More Q&A Regarding the New SMIC Program – 24 Hours Left

Here are a few more questions that have come in along with their answers. Just use the coupon code SMICisawesome2020 here if you want to sign up for SMIC before the discounts end tomorrow night.

You don’t answer “there’s this one girl…” questions from your public audience but do you answer those questions in SMIC?

Yes, semi-regularly. My attitude is that if you’re paying me I’ll answer any questions you want even if I think they are coming from a place of oneitis or outcome dependence (which “there’s this one girl…” questions usually are). Just be aware that in addition to answering your question I will remind you in my usual sweet, caring, gentle way that you should be having sex with more women (and hotter women) than just this one girl you’re freaking out about.

Can women join SMIC?

No. Sorry. I’m outcome independent so I think having women in the program would be fine, but I have to make sure that the members are free to be 100% men without censoring themselves in any way because a woman is in the room. You know how it is.

I am what you have called an “extreme beta.” Can SMIC still help me? Or is it more for men already on the Alpha Male path?

Yes, SMIC can help you, a lot. I’ve purposely made it so it can help guys at all three levels: beginner (beta), intermediate (former beta or Alpha 1.0), and advanced (Alpha 2.0 who wants to improve).  There is a massive amount of content in SMIC so there is something for every man at every point in his journey.

Just 24 hours left before all the discounts expire! Click here and use the coupon code SMICisawesome2020 if you want to sign up for SMIC before the discounts end tomorrow night.

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