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“No wurries, mite.”

Australia is a land of contradictions. It’s definitely the Western world, but located in Asia (sort of). Its women are the most sex-positive in the Western world, yet some men say it’s impossible to get laid there (which is bullshit, as I demonstrated a few days ago and will again today). As part of the Western world, its economy should be failing, but its proximity to the rising East has protected it (at least so far) from the economic decline the US and Europe is now suffering.

I’ve done business with Australia and many Australians for at least 15 years, but this is the first time I’ve visited the country, a visit long overdue. I’m spending a week here, split evenly between its two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. It’s such a fantastic place that I’ll definitely be back next year, and as of now will begin to make regular business trips out here for consulting, coaching, and seminars.

I love Asia, but I admit it’s nice to finally be back in the West. Being out of the blast furnace that is Singapore and into the normal (for me) cool, rainy weather of Australia in November is nice. It’s also a huge relief to see big round butts, big boobs, and blonde hair on women again. Praise Jesus.

Again, I love Asia, but whenever I leave Asia after a long trip, my subconscious gets “happy” at hearing English spoken again, albeit this time spoken with a funny accent. But hey, English is English. Only after spending a lot of time abroad over the last few years do I now understand non-native people in America when they get excited at hearing their home language. You don’t realize how much you miss it (at least subconsciously) until you hear it spoken again.

Alright. Let’s talk about Australia, both the good and the bad, as there’s quite a bit of both.

A Tale of Two Cities

Sydney and Melbourne. While they’re both beautiful cities, both very Australian, only about one hour distant from each other via plane, and almost the same size (Sydney’s 4.8 million people vs. Melbourne’s 4.4 million), these are two very different cities. Surprisingly so.

The best way I can explain it to those familiar with the US would be to say that Sydney is Australia’s Los Angeles, while Melbourne is Australia’s Seattle.

Sydney is flashy, exciting, and a little superficial. The pace is fast, the women are super hot (more on this in a minute), the men at least appear big and Alpha, and people are more stylish and gregarious. Melbourne is more quiet, artistic, and intellectual. The people are much more average looking, and after about 8:30 pm it feels like most of the city shuts down because everyone goes home to read a book or something.

Melbourne is also bizarrely similar to my home town of Portland. Left-wing culture, heavy focus on books and art, an overabundance of Asians, very cool, mild climate…being here felt just like being home, with both the good and bad that implies.

Interestingly, Sydney people (Synders?) and Melbourne people (Melbornians?) constantly badmouth each other. It’s hilarious. People in Melbourne talk about Sydney people like they’re all a bunch of douchebags and cheap sluts. Sydney people look down at Melbourne people and complain about how they’re a bunch of artsy nerds. Both sets of stereotypes aren’t super wrong.

Let’s talk about both the men and the women here.

1. The men. The rumor I’ve heard in the US is that Australian men are good-looking. When I first arrived in Australia, hitting Sydney first, I did notice the men looked a little better than typical American men. At first, I thought it was because Sydney men had better style (which they do) and tend to sport a more rugged, masculine appearance than American guys (much more facial hair in Australia for example). But as time went on and I saw and met more men here, I had to admit that yes, Australian men are indeed better-looking than American men on average, at least a little. Most of the women I know in the US (including my own daughter) would be very happy here.

As to why the men look different, your guess is as good as mine. Is it because Australians are descended from England’s criminals, and thus have more testosterone and masculine properties in their bloodlines? Don’t know.

It’s important to point out that “better looking” and perhaps “more masculine” don’t necessarily translate to “more Alpha.” There are definitely a lot of Alphas here, but I wouldn’t go as far to say that Australian men are more Alpha than American men. Betas abound in the US and they abound here. They’re just a little better looking here, particularly in Sydney (Melbourne men are more normal looking). A lot of people get caught up in the myth that good looking = Alpha, and this is flat out untrue. I know a hell of a lot of really good looking men who are clearly betas, both in the US and in Australia.

2. Sydney women. Oh my god. Amazing. I wasn’t expecting this at all. I had it in my head that Australian women were supposed to be ugly. Boy, was I wrong, at least in terms of Sydney. Stepping out into Sydney for the first time, I was quite happy at the sheer amount of hotties I saw. White, mixed, blondes, brunettes, holy crap, hotties are everywhere in the downtown areas. One day I walked by a Subway at a mall and the entire line of people were hot women (8s or above). During a simple walk down from my office to get some lunch another day, three women who were 9s-10s walked past me in less than 90 seconds. Walking around Sydney during crowded times of the day is seriously like being in high school again.

Moreover, a high percentage of these women are exactly my type; big boobs, big asses, trim bodies, long hair, many blondes. Regardless of my personal tastes, I can tell you for an absolute fact that, in terms of what most men like in female appearances, Sydney ranks well beyond typical American cities like Chicago or Washington DC and just a notch below super-hot cities like LA or Miami. It’s that good.

