We are just three days away from the biggest course I’ve ever done, The Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle Course, in which you will learn how to improve your financial life, woman life, and overall levels of freedom. Today I’m going to give you some of the new content from the course that I have never discussed anywhere else before.  

To quickly recap, in the last two articles I defined the three baselines for the Alpha Male 2.0: financial, woman, and for men over the age of 35, physical. I also went into great detail as to what comprised an Alpha 2.0 financial life, woman life, and for the audio subscribers of the blogs, a 35+ man’s physical life. 

These three baselines are core to your long-term happiness as a man. 

But! There’s a catch to all this. 

The problem is that I can’t tell you what, for example, your ideal woman life should look like because I don’t know how old you are or where you are in life. 

It would be presumptuous and downright silly of me to sit here and lay out a specific picture of what your Alpha Male 2.0 woman life should look like.  

“You should bang 100 girls!”  

“You should be full-on polyamorous with three MLTRs!” 

 “You should get an OLTR girlfriend!”  

“You should go fuck a supermodel!”  

“You should get OLTR married and have some kids!”  

“You should have a bunch FBs and just have fun!”  

Do you see how ridiculous those things sound when I’m saying them to thousands of people? I hope you do, because there are a lot of other content providers in the manosphere who do exactly that. They tell you, in very specific terms, exactly what your woman life should look like. Moreover, they say (or imply) that if you don’t get exactly what they tell you to get, there is something wrong with you.  

There are pick-up artist types who say you need to bang 50+ women, otherwise you’re a hopeless beta loser – and you see it with tradcon types who say you need to get traditionally/monogamously married and have kids, or else you’re selfish and destroying the world. And there are scores of variations inbetween these extremes. 


  • Some of you are 22 years old, and some of you are 57 years old.
  • Some of you have had sex with 70+ women already, and some of you are practically virgins.
  • Some of you are hardcore Thrill of the Hunt men who constantly crave sexual newness and love the hunt, and some of you don’t give a shit about any of that and just want regular, recurring sex from the same two or three women forever.
  • Some of you have never had a serious relationship, and some of you are divorced from a marriage of more than 10 years.
  • Some of you have lots of free time on your hands to devote to your woman life, and some of you are extremely busy with your work, fitness, family life, and/or Mission and have very little time to engage in picking up women. 

That’s why saying or implying that you “need” to configure your woman life a certain way (or else you suck!) doesn’t make any goddamn sense. Any decent-sized audience is going to be full of very different men with very different needs, desires, and constraints. As a monetized blogger with 10+ years of experience, I know this well. 

So any recommended structure for your woman life, your financial life, and any other aspect of your life needs to be calibrated to how old you are, your personality, and where you are in life. This will vary greatly from man to man.  

That’s where the three life phases come in. The course goes into these in great detail, but I will quickly overview what they are here.  

As an Alpha Male 2.0, once you reach (virtual) adulthood at age 18 or so, you will go through three distinct phases in life. 

1. The Breakout Phase 

2. The Empire-Building Phase 

3. The Actualization Phase 

The Breakout Phase is your first phase in adult life. In general, you’re in your twenties or perhaps early thirties (though there are plenty of exceptions of men over age 35 who are still in their Breakout Phases). It is when you are working on “breaking away” from the authority figures in your life, namely:

Your parents (or similar parental figures in your family)
– Your boss
– Your corporate job
– Your girlfriend
– Your own neediness and outcome dependence regarding what people think of you

During the Breakout Phase, you are still being controlled by one or more of the above authority figures. This means you are not free… at least, not yet.  

Your job during the Breakout Phase is to break away from these people so they don’t control you anymore. Move out of your parents house. Get your own business so you don’t have to report to a job anymore. Dump that dominant girlfriend who runs your life and have sex with happy FBs and MLTRs instead who never tell you what to do. And so on. 

That doesn’t mean you have to eject these people from your life; you simply remove them as authority figures. In other words, move out of your parents house, but you are more than welcome to still see them and as much as you like and have them in your life. 

The Empire-Building Phase is when you have, more or less, removed the shackles of these authority figures so now you are free to focus your time on excitedly building your empire. Your empire” can mean whatever you want it to mean. Your empire might be a small, humble $75,000 per year Alpha 2.0 business with one MLTR and one FB. Perfectly fine. Someone else’s empire might be to make $10 million with three MLTRs who are all 19 year-old perfect 10s. Also fine. Your empire is whatever you want it to be. There is no right or wrong. In the course, we go over very specific, step-by-step techniques on exactly how to define your empire and how to get it. 

The Empire-Building Phase is usually for men age 30-60 or so, though again, there are many exceptions (there are some men under 30 or well over 60 who are in their Empire-Building Phases). I myself am in the heated climax of my Empire-Building Phase right now, and I fucking love it! I’ve got just a few more years before I transition over into… 

The Actualization Phase. This is the phase during which you have pretty much accomplished all of your big goals and dreams in life. It’s for much older men, usually over age 60 (though again, there are many exceptions to that). It’s when you become self-actualized. Since you’ve accomplished all of your “worldly” goals surrounding things like finances, women, and health (as much as is possible based on your age), you are now free to experience whatever you want to experience with a completely different set of goals that have nothing to do with building an empire.  

