The votes have been tallied and our good friend Chase has verified the results. Here are the winners with their average 1 to 10 scores, and below that all six winning profiles reprinted in their entirety for you to read.

CONTEST A – Women Age 18 – 32

As you can see, all three winners for Contest A were very close.

First Place Winner – Vadim – Average score: 7.9
Second Place Winner – Josh M. – Average score: 7.6
Third Place Winner – JDB – Average score: 7.5

CONTEST B – Women Age 33 – 49

This was interesting. The 2nd and 3rd place winners for Contest A tied for 2nd place in Contest B. Third place was also a tie. Crazy.

I have decided to award both 2nd place winners the 2nd place prize ($50 Blackdragon credit).

First Place Winner – Dennis – Average score: 9.25
Second Place Winner – TIE! Josh M. and JDB – Average score: 9.0
Third Place Winner – TIE! Phil and Nathan – Average score: 8.5

Quick Observations

Before we get to the profiles, a few quick things I should point out…

1. Some profiles were rated at a “10” from some women and a “1” from others. Very interesting. It goes to show that if one woman hates your profile, there’s another out there who probably loves it.

2. Many of you got lazy and copied phrases, sentences, and even entire paragraphs from Saprian’s first place winning profile last year. While this was not against the rules, and while some of our judges didn’t mind, many of our judges caught on to this plagiarism and some of you really suffered in the rankings because of this. These judges kept reading some of the same phrases in profiles over and over again. Well…laziness on your part cost some of you.

That being said, last year’s second place winner (Dennis) was this year’s first place winner in Contest B, using the exact same profile. Guys didn’t copy his profile, at least as far as I could tell, since I didn’t personally read all the profiles (most guys copied Saprian’s profile instead). Just a reminder; all profiles were submitted to the judges 100% anonymously.

Raven actually asked me:

Did you write all of these profiles? There were some that had the exact same verbiage in them.

MJ was particularity clear:


So, I know I judged these rather harshly… But seriously, a few of these were written by the same guy, right? I see so many stylistic similarities between a handful of these in terms of their writing and unnecessary use of big, fancy words (or just an unnecessary use of words, period). I also can’t stand to see plagiarism.


I’m not someone to be won over by aspiring novelists (keyword: aspiring) with 1,000 hobbies and long flowing hair that probably blows in the wind so elegantly while they traverse the seven kingdoms on horseback (I honestly think some of these guys have been watching a little too much Game of Thrones lately). Just thought I’d share my thoughts since you had initially stated we could make some comments. I was trying not to comment, but… YIKES. After reading some of these, I couldn’t help myself.

For years guys have asked me, “Hey Blackdragon, could you just write up your ultimate profile and post it on your blog or sell it to us as an ebook so we know exactly what to put down?” For years I have refused to do this, and now you know exactly why. Thousands of guys would copy the damn thing word-for-word, or at least parts of it, even after specifically being warned not to. It would then become commonplace and cliche on the dating sites, and would lose it’s effectiveness, ruining the entire point.

This is why I have said, repeatedly, here and in my ebooks, that whenever you read any great profile or online opener, you don’t want to copy it word-for-word. Instead, you want to duplicate its vibe, structure, flow, and topics. Copy-and-pasting stuff from other sources is a dangerous crap shoot.

3. Many of you had very obvious spelling errors, grammatical errors, and typos in your profiles. This also cost you. As I repeatedly pound into your head in my main online dating ebook, everything you write on an online dating site MUST be 100% proofread very carefully. One typo and a woman will vanish. Yes, women are allowed to have typos in what they write, but we can’t. (No, it’s not fair, but that’s how this works, folks.)

Okay! Without further ado, here are our winners. In a future post I will comment on what they did that worked. For now, I’ll just give you the profiles. All profiles are copy-and-pasted with no modifications to spelling or formatting (other than what my blog software does automatically).

First Place Winner For Contest A – Vadim


I am 29, standing at 6″2′ on paper but 6″5′ when you tickle me.
I am originally from Mother Russia but I don’t drink that much
vodka, only about a gallon a day 😉 Growing up there in violence,
corruption and black leather jackets was a satisfying experience;

I moved to the US when I was 16 and now I have accents
in both English and Russian languages, but I write without an


Don’t even ask me how I got to Michigan but people were
taken by surprise when I moved from Florida to Alaska.
After all there are no brown bears in Florida to wrestle with
and alligators get all slippery after a while.