I would never live in Australia. Way too socialist (just their sales tax is 10%, on everything!), too mommy-state (they force you to vote or pay a fine, WTF?), but if I lived in Sydney, I would be extremely happy with my woman life. Sadly, my schedule for my eight-day stay in Australia was booked more solid with work than with my Asia visits, so I had no time to play. I’ll have to set aside some woman-time next time I fly out here.

3. Melbourne women. Flying from Sydney and landing in Melbourne, the change is immediate and obvious. Women in Melbourne are clearly uglier, fatter, and more plain. No, Melbourne women aren’t ugly, they’re what I would call “very average.” Again, very similar to my hometown of Portland, in that there are hot girls in Melbourne, but instead of walking around all over the place like in Sydney, you have to hunt for them and sift through a lot of chaff.

I also find facial structures of non-American whites very interesting. As compared to Americans, Australians, particularly the women, have much longer, pointer noses. It’s not a good or bad thing, just different and very noticeable, similar to how Ukrainian women have clearly more round jaw lines. I find these facial structure differences very fascinating, and when I return to the US I’m going to do some reading on this.

3. The culture. The stereotype of Australians being laid back and chill is true, though I knew this well before actually visiting the country. Australians, even the ones in Sydney who are considered “the worst” by Australian standards, are the second nicest people on the planet besides the Canadians.

The only reason Canadians are nicer is because Australians are more blunt and in-your-face than other former British enclaves. However, the bluntness of the Australian is always said with a warm smile and a genuine laugh. Blunt doesn’t mean jerk. Australians are what New Yorkers would be if New Yorkers weren’t assholes.

Laid back doesn’t even begin to describe it. My first full day in Australia was on a national holiday for…get this…a fucking horse race. The entire city of Melbourne shuts down just to watch this damn thing. All the other cities, Sydney included, temporarily shuts down around 1 pm while everyone in the office gathers around the TV, drinks beer (yes, during a the workday), and cheers on whichever horse they’ve bet money on.

That day I was working in one of the tallest buildings in Sydney (Citibank Centre) and as I was hard at work on my laptop, suddenly a pile of loud, laughing Australians started crowding into the office area where I was, bringing food and beer. Soon there where about 20 people around me, laughing and talking and watching the TV mounted up in the wall with the horse races.

“Yo-ah welcome to have eh beeeah with us, mite,” they repeatedly offered. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I don’t drink alcohol; they probably would have fainted. I thanked them and had a few crackers instead. Finally, I couldn’t stand the noise, so I grabbed my laptop and moved into the now abandoned break room. The only other people in there besides me working? Who else, but two Asians visiting from China.

So I huddled down and worked on my Mission, the two Asians worked on taking over the world, and the happy Australians cheered the horses in the next room. Afterwards, four different people came to apologize to me for the noise. Man, these people are nice.

They clearly knew how funny it was to shut everything down for a horse race and were very relaxed about it. “Yeh. It’s theh craaiiziest thing we dew, mite.”

I told them it was fine, and that we in the USA go insane for the Super Bowl, mostly its commercials. We’re all entitled to our weird cultural events. (Though I didn’t have the heart to admit I wasn’t into the Super Bowl either.)

This laid back attitude extends into areas you wouldn’t expect. For example, Australians swear more than any other Westerners I’ve encountered. Walking down the street, whether in a shitty area or in an upper-class business district, you’ll hear the words “fuck” and “shit” fly out of people’s mouths more than any other city (even New York!). All said with a smile and a laugh of course.

4. The infrastructure of Australia is a few notches lower than a typical American city. Some high tech, some low tech, lots of things set up wrong, and a hell of a lot of things that don’t work. You can tell they’re just not trying very hard.

When you enter the country, you’re supposed to register online. I did so, spending about $35, thinking, “Oh, cool. This should save me time going through immigration.”

Wrong. Entering the airport from Singapore, you’re supposed to use an automated computer kiosk. There were about ten of them. Just one problem. Eight of them didn’t work or were turned off. Nice. So I had to line up at one of the only two available.

When I finally got up to one, you’re supposed to scan your passport, so I did. It gave me an error. Tried again. Error. No explanation. I shrugged, knowing that spending the last two weeks in HK/Singapore made me very spoiled with hyper-efficiency and flawless technology. “Ah yes,” I said, staring at the error on the screen, “Here I am in the declining West again.”

I had to go all the way over to the normal immigration desk, wait in line again, and fart around with immigration manually. There goes $35. Oh well. At least they let me skip ahead in one of the lines.

Walking out of the immigration area, my first order of business, as always when I enter a new country, was to A) convert my cash to local currency and B) buy or rent a mobile wifi unit. I saw the currency exchange right around the corner, and was happy they had placed it right by immigration. Turning the corner, I saw no one was there and it was closed. In the middle of a workday. Ah, Australia.