Here are some examples. If you decide to set new business/work/finance goals in your Actualization Phase, you don’t work for the money (since you don’t need any), but instead work for the betterment of the world or for some internal expression or satisfaction. If you set any woman goals, it’s not because you need to get laid or need companionship (since you already have all of that you’ll ever need), but instead to deepen the connection (or connections) or perhaps experience something on a spiritual level rather than a physical or emotional one. You get the idea. 

Your financial life, woman life, and (if it applies) your physical life need to be adjusted, perhaps greatly, to your current life phase.  

Here are some examples: 

If I told you to focus on building your investing skills, but you were in your Breakout Phase, that would be stupid. But if I instead told you to start your Alpha 2.0 business on the side, that would be a very good idea for you. 

If I told you to go have sex with 40 women as soon as possible who are as hot as you can attract, that might make perfect sense if you were in your Breakout Phase, but that would be absolute lunacy if you are at the tail end of your Empire-Building Phase. 

If I told you to settle down with a woman via OLTR Marriage or similar, that would be insanity if you were in your Breakout Phase, and dangerous if you were in the earlier stages of your Empire-Building Phase, but would perhaps make perfect sense if you were in the latter part of the Empire-Building Phase or in your Actualization Phase. 

Your current life phase applies to all kinds of things – whether to do night game or online dating, whether or not to take that new job, whether to have a serious OLTR or just casual FBs, whether or not to shift your focus from your business to your investments, and on and on. 

The Maximum Freedom Course will walk you through this entire process, from planning all the way to daily implementation. It will help you become freer and happier and achieve abundance financially and in your dating/sex life. It’s the biggest course I’ve ever done, and the largest amount of content I’ve put into one place. I seriously can’t imagine doing something this big and comprehensive again. 

It’s going on sale this Thursday night at midnight PST/PDT for just one week. After Thursday night on September 5th, I will shut down registration for the course and it will no longer be available. The add-on courses for younger men and older men will follow the same release schedule. 

This Friday the 30th, the first day the course is released, at 7pm PST/PDT, I will do a FREE, LIVE webinar that overviews some of the techniques from the course. This webinar is mostly geared toward people who are new to my content, so some of you regular readers might see things in the webinar that are familiar to you. However, I will spend the latter part of the webinar answering any questions you may have, live. Click HERE to reserve your spot. 

As always, I am here to answer any of your questions, comments, or concerns.  

Courses go on sale midnight PST tomorrow night…

Want over 35 hours of how-to podcasts on how to improve your woman life and financial life? Want to be able to coach with me twice a month? Want access to hours of technique-based video and audio? The SMIC Program is a monthly podcast and coaching program where you get access to massive amounts of exclusive, members-only Alpha 2.0 content as soon as you sign up, and you can cancel whenever you want. Click here for the details.

10 Comments on “Designing an Alpha Male 2.0 Life – Part 3

  1. Drooling for this course. The time pressure is a good shock to the system to get the daily iiw work really cranking.

    could take the risk and do the payment plan assuming my sales will go up…but also could improve enough to the point with what I have from you to afford whatever is needed down the road.

    Will put in the hours, tinker, and let the chips fall where they may.

    Thanks for laying all of this out. I always thought there had to be a better solution for getting what I want in life than what seemed to be available in the mainstream.

  2. Caleb, will there be a way to replay the webinar you’re hosting tomorrow night?  I have a buddy that I’ve recently started to introduce your blog/concepts to and I’m sure he’d like to hear what you have to say, but he wouldn’t be off work until later that evening.

  3. Thanks for laying all of this out.

    You’re very welcome.

    Caleb, will there be a way to replay the webinar you’re hosting tomorrow night?

    It won’t be tomorrow night. It will be Friday night. And yes, recorded replays of the webinar will be available for anyone who misses it.

  4. And yes, recorded replays of the webinar will be available for anyone who misses it.

    Hey Caleb, how to get access to the recording, where and how much will it be? Thank you.

  5. how to get access to the recording

    I will post a link tomorrow night or on Saturday after the live webinar is done. (It might actually be the same link; not sure yet.)

    how much will it be?


  6. Caleb, I cant tell you how wrong you are on this path.

    Sex and Women are important, but it isnt the cornerstone of existence as you have made it in your blog.

    Read The Bhagvad Gita, which will help you gain some realisation. I used to follow your blog, but have given it up, as i realised that it chiefly addressed men who were : 1) Mentally fragile & 2)Emotionally susceptible to external influences like women, angry bosses, dominating parents etc.

    Strongly recemmend you view the video below. Will help you gain an enhanced understanding to sexuality.


    P.S. This video is not only for Caleb, but also for the others who follow this blog and pedestalise what he says.




  7. Sex and Women are important, but it isnt the cornerstone of existence as you have made it in your blog.

    That is not only not my opinion, but that is the opposite of my opinion and what I teach. You clearly didn’t even read this article or the preceding one.

  8. For one who requires consistent sex twice a week, it has become the cornerstone of your existence

    You require food more; about 20 times a week. Is food the cornerstone of your existence then? If not, why not? (And thus, the absurdity of your argument.)

  9. One can always chose to nitpickand deflect the argument. Its an old strategy. Watch the video on my previous comment. Will certainly be helpful to you. Maybe one of the last people who will go out of their way to talk to you.

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