Do you want to know the weirdest thing about Alaska? ok…
Is it the fact that people shop at the malls in their pajamas? No.
Is it the fact that they actually have a law that you cannot push
a live moose out of a moving airplane?!! No. Is it that the sun
sometimes doesn’t come up or doesn’t go down? No.
Is it that a 60+ pound king salmon can sometimes just jump
into your fishing boat if you’re lucky? No…

It is that they actually sell real moose poop designed as jewelry!
I’m serious, look it up, it’s worth a google.


I was born with one extra canine tooth on my right side, does
that mean I’m half vampire? I’ve never read Twilight books so
I don’t know all the rules.

I have two freckles on my right palm. I have never met another
person with that and I wonder if I do and we put our palms
together will it form a fireball that we can through around and
make explosions?!


I always tend to get the 300 pound male TSA officer with purple
gloves to grope me when I travel. But all of that nonsense is
forgotten when you get to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii or
climb an active volcano in Costa Rica.

Adventure can be had not only through travel, most people
like to travel and explore. To me it is adventurous to get to
know a new interesting person; to achieve goals that I have
set to accomplish; to start new hobbies and businesses; to
dream and be plunged into nameless beatitude of a vast fire
of love that sometimes burns within me for that special someone.

Second Place Winner for Contest A – Josh M.

I moved to South Florida almost 2 years ago and I’ve made some awesome friends but would love to meet a great girl as well.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, the small things in life make it great, but I enjoy: traveling (I really wish I could spend my life traveling the world), random adventures, the beach, outdoor activities of any kind, working out, experiencing new things/culture, my friends and family, and just generally enjoying life. I’m a huge Dolphins fan and am also into intramural sports. I’m very much into fitness and being healthy, so finding someone who is as well would be great. I’m always doing something new and it’s always nice to have good company. I enjoy going out with friends, but staying in for a relaxing evening is just as enjoyable (wine, board game, a movie). I’m a young professional with a great career in finance/technology and really enjoy my job. I previously ran my own business and am currently building another one.

I’m a very hard working, but a laid back and happy guy with a sarcastic sense of humor. I enjoy having fun (who doesn’t?) and am outgoing. Sharing humor and being happy together is incredibly important, even if it just means laughing at each other or while people watching (great spectator sport). I am a loyal guy who is honest, knows how to communicate, and will treat a special woman right. I’m down to earth and like other people who are too. I have a great family and am often reminded that I should be lucky for how I was raised. My ideal woman is intelligent, happy (with herself and life), fun, and loves to laugh. I like genuine, real girls, which are sometimes pretty elusive to find in South Florida. I have big goals and have accomplished quite a few of them and would much rather have a girl who has her own as well. I’m a big believer in personal growth and people striving/working towards doing what they want in life. I’m more than happy and willing to support a girl in this respect if she is supportive of me as well. I know what I want out of life and where I’m going. It would be great to find an awesome girl who can join me.

Third Place Winner Contest A – JDB

“Curiosity may have killed the cat but it got the girl the man of her dreams”

Living life to the fullest and looking for someone who enjoys the same.

It’s cliche but I really am that nice guy every girl wishes they could meet, though I have a genuinely silly and sarcastic side (all in good fun). I enjoy listening and discovering the most interesting things in others lives… Why? I find superficial conversation rather boring… Don’t you? Surrounding myself with people who are honest, strong, funny and aren’t afraid to bust my chops has proven to be a very rewarding experience. I find women who can adapt to any situation to be very attractive – whether it’s a classy evening out, a day exploring the outdoors or a silly night kicking back on the couch eating pizza.

In the past year I’ve lived in NYC, Tampa and Tempe and now work for one of the four major sports leagues in midtown after my athletic career ended. Right now I’m living the dream and hoping to find someone who wants to share their adventure.

Getting out in the world is one of my favorite things… how can you experience what life has to offer from behind your desk or in your room. I enjoy cooking, trying new restaurants and sampling great food.

