2 Comments on “How To Succeed During Coronavirus – Video Lesson 4

  1. Very good advice Caleb! I didn’t realise you went back to your social circle first before hitting the online sites , maybe missed that in the book. Doing the same at the moment, inviting women I know to come dancing at my place, working from my base. As well setting up my online business interviewing my target audience with WhatsApp and fb video to build my offering.

    I have a second idea for a cyber business targeting financial advisors. I am focusing on building the first business at the moment with working in my day job at the same time. Would you recommend to put all my focus in my first business and creating the second one next year once |I started get some income from my first business?


  2. True!

    I’ve only had sex with a new one while I was averaging 1 new ONS/week and 6 among FB/MLTRs and one borderline OLTR (which I eventually downgraded to MTR due to high drama).

    Now with this corona virus BS it’s easy to get them interested (sexting, nudes and have the duplicate for virtual cock) but damn hard to convert those leads. It’s an hysteria.

    So better to stick to ol’ good FBs and MLTRs

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