Q&A Regarding The Focus Program and Testimonials

Just three days left to get a discount if you sign up for the Alpha Male 2.0 Focus Program, where you get ALL of my courses and books for FREE and coach with me one-on-one for an entire year. The end of the day on this Thursday, November 5th is the deadline to sign up and get your discount so click here to get that. Below are some questions and a testimonial from one of the guys in the current Focus Program.

Can I do a payment plan?

Yes, sort of. If you want the $750 discount you can make your $1000 deposit before this Thursday evening, then once we have our quick phone call to make sure the program is right for you, you can make two or three more payments before mid January to cover the rest of the program before our first session in January.

I know I don’t have to travel for this program but if I WANT to travel and see you where would that be?

You can come see me in person for our four primary sessions (though you get 12 sessions for the year). I’m going to be moving around a lot next year but assume these locations will be Portland for January and Phoenix or Dubai (your choice) for all the subsequent sessions for the rest of 2021.

I get all the books and courses even if I miss some of the sessions, right?

Yes. You get 100% of all of my books and online courses, forever, as soon as you sign up officially, meaning as soon as we get your final payment.

Are the sessions video recorded in case I miss one?

Yes. All sessions will be video recorded and you will have access to all of them if you miss any. However, you’d better not miss “many” sessions or else you may have to leave the program. This program is for guys who are serious about getting their Alpha 2.0 structures in place.


Here’s a testimonial from “K”, one of the guys in our current Focus Program, as I received it, completely unedited by me.

Some background on me. 49 years old when I started the Focus Program. I have been following Caleb’s principles for over 7 years now. Some I was already doing before I found Caleb’s work and some I put into practice afterward. I already make well over the $75k alpha male minimum, am very fit and typically have had 1 mltr with multiple fb’s over the years. I began considering Caleb’s program when my job did not allow me to charge time while I was traveling. Not having my own business has always been my weak point and this was the last straw for me.

I initially was drawn to the business side of the program since that’s where I  perceived I was weakest. However, the comprehensiveness of the material really made me go back and reconsider things I thought I had locked down i.e health habits, sleep, relationships, etc. Day One in person was really an eye opener. I almost didn’t make it due to Covid rescheduling of flights but I’m glad I did. Just the Program Minimums laid out on that day are worth the price in my opinion. Here is a list of some things that have changed since starting the program. Some were minor tweaks and some major.

  • alcohol cut to almost zero
  • caffeine limited to AM only
  • 1st consulting client in my business
  • meditation 2x daily consistently
  • optimal morning routine
  • skin care AM and PM
  • Decided to move toward OLTR with someone eventually
  • Mission, Code and goals roughly done and aligned
  • 1 high level IT certification completed – working on 2nd (to help win clients)
  • Established daily/weekly health/fitness/work markers that are updated every morning

The strongest points of the program are the accountability and ongoing support from Caleb and other members. The strongest topics in my opinion would be IW (Improvement Work) and getting your Mission, Code and goals done. Having weekly goals that feed into quarterly goals that feed into yearly goals that mesh with long term goals that culminate in a Mission seamlessly is so powerful and makes moving forward so much easier.

I would absolutely recommend the Focus Program to anyone interested in making huge strides forward in their professional life , relationship life, health and overall productivity in any area in general. Using Caleb’s guidance and targeted help you will reap rewards that are easily 10x+ the cost of the program.

The Focus Program is awesome, guys. Click here to join us! Just three days left!

5 Comments on “Q&A Regarding The Focus Program and Testimonials

  1. I noticed you’re hosting this program on Kartra.

    Do you use Teachable and Click Funnels anymore? Are you using Kartra for everything now?

  2. Do you use Teachable and Click Funnels anymore?


    Are you using Kartra for everything now?

    Yes. Things were getting too unwieldy having courses in one place, coaching in another place, marketing in a third place, email in a fourth place, etc. Had to consolidate.

  3. Hi Caleb

    I signed up for the program on my iPad and provided credit card info for the $1,000 deposit

    I think it went through, but didn’t receive an acknowledgement

    Please check and if it didn’t go through, let me know

    Looking forward to the program!

  4. That’s already resolved but in the future don’t post customer services issues here; that’s the slowest way to get a response. Email my staff instead.

  5. I sent my email asking for the invoice so I can pay with Crypto. I did not specify which type.  How long to get the invoice, or should I just pay using your public key matched to the type and not wait for the invoice?

    I’ve never done Crypto before.

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