Eventually, after farting around the Sydney airport and waiting in a few long lines, I had my cash converted and my wifi unit (which I purchased instead of rented, so I can use it during future visits here). Doing both took me about 45 minutes. Doing both took me under 10 minutes total in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Then the subways. Oh god, the subways. They suck ass. The actual trains are nice and clean and double-decker, which is cool. The problem is the train/subway stations are not labeled or designed in any way that makes sense. In Hong Kong and Singapore, I never had to “think” about what to do or where to go; it was all effortless, and I could navigate a train station I had never visited in literally seconds.

In Australia, I was constantly having to walk around, look for signs that weren’t there, look for help that wasn’t there, and waste time. Once while going to the Sydney airport to catch my flight to Melbourne, in the main train station (called Central) I could not find any sign showing me where the airport train was. I walked around and finally saw one. It listed all the stops by platform, which is stupid (it should list them by stop), forcing you to read down this entire massive list of stops in no particular order.

The airport wasn’t on the list. The airport? Not on the station map? That can’t be right. Nope, I was right, it wasn’t there.

So once again, I had to walk around the entire station like an idiot looking for which platform housed the airport train. Amazingly, none of the platforms are labeled as to where they go (at best they show the name of the line, not any of the stops), so that wasn’t any help. Finally I found a staffer and asked her. She told me “Platform 23” which was all the way back where I had come from.

Again, this entire process in Asia would have taken literally seconds.

So I fly to Melbourne, and in that airport, look for the train. But no! Unlike every other major city in the universe, there is no train station at the Melbourne airport. What?!?

Oh well, I’ll just use Uber. But no! Socialist Australia has banned Uber from their airports. What?!? THAT’S CORRECT, CITIZEN. WE MUST PROTECT OUR TAXI DRIVERS FROM TECHNOLGY, PROGRESS, AND SUPERIOR SYSTEMS. I wonder if horse and buggy drivers had politically correct, socialist government protections like this in 1905. Would cars have ever been invented?

Sigh. I had to use an expensive shuttle bus just to get downtown. Insane. Because there’s no train and no Uber at the airport, Melbourne people joke about “the big yellow line” on the road going to the airport. That yellow line is a line of taxis. Sure enough, when I went back to the airport to leave for Fiji, there was that big yellow line, sitting in a snarl of traffic, all piled up, trying to get people to the trainless, Uberless airport. I saw it, because I had to sit in that traffic too. Wow.

On top of all that, the subway/train costs in Australia are way overpriced. In Sydney, my hotel was just six stops, close together (with one interchange) from the airport. The subway ticket to get there? $17 AUD, which is about $12 USD. WTF? Twelve dollars to go six stops? Using a shitty subway system? Whereas the exact same distance in a hyper-expensive Asian city like Hong Kong or Singapore, using a top-notch subway system, would have cost me about $1.70.

Arriving in Melbourne, I checked into my rented apartment. It’s a beautiful apartment, but the air conditioning doesn’t work. I’m a big man, raised in the Pacific Northwest. I get hot. I like my AC. I tell the guy who manages the building. He says he’ll get right on it “first thing in the morning.”

The next morning comes and goes. Nothing. Coming back from my business appointment at about 5 pm, he texts me asking if the air conditioning guy can come by tomorrow. I tell him no, since that’s when I’ll be doing the Blackdragon Retreat. As of this writing I still have no AC in my apartment. It’s not a big deal, but it’s yet another symptom of Australia’s lackadaisical attitude towards their infrastructure as compared to what I’m used to in America (which itself is light years behind urban Asia).

The West declines, the East rises. No wurries mite.

5. Left wing as fuck. I know this is not news to most of you, but holy crap, Australia is left wing as hell. I don’t watch much television in my normal life, but when I visit a new country I turn on various channels as I’m working or getting ready in the morning (or evening) to get a feel for the local culture.

And boy, did I get a feel for it! From the moment I turned on the TV I was assaulted with racial equality this and gender equality that and rich people don’t pay enough taxes this and gay people that and god damn kill me now. Seriously, even the business channels are full of gender equality in business we need to protect the environment blah blah blah.

I knew Australia was a left-wing and socialist like the rest of the declining West, but man, they really don’t hide it here at all. It’s right out there for everyone to see. Which I guess is the way they like it. No wurries, mite.

6. Sexual dynamics. As I talked about a few days ago, meeting and talking to many women here didn’t indicate to me in any way that they were any bitchier, or had more ASD, or were more picky, or were more feminist than any typical American city, which in themselves are full of bitchy, feministy, high-ASD women. Once again, as I said a few days ago, these are Western conditions, not Australian ones. The entire West is moving this way, and moving this way fast, not just Australia.

I know plenty of normal-looking guys who get laid here and spoke to a few of them during my vist. I saw plenty of hot chicks with normal-looking men, both in Sydney and in Melbourne. I also used my eye-contact test, where I hold the eye contact of all the pretty girls I see as I walk around any time I visit a new country. Based on the complaining I’ve heard about Aussie women, I was expecting them to hold my gaze longer than American women. The Australian women didn’t hold my eyes any stronger or more consistently than American women do.