Unique things I’ve done in the past few years… write a screenplay, speak Japanese, go rock climbing, get my motorcycle license. Beyond that we’ll have to meet to learn more.

Are you curious yet?

First Place Winner For Contest B – Dennis

I am a very active, youthful looking and thinking man who has both sides of the
brain working full blast. I like to measure life not by the breaths I take, but
by the moments that take my breath away. I am interested in virtually
everything… travel, music, food, wine, etc. But hey, if
it’s not fun, I’m not going to do it. Fortunately I am pretty easily entertained
so there are a lot of things that qualify.

I trade futures intraday and enjoy the instant decision challenges that trading
presents. I pride myself in my work, accomplishments, and continue to be
success-driven. My work affords me the free time to pursue other passions in my
life and to set my own hours. I enjoy working out hard, clearing the mind and
the zen of martial arts. I have great friends and am very happy with my life,
but am not a man to brag. People see me as a variety of things; bold, self
confident, laid back, non-judgmental, honest and very physically fit but I’ve
always considered the whole “who am I” thing to be kind of limiting.

About you:
I will not make a list, because I do not fall in love with a list of attributes,
but with a real person whose aura and character so resonates with me. What I’d
really like to find is more than a pretty face that I can actually connect with
on a deeper level. What matters most is how we make each other feel, the
excitement, energy, passion, tension, and simply enjoying each others company.
Rare, I know, but for my myriad of shortcomings, I am what some would call
“delusionally optimistic.”

I care little for writing clever profiles nor messages back and forth, I’d
rather talk to a woman face-to-face. Interested? Email me and lets get together
and share a few laughs and stories over coffee or drinks, no pressure, just
something fun and relaxing… and see where this will go.

Second Place Winner For Contest B – TIE! Josh M and JDB (profiles above)

Third Place Winner For Contest B – TIE! Phil

In a world full of boys disguised as men, how does a woman know if she meets a real man? Too many times women have been burned by many so-called “men”. They are not real men, but little boys pretending to be men. Outwardly they look like men, but deep inside they have not developed the characteristics of a true man.

That is why I am giving you women out there the guide you need to find the real man you have been longing for.

Here is a list of a few characteristics that a real man should have:

1. Honesty – A real man doesn’t have time for games and bullshit. He is direct and honest with his intentions.

2. Loyalty – A real man is committed to those he cares about. He is fiercely loyal to his family, friends, and lover.

3. Integrity – A real man has great standards for himself and others. He operates with integrity in every aspect of his life.

4. Hard working – A real man isn’t afraid to work hard. He knows that hard work always pays off. He will work his ass off for any cause he finds worthy.

5. Purpose driven – A real man has a purpose in his life. He has goals and big dreams. He looks at the big picture and constantly looks to improve himself every single day. He never stops learning.

6. Confidence – A real man has true inner confidence. He is not arrogant. He doesn’t feel the need to put others down or show off. He is firmly grounded in his ways and beliefs and doesn’t waver. He has true strength. His confidence will inspire others to be more confident as well.

7. Compassionate – A real man has compassion for others. He enjoys helping others. He knows how to show people kindness and treats everyone with respect. Don’t ever confuse his kindness for weakness though. If you dare try to take advantage of him he will not take it lightly.

8. Great lover – Let’s not kid ourselves. Both men and women love sex. A real man takes pride as a great lover. He takes great care to pleasure his woman.

These are just a few characteristics you should look for if you want to find a true man. Do the characteristics listed above intrigue you?

If you think you can handle a real man then send me a message.

Third Place Winner For Contest B – TIE! Nathan

I’m not of the opinion that I need someone else’s map to chart my path through life. My hero would be the snot nosed kid pointing out the emperor’s pimply and bare ass. I take the world for what it is, not what others wish it to be and am fascinated by the powerfully ugly, yet beautiful truths of life.

Career-wise I’m currently the executive chef at a high-end fine dinning restaurant. I’m a rock star at what I do and since I work in an open kitchen you’re welcome to come watch me at play. Being a chef is a lot like being in the mafia: once in, never out-which, as it turns out, is a beautiful thing. I also think being a chef makes me a better lover-the skills and emotions involved in producing a great meal are exactly those at play in relationships: passion, timing, sensitivity, adventurous appetite, the shock of surprise.

