What Is Alpha Male 2.0?

There are three types of men.


First is the beta male. This describes most guys. They’re guys with jobs they hate, stuck in typical relationships where they feel trapped (or worse, have no relationship at all and never get laid), worry about everything, get upset about everything, and are ruled day in and day out by their societies, religions, bosses, wives, girlfriends, parents, and social pressures.


The second is the Alpha Male 1.0. This is the typical man most people think of when someone says “alpha.” He’s strong, confident, masculine, and usually successful in one or more areas of life. He takes charge and gets things done.


The problem is that he is constantly concerned about what other people do or say. He needs everyone around him (women he dates, friends, family members, people he works with, people in his society) to do exactly what he wants. When they don’t (and they often don’t, since that’s how human beings work) he feels disrespected and gets angry. Say hello to fights, anger, angst, conflict, and drama.


The third is the Alpha Male 2.0. This is the same as the Alpha Male 1.0 with two big differences.


The first difference is that he’s outcome independent. He doesn’t care at all what other people do. He’s too busy working on his mission, having sex with beautiful women, traveling the world, and working on his exciting projects to stop and care about what any woman, friend, co-worker, family member, or anyone else does or says.


The second difference is that he lives a life of maximum freedom. He’s self-employed, makes at least $85,000 per year, owns 100% of his own business, isn’t monogamous (dates multiple women at all times, even if he’s married), has location-independent income, and is healthy.


Therefore, he wakes up every morning and can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants (with consenting adults), without having to check in with or get permission from anyone.


The Alpha Male 2.0 is truly free. It is the greatest lifestyle available to the modern-day man.


Hundreds of thousands of men all over the world have been living this lifestyle since 2009. You can too.


If you would like more information on how to live this life, download this free booklet here.


~Caleb Jones