At the Blackdragon Retreat, I asked the guys to raise their hands if they had sex with any new women in the last six months. Half the room raised their hands, and many guys not raising their hands were in mono-LTRs, so you can’t even count those guys as “not raising hands.” Of the men raising their hands, there was no correlation at all between the better-looking ones and the more average-looking ones. As a matter of fact, the oldest guy with his hand raised said, “Last night!”

I asked them about the internet rumor that “women are too feminist in Australia,” or “betas can’t get laid in Australia” or “older guys can’t hook up with younger women in Australia.” None of them agreed with it and had no idea what I was talking about (these were men from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane). One Aussie there who had actually lived in England and the US said, “Women are like that everywhere, not just here.”


One thing I did notice is that several women I talked to during my stay brought up the fact they had boyfriends almost immediately in the conversation, well before it was called for. That’s different. (Ah HA! See BD??? Guys can’t get laid here! I told you! Dude, do you know how many women I have sex with who have boyfriends? Monogamy doesn’t work. Stop pretending it does.)

Again, when I return with more time on my hands, I’ll have sex with a few of these women. (And as I said a few days ago, you Australia-bitchers will still complain.)

7. Wonderfully beautiful landscape. Australia is really beautiful. Green and lush, rolling landscapes, with water everywhere. Flying over the country, I saw some of the most beautiful vistas I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something, since I live in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. It’s so nice that I’ve set a goal to visit the further interior of the continent on a future stay, both the forests and the desert. Tasmania too, which since watching the Willem Dafoe movie The Hunter I’ve always wanted to explore it. Perhaps on my future month-long Sydney trip.

The cities are also very clean, both physically and in terms of air quality. This was a nice change from the shitty air of Hong Kong and the sauna-like heat of Singapore.

Overall, I really like Australia. The relaxed atmosphere is nice (other than the substandard infrastructure and the socialism), the women are super hot (at least in Sydney), and the guys are chill and cool. Next year I’m going to be back in Australia to do an entire battery of workshops, seminars, and in-person coaching in various cities. Can’t wait to go back.

Next up, some well-earned vacation and relaxation time in Fiji…

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22 Comments on “A Dragon In Australia

  1. Yeah, the trainlines to many airports in Australia are privately developed. This means you can expect a $15 ticket from the CBD for a ~20 minute trip. Companies (like Airtrain in Brisbane) have a monopoly on that line even though they’re integrated into the public transport network and are happy to price gouge passengers as they know the only alternative is a more expensive taxi, or slow shuttlebus.

    Interesting to hear about the women and your views on the technology and socialism here. The worst thing is that Australia is overly regulated into a nanny state. Everything is wrapped in cotton wool.

  2. Australia would be a dream habitat for xpat American alphas if it wasn’t for the countries’s fucked up political woes.

    Monogamy can work and does in some form for other countries. However, it doesn’t work as effectively in our brave new western order.  With hypergamy run amok, there’s always a bigger fish.

  3. So, just so I’m clear, Sydney train lines are privatized, stupid expensive, and inefficient (capitalist model)… and the subway in Singapore is government built and maintained (a socialist service) and runs like clockwork.

  4. BD, can you please explain the logic behind the eye-contact test?

    I’m not sure how much logic is behind it, but it’s something I can do very quickly with a massive sample size for any city I’m in.

    Speaking very generally, if women look away first, or quickly, they’re likely more submissive, or more feminine, or less aggressive. If they hold your gaze the entire time, they’re likely the opposite (more dominant, or more masculine, or more aggressive).

    I can to that with 100 women in just 2 or 3 days of walking around, just to see differences in women in different cities. I have no idea as to its accuracy; it’s just something I do.

    Monogamy can work and does in some form for other countries.

    No. Monogamy doesn’t work anywhere in the modern Western world unless it’s under 3 years or so (barring rare exceptions to the rule).

    So, just so I’m clear, Sydney train lines are privatized, stupid expensive, and inefficient (capitalist model)… and the subway in Singapore is government built and maintained (a socialist service) and runs like clockwork.

    No. Australia’s trains are not privatized, they’re corporatist. People don’t understand the difference (which is by design by the elites).

    Privatized means any free market company can set up any train lines they want, pretty much anywhere they want, and can go into competition against other businesses that do so. This drives costs down and quality up. Privatization is a good thing.

    Corporatist means one gigantic, well-connected corporation (or perhaps two) bribes a bunch of politicians (legally or illegally), getting big government to “anoint” that one provider as the only provider of that service (trains), and disallowing all other competition. This drives costs up and quality down. Corporatism sucks. It’s how the US does much of these things. Looks like Australia is acquiring some of our bad habits.

  5. My one experience with an Australian woman was very straightforward. I don’t know if this was just her, or they way things go in that culture (my buddy says it is the culture). We met online in NYC (Tinder) and she agreed to meet me at my hotel’s rooftop bar for a drink that night. After two drinks, when I offered a third, she said, “No thank you, why don’t we just go to your room.” The highlight of the night, after we started to get busy, was when I looked up from between her legs and she said, “Soooo, how are things….down under?”

