How To Give Orgasm – The Easy Way

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It's easy to make a woman cum if you go down on her clit (assuming she's mentally able to cum...and some women can't or don't know how).  And if a woman already knows how to cum (with her clit or g-spot) it's somewhat easy to make her cum when she's on top of you.  You just relax and she moves back-and-forth on top rather than up and down, and eventually she'll cum.

-By Caleb Jones

It's interesting that a lot of guys can't do this because they can't remain hard while a woman is on top.  That's easily cured by tackling the mental:  Keep practicing with your girl on top so you get used to it, and have her start by going up and down until you're hard, then start moving back-and-forth for her, alternating back to up-and-down if you start to soften.  And the physical: Make sure you're eating more or less well, exercising at least once every 48 hours, drinking a decent amount of water, and keeping the masturbating to a minimum.

But the ideal to all of this is to have your gal cum while you are on top, while in missionary.  There's all kinds of sex books and articles out there about how to do this, and there is some merit in some of them, but they all get way, way too complicated.  All you have to do is this:

Let her curl up underneath you.

That's really it.  Some women inherently know how to do this already, and you may have experienced a woman doing this to you doing sex.  Assuming she knows how to cum with her clit, all she needs to do during normal missionary is wrap one of her arms around your neck and curl her body into the shape of a "C", pointing away from you, so that her head is close to your head, her hips are slamming directly upwards into yours in an almost perpendicular position, and her mid-torso is far away from yours.

Then you start pumping her hard and she'll start pushing into you hard, your pubic bone rubbing right on her clit as you're inside her.  And in a minute or two, she'll get there.

This is obviously easier with smaller, lighter, shorter women, but it can be done with any size woman if you're strong enough (since you're supporting more of her weight, and yours, when you do this).  Obviously if your gal is taller or larger than you, this position is a little tough...either hit the weights, hit the sex books, or keep it with her cumming on top.

I'm talking about cumming with the clit here.  Making her cum with the g-spot is an entirely different thing (and more pleasurable for her).  But most women need to be taught how to do that.  I'll deal with that in a future post.

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  • Blimy 2012-06-14 17:39:17

    This sounds like a good one. Can't seem to find a good picture of what it would look like. I might be overlooking the obvious though. Would she have her knees up by her face making her ass come out from under her so you have to come down on top of her to enter? I know you actually gave about 7 points of description here but something just isn't clicking (hell I've probably done this before). I'm imagining the guy on his knees supporting most her weight with his hands around her upper ass, maybe even the small of her back..?

  • Blackdragon 2012-06-15 20:31:11

    Yes, both of those will work. Another good idea if you're having trouble with it is to put a small but very hard pillow right under her ass, and keep her back curved.

  • J 2017-01-28 13:39:57

    BD, do you have any experience with jelqing or any other forms of penis enlargement?

  • Blackdragon 2017-01-28 13:47:24

    No. If you're at least average-sized I wouldn't worry about it either.