I can be an insufferable pain in the ass. Despite my impudence, there are times when I somehow get pegged by the women I date as something of a ‘nice guy’ which I find slightly annoying. I usually dispel that notion by playing with her feet under the table without permission or pushing
her up against a wall and making out with her. Don’t fret about it though! When you and I go to meet you parents or I take you to a nice restaurant I’ll be on my best behavior. I understand there are times when you’re going to want to show off your charming new boyfriend in front of everyone (admit it! Its every womans secret little pleasure) and I know how to play along.

Lately I’ve become something of a gym rat. I love the adrenaline I get from a good workout, not to mention it keeps my sixpack visible when I take off my shirt (I like to show off sometimes). I’ve decided the next challenge I’m going to take on will be Muai Thai. I can handle myself in a fight just fine but I sometimes see the local Muai Thai school jogging around town and some of them look like they could knock over a
skyscraper with their pinkie if they were so inclined. Those dudes inspire me to indulge that streak of primal, cro-magnon aggression running beneath the surface of my personality.

I’m looking for my best friend and partner in crime-you and me babe, against the world. You’ll need to be smart, confident and value your own ideas and beliefs because I am and do mine and I need someone who will stand up to me and keep me humble. Keep in mind I’m both street smart and book smart and not easily fooled. Also, I’ll be singularly impressed if you kick my ass at a board game or drink me under the table-I have this love/lust/sexual tension thing going with competitive women. I want someone whose hand I’ll hold when we cliff jump into the lagoon of a
tropical island, watch the sun sink below the horizon, make love under the stars…but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. If you think you can handle all that, drop me a line and I’ll take it from there.

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10 Comments on “The 2014 Online Dating Profile Contest Winners

  1. What I find really interesting is the difference in avg score between the age groups. Does it come from the younger women spreading their 10s and 1s more evenly among the profiles, or did they just score all profiles lower on average?

  2. Congrats to all the winners!

    I also submitted my profile from last year again with minor adjustments. I didn’t expect so many people would copy verbatim. 🙁

    I find Phil’s real man profile the most interesting. He wrote a lot and didn’t say a single concrete thing – everything is implied. Nice!

    BD, can you make the raw scores of the winning profiles (this year + last) available?

  3. Thank you Ladies for voting high on my profile, the girl (whom I met online) and dating right now sure agrees with your decision 🙂

  4. What I find really interesting is the difference in avg score between the age groups. Does it come from the younger women spreading their 10s and 1s more evenly among the profiles, or did they just score all profiles lower on average?

    The younger women were more likely to rate profiles as “average”. Lots of 5s and 6s on their rankings. Whereas the older women tended to rate things as either very good or very bad, many more 2s and 3s, but also many more 8s and 9s.

    I find Phil’s real man profile the most interesting. He wrote a lot and didn’t say a single concrete thing – everything is implied. Nice!

    Exactly! Conveying masculine concepts using feminine methods. Very effective.

    BD, can you make the raw scores of the winning profiles (this year + last) available?

    Eh…I’d have to go pull all those numbers…so I’ll think about it but no promises. I need to keep my workload to a manageable level here, especially considering I’m writing checks for $400 today.

    I did include the average scores for this year’s profiles above.

  5. Interesting. I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about what makes an effective profile for online dating. I’m looking forward to more comments on the winners from BD & readers.

  6. If it helps you guys, that’s my real match/pof/OKC profile I use. I tweaked it out over a few months and have made a killing off of it over the past 18 months or so. It pretty accurately describes me but of course I adjusted it for crap girls want to hear. I tried to appeal to ages 23-32ish. I’m 29. Girls actually read guys profiles, take the time to make yours GOOD.

  7. Girls actually read guys profiles

    Indeed they do. That’s why this stuff is important.


    A) They don’t dislike any of your photos


    B) Your profile text isn’t angry or boring

    …then women will read your profile, and will read the entire thing.

  8. [quote]BD, can you make the raw scores of the winning profiles (this year + last) available?[/quote]

    Or maybe just stick everybody’s scores in a spreadsheet so those of us who are still struggling can see how well/badly we did?

    MIght even rustle up some business for you from those who scored badly 😉

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