much talking and gossiping that work becomes almost secondary. The like 3 guys in the office never engaged in it either, not even the one who was flamboyantly gay.

    Now my boss there was an exceptionally nice woman but most of the female bosses i have come across have been hard to work for because you never know when they are suddenly going to flip out over some little thing.

    Yeah, I’d take a male boss any day. I think it’s generally more natural for people, both men and women, to willingly submit to male authority figures than to women. Its something im sure career driven women have to fight all the time and so as more harsh, where men can get away with being normal and nice.

    Its funny, even in the sexual realm Im not so sure i would want a woman bossing me around. A guy i am sleeping with brought this up the other day. He said im so submissive in bed that he couldn’t picture me ever being dominant, even.with a female. I was like well, no, i wouldn’t want to dominate a woman but i dont think i would be comfortable with her trying to dominate me.either. It would have to be more equal. A woman trying to tell me what to do in the bedroom would likely get on my nerves. like, who the hell are you? 😛

  6. “Women generally work poorly with other women.”
    A female supervisor once confirmed this was true, and when I asked why, she simply said, “Women are catty.”

    I have always said the two worst work environments are elementary schools and hospitals. Guess why.

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