Big Announcement!

My New Affiliate Program For You!

It’s something many of you have been asking about for many years. My staff and I have been working on this for seven months. I have sunk thousands upon thousands of dollars of my own money into this. It’s finally here.

It is the new Alpha Male 2.0 Affiliate Program. And you can have it all for FREE.

You now have the ability to post links to any and all of my products, courses, or services and get paid 40-50% commission on anything anyone purchases through those links.

If you’re not sure how affiliate programs function, here’s how it works:

1. You sign up for free. Just click here to sign up. You’ll see a message about the Alpha 2.0 Business Course, just ignore that and click Affiliate Signup, then click Free Sign Up.

2. Once you’re signed up, in your affiliate dashboard you can copy and paste links to any of my sales pages for any products I’m currently selling (including books, courses, and programs like SMIC).

3. You can paste these links to your own webpage, social media, emails, wherever you want.

4. If anyone clicks those links, they go to my sales page as normal.

5. If they buy that item on that sales page, you get 40% – 50% of that sale(!). (50% for books and services, 40% for courses), There is no limit to the number of times you can do this. You could actually set up an entire business just selling Alpha Male 2.0 products. 

Think about this for a minute. For example, my Alpha 2.0 Business Course retails for $1,397 right now. The affiliate commission on that is 40%. So if one person purchased that course using one of your links, you would get a check for around $550… and that’s from just one person buying one thing. If the customer purchased a book and also purchased an upsell or bundle, you would get 50% of the entire amount as well.

And it’s all free to you.

If you have any social media following at all, or a blog, or do YouTube videos, or have an online forum or other presence, you can start making instant cash just by posting and promoting a few links. And as I said above, if you were wondering about what kind of online Alpha 2.0 business to start, feel free to start your entire Alpha Male 2.0 products business selling all of my stuff. Perfectly fine with me. I already know several of you are going to do exactly this and will end up making thousands of dollars a month selling all the books and courses it’s taken me years of my life to write and produce.

Click here to sign up for the affiliate program. It’s free. We will also provide you with a getting started video and some other stuff to help you get rolling.

If you are already an experienced affiliate marketer, I need to explain that we have two separate affiliate programs. The first one is the one I’m talking about today, using my own internal affiliate program hosted at Kartra. That’s ready to go right now and you can click here to set up an account. However, we have a second affiliate program using one of the affiliate industry standards, ShareASale, so if you already have a ShareASale account you can use this one instead of (or in addition two) the Kartra program. The ShareASale program is not quite ready yet but it should be in about 1-2 weeks, so if you really want that instead check back in a week or two. If you don’t care which program to use and just want to start making money, click here and sign up now to the Kartra program.

Like any new system, I’m sure there will be little bugs, problems, and questions along the way, as well as pieces we will improve over time, so please let me know or email my staff if you have questions or suggestions.

Here are some questions I’ve already received about this:

What if I’m already set up as an affiliate for your Alpha 2.0 courses in Teachable?

You’ll need to sign up for this new system because it replaces Teachable and any other affiliate system I’ve used in the past. Teachable is really great (it really is) but I’ve already outgrown Teachable which is why I’ve migrated to Kartra.

How can I be sure the links work, i.e. they give me credit for the sale?

Test them first before you roll them out. We’ve done our own internal testing and everything looks to be working correctly, but by all means do your own testing if you’re at all unsure.

When do I get the training video?

We will email a link to you within 48 hours of you signing up. Please be patient (and remember it’s a holiday weekend here in the USA). But frankly, Kartra is a very easy-to-use system and most of you will have it figured out in a few minutes.

Will I get commissions on bundles and upsells?

Yes. You’ll get commissions on 100% of everything you sell through your links regardless of the price configuration the customer purchases on the checkout page. Just be aware that were are constantly testing different upsells, add-ons, downsells, and order bumps (and are doing so right now) so these will be changing quite a bit over the next few weeks. But regardless of what they are, you’ll get your commission on all of these sales.

So I get a commission on literally everything you sell?

We offer affiliate links to everything I sell through my Alpha Male 2.0 company except for the Focus Program, so yeah. If you don’t see links for a particular product you want to promote as soon as you sign up, wait 24-48 hours and check again; it should be there (I’ve got guys working on the system as we speak). (There is no affiliate program for my other two companies, if you were wondering.)

Are you hiring sales reps for any of your companies?

Not at the moment, but I am strongly considering this for later in 2020. For now, sign up for the affiliate program and sell that way. If/when I start hiring sales reps (and I will, it’s just a question of when) I promise I’ll let you know.

Just click here to open a free affiliate account. This could literally be your new Alpha 2.0 business.

7 Comments on “Big Announcement! My New Affiliate Program For You!

  1. This is some next level shit Caleb. This sort of services and products are highly dependent on person-to-person recommendations. Word spreads behind the scenes so it’s a great idea to improve sales like this.

    I bet that it won’t take long when the other guys on the business copy this marketing/sales model. Model in itself it’s nothing new but I haven’t seen anyone in “manosphere” or dating business to use this kind of approach.

  2. Model in itself it’s nothing new but I haven’t seen anyone in “manosphere” or dating business to use this kind of approach.

    Oh, some do, trust me. There’s just a strong anti-making-money vibe in some corners of the manosphere (in the PUA community in particular) so they tend to be very quiet about it. Fortunately I don’t give a fuck.

    But yes, most content providers in the manosphere (and elsewhere) tend to be very poor business people (even if their content is good).

  3. Good stuff. Comment then a question…

    Comment: One of the best instructors I’ve ever had said, “If you want to model someone’s success, do what they do, not what they say/teach.”

    Question: What if a person wants to duplicate your web presence, using your content, and use these affiliate links?

    Talk about hit the ground running…

  4. What if a person wants to duplicate your web presence, using your content, and use these affiliate links?

    Fine with me, as long as you’re only selling my content using those systems.

    Also you won’t have to duplicate the sales pages because you’ll be sending traffic to my sales pages already.

  5. How about cookies? If I refer a person to your alpha 2.0 business course, they subscribe to your newsletter but they don’t buy the course rightaway, how much is the time frame before the cookie expires? Do I still get paid if they buy 30, 60 90 days or a year from the initial click?

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