  6. Australian leftie, here.

    One of the reasons Australia didn’t suffer much during the GFC is we rely on exports to Asia, sure. But another reason is that while every other western nation responded by pumping even more money into the stock-market, the Gillard government (for instance) handed out money to schools earmarked for captial works, and even just outright gave free money to every citizen. Pure Keyensianism. Worked great.

    The 10% sales tax on everything was introduced in the ’90s, and replaced a tangled mess of state and federal wholesale sales taxes. The only time I voted Liberal (our right wing party) was because Howard was promising to do that. The deal is that it’s a simple, uniform tax, but all the proceeds go to the states. Nice bit of politics there: it’s how he managed to get the states to agree. The wimminz want tampons to be exempt, of course (Why? Because it would specifically benefit women and not men.), but so far we’ve been able to fend them off.

    Weather here runs on a cycle linked to the southern pacific oscillation – which is also responsible for the el nino/la nina in South America. Come back in five years, and November will be an unbroken string of hot, sunny days. And people will be getting nervous about the water level in Warragamba Dam.

    Compulsory voting means that elections aren’t dominated by isolated pressure groups who can get the vote out. Voting is a basic duty of every citizen – like driving on the left-hand side. The main great thing about the voting here is that we use instant runoff voting. This means that you can vote for the “keep australia white” party and take “the national party” as your second choice and not throw your vote away. Consequently, at every election the politicians get an unmistakable message from the electorate in the only language that a politician really respects, by way of the primary vote.

    If Sydney and Melbourne are too left-wing for you, visit Brisbane. Queensland is Australia’s Texas. Also more swearing the further north you go.


  7. Hello people,

    Lay into me thick, I acted as a beta. Lay some wisdom on me. I want to be ripped apart. Its not that I do not understand game, but when push came to shove this is how i reacted.

    I had been on a few dates with a woman in my office.We made out. Long story short, I left that job and moved to another city 4 hours away.

    After, moving to the new city, I went back to the old city to collect my belongings, (I was moving house). She very enthusiastically wanted to meet me. We met and we made out.

    15-20 days later, I texted her, “Movie this saturday” . A day later she replied, “Sorry I have other plans”.

    I didn’t have any contact with her for the next few days. She texts me,”someone was supposed to meet and me take me to movie. Looks like he is kidnapped.”

    So, I replied after a couple of days on text. This is the conversation that ensued:

    Me: Coffee,Thursday, 5 PM

    Her: Sorry, Wednesday and Thursday I have holidays and we are planning to shift house (She had to to shift within the same city). So will be busy packing and loading

    Me: U don’t have to explain, I get it.

    H: Unlike u my dad does not approve of movers and packers. Get what?

    M: When a girl meets she wants to meet

    H: Oho

    M: Else excuses galore

    H: Don’t analyze girls. No one has been successful so far

    M: Babe, I have been with quite a few. I am not naive

    H: Oh don’t overreact. We are moving from one house to another

    M: That’s good

    H: so you can come here

    M: No sorry

    H: y?

    M: U think I wanna meet your family?

    H: Oh u don’t? I thought u wanted more than friendship

    M: U want me to ask your hand or what!

    H: If u want more than friendship, u will have to ask the whole of me not just the hand

    M: That’s a better one. u mad me smile

    H: 🙂 Oh I am here to make me smile

    M: Do u even wanna meet or am i pushing you?

    H: No, I do want to meet. But really I am shifting. u can always come to my house

    M: we will c abt that

    H: ok let me know. u haven’t seen my house. So u will get a chance to meet my whole family

    M: no, not now

    H: Hmm…

    M: i have some work in your city…..maybe we will c then.

    H: ok

    M: gtg, enjoy your life, bye.

    H: u too, bye

    That was the conversation we had. A day earlier, we were talking and when I asked her what she did on sunday, she said she had gone on a long drive with a friend. That made me feel a little insecure.

    A spoke with one of my old colleagues on phone, and he tole me that this woman had a new guy in her life, though he was not sure.

    Comments, please. Should I hit this woman up in a couple of week’s time or should I let it be? I really want to bang her and I have no other options at present.



    Yes, I think she has lost interest. She was in an off and on relationship with some guy for 6 years. When we first met her on a date, she told me the guy was an ex.
    After, I moved to the other city, they continue to talk. My ex colleagues tell me she has been fighting over the phone with her.

    Over the past one, she has not been sending whatsapp kisses either. When I ask her, she says she is not comfortable. She used to send kisses earlier.

    Also, the last two times asked her what she did (both days were holidays), she said , she had gone on long drive with some friend.

    I am not going to push it. But any way, I come put of it with my head held high?

    I feel like a fucking loser right now.

    What do you guys do when you are rejected?

    Also, from the text conversation, did I come out as needy?
    How would you guys have, replied to her statement of being busy?

    For my closure, I want to ask her if she is seeing someone. but would that help, or would it make me an even bigger beta than I currently am in her eyes?


