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Here are a few questions and answers that have come in. Note: We are unfortunately experiencing technical problems where there may be a 3-4 hour delay before you get the book delivered to your email. You will get the book, so don’t freak out, there’s just a delay. The issue will be resolved some time today. To the questions:

If I already have a “normal” business is this book worth getting?

Yes. You can use the information in this book to pinpoint the areas in your current business that need to be changed (and, to a degree, how to change them) in your business to make it Alpha 2.0 compatible.

Is there any new stuff in this book if I already got your Alpha 2.0 Business Course?

Not really, unless you want a quick and easy refresher on the material. This book is a cheaper option for those guys who can’t afford the full Alpha 2.0 Business Course or who want their information in a more summarized and condensed form. Of course the business course has a lot more material than this small book, but that’s the entire point.

Alpha 2.0 Business really means a location independent business, right?

No. That’s just one of the traits but not all of them. You could have a location independent business that isn’t Alpha 2.0 at all (and I’ve seen guys do this).

The Alpha 2.0 business structure differs from normal businesses in four ways:

1. 100% of the income is location independent.

2. It has multiple income streams (instead of just one or two) and involves 2-4 diversified businesses (instead of just one).

3. It only sells high-margin items.

4. You don’t need to work more than 30 hours a week to maintain all the income streams once they’re set up.

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  1. will there be a print on demand paper version of the book?

    Yes. In 1-2 months. I’ll announce it when it’s ready.

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