  8. …and your right wing, racist, bigoted, violent model of society in ‘Murica! is so so much better.
    “The only thing that stops gun violence is more guns.” – good luck with that Cowboy.

    Why are Yanks so afraid of a bit of moderate socialism? I find it odd that a country that claims to hold Christian values so dear, has a “fuck you, you’re on your own” attitude to those that fall on hard times or can’t take care of them selves. Freedom my arse.

    Pete, Melbourne.

  9. …and your right wing,

    That term is very relative.

    racist, bigoted,

    What are you talking about? You’ve bought into bullshit Marxist stereotypes.

    violent model of society

    That is relative as well.

    “The only thing that stops gun violence is more guns.” – good luck with that Cowboy.

    Self defense is a human right. If you believe the government should take that human right away from you, or exercise it on your behalf, without your consent, you’re a tyrant.

    Why are Yanks so afraid of a bit of moderate socialism?

    Because socialism is the very definition of theft. A poor man using the government as a gun to the rich man’s head and forcing said rich man to surrender his own property against his will is tyranny.

    Also, being dependent on the government makes you a child dependent on a parent. The parent is the boss because the parent gives you food and shelter. Freedom means we take care of the government, not vice versa. The government’s job is to safeguard human rights (including the right of self defense), not take care of us like infants. The caretaker is the boss of the receiver. We want to be caretakers, not the government, because we don’t want to be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people. So we give the government money because we are its parents, not vice versa. It’s about power.

    I find it odd that a country that claims to hold Christian values so dear,

    Your information here is grossly out of date.

    has a “fuck you, you’re on your own” attitude to those that fall on hard times or can’t take care of them selves. Freedom my arse.

    There is a tremendous difference between “fuck you, you’re on your own” vs. the government shouldn’t help you by stealing from me via mandatory taxation. You socialists have a “government or nothing” mentality when it comes to helping the poor, which is a classic false dilemma. Falling on hard times is not a license to steal, or threaten to put the rich in prison if they don’t give money to the poor via taxation.

    Freedom means that the government doesn’t directly stand in your way or provide any affirmative obstacles in your path. Freedom doesn’t mean that the government has any kind of duty to alleviate obstacles that are not of its own making. As soon as the government starts taking care of you, instead of you taking care of it, your freedom is gone. The American Founding Fathers would have never rebelled against England (no matter how totalitarian it became) if King George gave them free healthcare.

    Again, it’s about power.



  10. PaulMurray –

    I disagree with just about every political statement you made, but I’m not getting into a political debate here. If you honestly love how your country is run, that’s great, stay there.

    zyzz –

    Your post is way off-topic. Post in a different thread please.

    Pete –

    My country A) isn’t right wing (just about 25% is; go to my other blog for more info and stats on this) and B) really sucks ass, which is why I’m moving to a different country in a few years.

    If you’re looking for someone to defend America, you’re really talking to the wrong guy. My country’s politics suck, and so do yours.

    And by the way, if your only response to criticism of your country is “Well your country sucks too!!!” that reveals something about your own country, doesn’t it?

  11. BD,

    An interesting perspective on my country. As for the fact that we are too socialist, at least Aussie private companies do not have government enforced diversity quotas. Now that is what I call socialism. However, you’re completely correct in what you have observed. If we continue on the current path I’ll have to leave Australia within the next five years, (I’m considering Uruguay).  The next federal election will be crucial.

    As for Aussie women, I stopped dating them almost 20 years ago, (I’m 44). They may be beautiful but they shriek like harpies and have a corresponding attitude.


    Your GFC analysis is delusional.

  12. As for the fact that we are too socialist, at least Aussie private companies do not have government enforced diversity quotas.

    They don’t have them yet. They will. Just wait. Socialism is an ever-increasing growth wave, not a static condition.

    As for Aussie women, I stopped dating them almost 20 years ago, (I’m 44). They may be beautiful but they shriek like harpies and have a corresponding attitude.

    Not a problem for me. In my world, a hot girl with a bad attitude is called an “FB.”

  13. BD maybe you just hang around fanboys who won’t or probably don’t have an experienced opinion in what goes on down under to tell you what you may not want to hear when it comes to intersexual relations.

    Yep tons of hot chicks, yep socialism is there too, but both have different customs and ways of doing things. Of course women are going to want to have sex with men, regardless of location, it’s just the natural course of events. But while you are correct in stating that men are above average, there are also so many of them with below average women. Fit, tall good looking men with 6s or below and fat are in abundance and they are shrills. This creates a different market dynamic.

    Aussies chicks like to think they “fuck like a man” and love the real bad boys, ie criminals. The Alpha/Beta is very polarized.

    FTR I have lived in a few countries, you can’t really know what goes on and there’s always the tourist benefit when you’re a visitor.

  14. BD maybe you just hang around fanboys

    Of course. Of every guy I talked to in Australia, 100% of them are lying to me, and they’re all wrong and you’re right.

    By the way, at least one-third of the men who went to the BD workshop I did had never read my blog and went only because of recommendations from other local guys (which is normal for those kinds of events). But yes, I’m sure they were somehow lying and/or wrong too.

    Fit, tall good looking men with 6s or below and fat are in abundance and they are shrills.

    Same as in America.

    Aussies chicks like to think they “fuck like a man”

    Exactly the same as in America, particularly in my city, where I get laid with no problem have have for years.

    and love the real bad boys

    Same as in America.

    I have lived in a few countries, you can’t really know what goes on

    Yes, I’m sure all the data from the thousands of men I’ve communicated with about this is all wrong and you’re right.

    there’s always the tourist benefit when you’re a visitor

    Yep, just as I said in the above article, I could quickly fuck numerous hot girls in Australia you’d still find a reason to think it’s super difficult to lay hot chicks there.

    You know what? You’re right. All the cute girls in Australia only want to fuck perfect-10 bad boy super-Alphas and all other normal guys must settle for fat, ugly, angry chicks. Australia is completely unique this way and there’s no other countries like it. All non-10 guys in Australia are completely screwed and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, so just stop trying. Stay home, play video games, have sex with 5s and 6s when you can, and lament about how hopelessly terrible your country is. Good plan.

  15. Well I was looking forward reading this comment section more than the article itself , and I was not disappointed.

    There is nothing than Australians hate more than constructive criticism , even slightest one , of their country.


    I`m a Czech living in Melbourne for the past 10 years , left my country after the compulsory military service , with no money and after living in UK for three years I saved enough to move to  Australia , spent $5k (all of my money) to be eligible to apply for a permanent residency.


    9 of the 10 years here I spent working as a carpenter (framing a house in summer on a 45 degree C day, day after day is hell) , never received a cent from Centrelink and pay taxes.

    I`m qualifying myself here to shut the “go back to your country” yokels  up , I paid my dues , I can criticise all I want.


    Infrastructure in Australia:

    Joke , really. No train to airport in Melb. , local power lines installed on wooden poles , expensive and slow internet , public transport in Melb. is outright insufficient  (Sydney`s great I reckon) , constant road works on the freeways , 110km/h speed limit (WTF) , interstate trains slow and expensive (Melb. to Syd. is $200+ and 10 hrs) and so on , unacceptable in 1st world country.


    Politics and economy :

    Mining supports everything, and financially covers all of the fuck-ups of whatever government is in “power”.

    I.e. : $1 billion spent on poorly working electronic ticketing system in Melb. (Myki) , $4b spent on desalination plant that`s not running , billions spent on subsidizing local car manufactures , that make 300-400K cars a year combined ,  that are not being exported  (WTF!) ,and employ maybe 20000 people.

    The country has endless renewable and nuclear power generation possibilities , more than any country in the world , but are left completely unused in favour to burning coal.

    That`s the path we chose , the bubble will burst eventually and there`s nothing an individual can do about it , but it still irks me coming from a landlocked country with no resourced remaining.


    Dating and women :

    The lure of the Alpha is the same here as everywhere in the world , deal with it.

    I was in a relationship for 7 years. House , child , possessions , the works. Inevitably she wanted to split and because I wasn`t stupid enough to get married , she had to pay me out after I moved.

    I started my own business immediately  and I have a 6 year old son in school , so not much time or money (I have to spend money on materials first to make money later) or real motivation for dating , but I tried Okcupid for 2 months in winter.

    I`ve opened maybe 50 women , got responses from about 15 (excellent rate) and ended up on 3 dates. Great result , I think.

    Did I get sex ?  No.

    Who`s fault was that?  Mine , entirely.

    I could`ve had sex with all of those dates , probably on the same night (I`m told I`m a 9 in looks , the girls tell me this , I`m shorter at 178cm , but I have an accent , so that`s a point up ,  I frankly think I`m ugly as sin , but I digress) , but my attitude was wrong, I constantly worry about money and providing for my boy which puts out a stressed vibe (girls want to have fun!!) ,and I didn`t touch them in any way , at all , but yet 2 leaned in for a kiss at the end.

    So great possibilities dating scene wise.

    Also lot of single women here are wog (Greece , Italian ) girls in their 30`s , living with their parents and desperate for a relationship , so be careful.

    And just to be clear I`m not MGTOW , sex is extremely important for a man`s motivation and overall energy/happiness , I just need to prioritize right now and dating is not high up.



    To be brutally honest , Australians are not tough or laid back (the 20% of people living in the country excluded) they`re insecure , touchy , nervous and scared , deep down.

    Women are women , put in the effort , don`t be a brown nose suck up and you`ll be fine.

    Fuck , I know some manginas , government/council employees especially.

    Aussies are tuff , my arse….


    p.s: I apologize for my grammar/spelling , English is my third language.


    To Blackdragon:

    Sorry for the essay in the comments section , I`ve never commented here or anywhere on manosphere ever before (I have better things to do), but an article about Aus. was too good an opportunity to miss.

    And also your blog is one of the few beacons of common sense on the internet , so it was the right place to do so.

  16. BD, I would say you workshop attendees are mainly betas, AFCs and guys who’ve been in long shitty relationships. No offence to them, but that’s how it goes. Not guy who stayed single and hunting with few breaks for ltr or mltr over 2-3 decades.

    You talk like a guy who’s been there for a few days, or someone who spent 20 yrs with the first girl that would have them and occasionally fuck them too…well before kids anyway and has just read a pua book.

    Even Roosh’s books reveal that countries have different SMV dynamics when looked at from the inside. So if you’re gonna analyze, do it a little deeper and detailed please.

    Also the pub and nightclub scene is much more aggressive and brutal than you guys (Jiri) think compared to EU and US. And it’s mellowed a lot since the 90s. Some of it also has to do with many ethnicities and their tendency to congregate.

    The avg aussie beta can be much more a white knight than other places, including the ones that appear to be fit buff alphas. I’ve seen many guys happy and keen to fight for chicks they don’t know form a bar of soap.

  17. BD, you mentioned in one of your posts that your diet when travelling consists of 2 big salads daily right?

    I have a few questions though:

    1 How long at a stretch can you go on this?
    2 Is it healthy? Doesn’t eating just salads day after day upset you in any way? (Purging for example?)
    3 What reactions do you have as regards weight/fat/muscle gain/loss when you do this.


  18. You stated that Melbourne women are average looking and Sydney girls are hot. I would say that Melbourne women are butt ugly and Sydney girls are average. In both cities you`ll find the `hotter than hell` women of course, but to come across one of these, in Sydney you`ll need a shotgun and a rocket launcher in Melbourne. When i first arrived in Melbourne from Europe, i was gobsmacked by the quality (lack off) of the women i was seeing around.

    Apart from that – acknowledging that you`ll either have to lower your standards or have sex every leap year -,  women are among the easiest to approach and if you cant score (sex or number) on a Saturday night, then something is wrong with you. Many times you`ll get approached by the more aggressive girls and that make things even easier.

    As Jiri said, be careful with the `havetogetmarriedasap“Greekitalians (Maria`s) over 28-30. They`re out on the hunt and are thirsty for fresh beta blood. 🙂


  19. Mate, come back to Melbourne in summer on a 45 degree day (celsius) and tell me its cool and mild

    Haha. Yeaahhhhh, how many days a year does Melbourne get 45C degree weather, really?

    How long at a stretch can you go on this?


    Is it healthy?

    Eating salads? Extremely so. (There’s chicken in the salad.)

    Doesn’t eating just salads day after day upset you in any way? (Purging for example?)

    Haha, no. What an odd question. Why would eating salads give me any trouble?

    What reactions do you have as regards weight/fat/muscle gain/loss when you do this.

    I lose fat and feel good. I don’t gain muscle; that requires more protein. Though again, I always eat meat (chicken) with the salads.


    I agree with what you said about Melbourne; it was hard to find truly hot girls there.

    But if you’re saying it’s hard to find hot girls in Sydney, you’re dead wrong. Just like I told the guy who lives in LA and thinks all the girls in LA are “fat,” if you seriously think you have to look hard to find a hot girl in Sydney then you have very specific, very picky tastes in women. Which is fine, but the vast majority of (white) guys in the world would be extremely happy at the physical appearance of Sydney women. Hotties were everywhere when I was there. Literally.

  20. What a great article/comments. A lot of it’s fucked up …but no worries mate!! I’m an aussie male from Sydney, writing this in LA. Going to Denver and NYC soon. Spent a lot of time in the USA .

    1. Sydney women are smoking hot bitches and need to be treated with indifference. Banged 10 new ones this year. LA sucks …I have a fetish for white anglo women. NYC is awesome for chicks. Melbourne is good. Brisbane is terrible. Gold Coast is average. Country areas suck.
    2. Fuck unrestrained capitalism, where your family of birth matters heaps. In Aust, if you are poor white trash, but smart and hard working, you can go to University for nothing up front and minimal cost after.
    3. Australians have a total disrespect for authority. Convict roots. We don’t salute the flag, respect the president and even know most of the anthem. Wtf is girt by sea? Haha. We don’t need guns. If the British try to invade us, we’ll fckn worry about it then. But there’s waaaay more chance of lovelorn, loser betas killing with an AK than a foreign power trying to rip up my constitution. In fact, our constitution is an 1899 Act of the British Parliament. Who gives a fuck?
    4. Been to Asia heaps. It’s efficient but fckn sucks. BOTTOM LINE ……YOU WILL DIE ONE DAY …..Life is about enjoying yourself, not being joylessly efficient, lotsa money, in a crap, overworked, trashed environment.
    5. Yes. I hate a lot about Aust, but I hate it less than the rest of the world. I hate equalism, but I LOVE equality of opportunity. Have a go!
    6. Too much beta here too …..but the bluntness helps in that we will tell people to fuck off and not apologise for being who we want to be.
    Cheers mate !!
    Barry Kokoda.

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